The real side of war


Chapter 1: In the beginning of the book the narrator tells u thing about the book you're going to read. Things like that nearly everything is true. Twenty-three years after the war the narrator wants to write a book about the war, an anti-war book. After the war he got married and got kids. Sometimes de narrator tracks down old friends to talk about the war and other things. One of those friends is Bernard O'Hare. (minor) When he's at Bernard O'Hare he tells his wife that it won't be a hero war book, but an anti-war book, and that he dedicates the book to her.

Chapter 2: You find out that Billy (main) is unstuck in time. So he can see every moment of his life, his birth, death and everything in between. Billy was born in 1922 in Ilium, New York. In 1968 he was the only survivor of a big plane crash. When he was in hospital his wife died of carbon monoxide. From that moment he went everyday to a radio station to say that he had been kidnapped by aliens named Tralfamadorians. The first time he goes back in time is to 1944, where he is in a small squad with his friend Roland Weary. (minor) Then they hear dogs barking and they see that they've been surrounded by Germans. They've been captured.

Chapter 3: When they're at the camp of the Germans they're being transported to a lager camp where they keep all the American prisoners of war. He is marching with a large group of other Americans prisoners of war through Luxembourg to Germany. The group keeps growing while they walk to Germany. Once in Germany they're put in trains. The train does not leave for two days. The train is so crowded that they have to take turns lying down. When the trains starts to drive Billy jumps trough time to 1967, the time where is about to being kidnapped by the Tralfamadorians for the first time.

Chapter 4: Billy travels back in time to 1967, on his daughter's wedding night. He can't sleep because he knows that he will be kidnapped soon by a Tralfamadorian flying saucer. When it's time he goes outside to meet the flying saucer, just as planned.

Billy is back in 1944, Roland Weary died of gangrene in his feet. The train finally arrives at the German camp. The camp is full of dying Russian prisoners of war. One of the American soldiers who stand there are Edgar Derby and Paul Lazarro. Edgar Derby is the oldest man out there and Paul Lazarro has got even a weaker and less healthy body than Billy. When hes taking a shower in the camp he goes back to Tralfamadorian where dont say that they dont believe in free will, they say that the Earth is the only planet in the galaxy where the people believe in the concept of free will.

Chapter 5: When they're heading to Tralfamadorian he learned that their novels are different from those of us. They have no cause or effect or chronology. They're meant to be read simultaneously, because they have a different concept of time.

Billy jumps back in time to the War. They have to give their names and serial numbers so they can be reported to the Red Cross to tell that they're alive. Then they're marching to the camp of the British prisoners of war. Because of a clerical error in the beginning of the war, the Red Cross shipped them an incredibly amount of food, which they've used wisely, so they're one of the best fed people in Europe. When they arrive at the camp they've arranged parties and shows. At a moment Billy gets so unhinged that he starts to yell hysterical and is being brought to the hospital to give him morphine. Edgar Derby is also in the hospital, to watch Billy. When he is in the hospital he goes to the time where is was in an Tralfamadorian Zoo. He's naked in there and answers the question of the Tralfamadorians. What he learns there is that there are 5 different sexes among the Tralfamadorians who are all in the fourth dimension. He also learns that there are actually 7 sexes among earthlings, but that only 2 of them are visible for humans. They tell him that they have on Tralfamadorian also wars, but because their concept of time they just can ignore them and spend time at looking to pleasant things.

He goes back to the hospital, where Paul Lazarro is being carried into the hospital because he tried to steal cigarettes of a British officer, who beat him up.

Chapter 6: Billy awakes at the hospital, the officer who beat up Paul Lazarro is stopping by to check if he's ok. Paul says that he's going to have him killed, he also says that he's going to have Billy killed because he thinks that Roland Weary died because of Billy. Because Billy is unstuck in time he knows that he's going to be killed after war as revenge of Paul. He's going to be killed in 1976 when he's lecturing in Chicago about the Tralfamadorians and their concept of time. After the lecture he's been shot by a high-powered laser gun, just as it should be.

Back in the camp they're preparing to go to Dresden to do forced labour in a factory. They go to Dresden by train and when they've arrived they're new home is a converted slaughterhouse, Slaughterhouse 5.

Chapter 7: Billy goes back in time to the moment when the plane crashed. Everyone dies, except Billy. The plane crashed in Vermont. He was found by an Austrian ski instructor, because the instructor speaks German he thinks he's back in the war. He was unconscious for days. During those days he dreamed about the days before the bombing on Dresden.

On a day he, Derby and a guard where looking for the kitchen in the slaughterhouse, with them they had a two wheeled cart. The guard pulled a door open, but instead of the kitchen it was the girl's shower room. All the girls screamed and the guard quickly closed the door. Finally they found the kitchen. Another thing he remembers is that he was working in a syrup factory in Dresden. The syrup is for pregnant woman and is fortified with vitamins. The prisoners do everything to get something of it because they barley get food.

Chapter 8: Billy and the other prisoners sit in the slaughterhouse, tired and overworked. Suddenly the raid sirens sound and everybody takes cover in a meat locker under the ground. Nothing happened, it was false alarm. Billy goes forward in time to his anniversary. There is a band what sings the song: "That Old Gang of Mine" and Billy gets disturbed. He goes upstairs to lie on his bed. When lying on the bed he remembers the bombing on Dresden.

He, the other prisoners and four guards sit in the meat locker, waiting until the raid is over. The next day they get out of the meat locker and the city looks like the moon. Everything is destroyed. They have to search for any food or drink to survive, when they're walking out there they get attacked by American fighter planes. They search for cover in the suburbs where they find an inn who survived the bombing. The innkeeper let's the man sleep in the stable and gives them food and drink and says goodnight when they go to bed.

Chapter 9: When Billy is in the hospital after the plane crash his wife Valencia immediately drives to the hospital. While driving she gets an accident, but because she's in a hush she decides to continue driving. What she didn't knew was the she lost her exhaust of her car. When she's at the hospital's driveway she gets unconscious from carbon monoxide poisoning. An hour later she's dead. Billy goes back in time to May of 1945. Two days after the war ended. They found a green, coffin shaped wagon with two horses in front of it. When they've reached the destroyed slaughterhouse they see two Germans. They are angry about the way they treated the horses, their mouths are bleeding and their hooves are shattered. When Billy sees it he bursts into tears, for the first time in war.

Back in the hospital he escape from the hospital and goes to New York City to talk about the Tralfamadorians and their time concept.

Chapter 10: Kurt Vonnegut tells that Robert Kennedy died last night and that Martin Luther king was assassinated a month ago. Billy sais that the Tralfamadorians are more interested in Darwin than Jesus, because Darwin says that death is the means to progress.

Billy goes back in time to 1945. It's two days after the bombing on Dresden. German soldiers found the Prisoners of war in the inn. They must search for bodies that're trapped in pockets. But when the first soldiers who enter dies of dry heaves they decide to incinerate the bodies. Edgar Derby was executed in Dresden because he stole a teapot of the ruins.

In the evening they go back to the inn and the soldiers leave to fight the Soviets. The next day they go outside into the ruins. They find a green coffin shaped wagon and a bird sings: "Po-tee-weet?"

Overall opinion:

I liked the book, I think it's a good book. I can't really tell why. The story is good and it tells the real side of war. The thing that Billy is unstuck in time is good, because of that you can skip the boring parts and go to the parts with action or special events. That is what keeps the book good, you don't know what to get till you read it.

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