Toshiba Corporation


Toshiba Corporation is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products, spanning information and communications equipment and systems, Internet-based solutions and services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, and household appliances. The company is the world's 9th largest integrated manufacturer of electric and electronic equipment, with some 161,000 employee's worldwide and consolidated annual sales of over US$53 billion, is a premier provider of products and services required for customers worldwide to build their information-technology and Internet infrastructures. Company revenue for the past year totaled $35.4 billion, Toshiba, through its direct business model, designs, manufactures and customizes products and services to customer requirements, and offers an extensive selection of software and peripherals.

The important products and services

Toshiba provides many services and products

Consumer Services & Support

Laptop Computers, Projectors, Computer Accessories, HDTVs, Digital Video Recorders

Business Services & Support

Copiers, Printers, Faxes/Scanners, Laptop Computers, Medical Imaging, Telecommunications, Semiconductors & Electronic Components, Surveillance & IP Video Products

Industrial Services & Support

Motors, Drives, Transportation Automation Systems, UPS, Power Systems, Industrial Video Products

1- Mission, Values, aims and objectives


Our mission is to promote quality science and mathematics education, and support innovative projects designed by math and science teachers to make their own classrooms more exciting and successful for students.


Our Vision is to encourage students to create and explore future technology, to create and explore a vision of future technology by combining their imaginations with the tools of science inventions and innovations result from creative thinking and problem solving.


Toshiba, a world leader in high technology, is a diversified manufacturer and marketer of advanced electronic and electrical products, spanning information & communications equipment and systems, Internet-based solutions and services, electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, and household appliances, under its mid term business plan, Toshiba is working for enhanced recognition as a highly profitable group of companies, active in both high growth and stable growth businesses

Description of four different operational activities

Basic Commitment of the Toshiba Group

Toshiba Group companies, based on our total commitment to people and to the future, are determined to help create a higher quality of life for all people, and to do our part to help ensure that progress continues within the world community.

Commitment to People

To serve the needs of all people, especially our customers, shareholders, and employees, by implementing forward-looking corporate strategies while carrying out responsible and responsive business activities, as good corporate citizens, we actively contribute to further the goals of society

Commitment to the Future

By continually developing innovative technologies centering on the fields of Electronics and Energy, we strive to create products and services that enhance human life, and which lead to a thriving, healthy society. We constantly seek new approaches that help realize the goals of the world community, including ways to improve the global environment


Customers ordered Toshiba Computer products from computer-literate salespeople who directly provided information to customers. By building computers only to order, the company lowered inventory costs. By the end of the company's first fiscal year, sales totaled $6 million.

The implications of the for issues

Toshiba's growth businesses, the Automotive Systems Division coordinates and promotes the automotive-related businesses of Toshiba's in-house companies and Group companies, in such diverse product areas as semiconductors, in-vehicle systems and lighting, displays and hybrid electric vehicle drive systems.

The Services Division develops internet services that enrich daily life and deliver convenience. For example, our program recommendation service advises users of Toshiba digital video recorders of upcoming programs of interest, based on analysis of their recording preferences.

This service applies Toshiba's collective intelligence technologies to search for related information among large volumes of data. We also provide gateway technology that creates a platform for collaboration between a corporate mission-critical system and a mobile website.

The stakeholders are:

Corporate Sustainability Assessment by SAM, a Swiss SRI organization, Member of Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) Selected for 9 consecutive years since 2000, Corporate Social Performance Survey by Public Resource Center (Japan) A (Highest rank), Included in Morningstar SRI Stock Index 150 companies selected in total, Corporate Responsibility Rating by Oekom, a German rating agency (among 12 IT companies), Intangible Value Assessment, Corporate Integrity & Transparency Survey by Integrex (Japan) 1st Place, Included in JCGI Index by Japan Corporate vernance Research Institute, Inc.

Accordingly it calls for Group-wide measures for structural reform and improvement of unprofitable businesses, focusing on the reduction of fixed costs. In consideration of investor concerns, we voluntarily disclosed information to stock exchanges regarding our business moves, including via press conferences, such as basic agreement concerning the purchase of part of the manufacturing facility from the production-cut plan of the semiconductor business due to a sharp decline in semiconductor prices, basic agreement regarding the acquisition of the hard disk drive business, etc.

In order to promote our CSR Management as incorporated in our corporate philosophy, we believe that one of our important IR responsibilities involves reinforcing our corporate structure to fulfill our obligations to inform and explain the management of the concerns of our shareholders and investors as well as any changes in them.

Description of two social implications:

Human Rights procedure

In order to encourage the development of organizations imbued with respect for human rights and valuing diversity and creativity, Toshiba Group provides education on human rights to all employees, the Toshiba Group Standards of Conduct states our principles: adherence to all relevant laws and regulations, respect for fundamental human rights, and prohibition of discriminatory treatment, child labor and forced labor.

It requires that respect be accorded to diverse values, individuality, and privacy of individuals, prohibits discriminatory behavior based on race, religion, sex, nationality, physical disability, age, or sexual orientation, and prohibits physical abuse, sexual harassment, abuse of power, and any other actions that disregard the dignity and individuality of others.


Toshiba Group Customer Satisfaction Policy established in 2003, we aim to enhance customer satisfaction through the provision of safe and innovative products, systems and services as well as through communication with customers, and Toshiba applied the customers policy and make the voice of customers the starting point for all ideas and provide products, systems and services that deliver customer satisfaction.

* We provide products, systems and services that are safe and reliable.

* We respond to requests and inquiries from customers sincerely, rapidly and appropriately.

* We value the voice of customers and endeavor to develop and improve products, systems and services to deliver customer satisfaction.

* We provide appropriate information to customers.

* We protect personal data provided by customers

Ethical concerns facing different communities

The ethical concerns of different communities demonstrated how in a free market the self interest of producers and consumers will produce an outcome desirable to all concerned, But the market can also lead to inequality of income, wealth and market power, a challenge facing those involved in psychological training and continuing professional education in is to seek ways of developing assessment practitioners and researchers with an increasingly multicultural awareness and worldview.

Furthermore, more practitioners from indigenous communities, who have often not had access to psychological services, need to be trained. In this way, the provision of ethical psychological testing services will be facilitated and enhanced against the backdrop of the core ethical consideration of how to cater for multicultural diversity in psychological testing in Africa, the remainder of this paper will expand on some of the specific ethical issues related to the various phases of the testing process.


We can conclude Toshiba Group Quality Control Policy; we aim to provide our customers with safe and reliable products, services and systems, and are working to ensure superior quality as perceived by our customers, by increasing our sensitivity to potential risks and dealing with them swiftly, we strive to eliminate product accidents and provide unrivaled customer satisfaction.

Under the global quality control structure, the Chief Quality Officer is responsible for quality control throughout the Group, while Chief Quality Executives are in charge of quality control within in-house companies and group companies. The Chief Quality Officer convenes periodic meetings to develop policies and discuss quality control measures with the Chief Quality Executives who are responsible for providing guidance and conducting audits of factories, suppliers, maintenance and service companies and manufacturing outsources worldwide to enhance the quality level throughout product life cycles from development and production through to final disposal


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