Wedding toast

Wedding toast

‘Dear friends, we are gathered here today to witness the union between Smith and Juliet. The officiating Pastor has done his work, and hence given us a go ahead to enjoy a moment of toasting to the newly wedded. I appreciate your composure and anticipation that I can read from your faces. Looking around, I see a congregation ready to burst with joy, a congregation well fed and simply waiting for a culmination of the events. To the master of ceremony, Mrs. Waters, I appreciate the chance to conduct this humorous, short yet such an imperative activity as we toast to the new couple. Indeed, pleasure is mine for the invitation to put the final touches on this occasion and to more significantly, lead the congregation in blessing this marriage as well as initiating the Just Weds to the new phase of life.

Meeting the now Mrs. Smith for the first time was a remarkable moment in life. She wore a light brown dress, high hilled shoes and a simple wrist watch on her light complexioned hand. Her face was jovial just like today, the look was naïve and the hair smartly kept. In fact, were it not for the engagement ring that was shinning and noticeable, I almost suggested that she had never talked to a gentleman. I knew of no brother to Juliet and so was almost convinced that I was the first men she was about to talk to. Thanks to the shinning engagement ring on her finger! Dear friends, I was on a mission that would perhaps culminate to an event that we have been having for the past few hours. Mr. Smith had sent me with instructions to the west supermarket mall where Juliet has been working. I had a luggage to deliver to Juliet who until two months before this wedding, I had no clue she was the fiancée to Smith. Mr. Smith, congratulations for sending me to deliver a big bouquet to a big hearted lady and keeping it all a secret. Today we celebrate the fruits of your hard labor.

To all who have honored invitations for this wedding, allow me to familiarize you with the groom who is seated before us. Mr. Smith, who is approximately three hours old in marriage, has been my workmate for the past one year. The simplicity that founds this tall chocolate brown man mesmerizes me when I associate the assertiveness and purpose that describes all his undertakings. I am told that as Smith grew up, he would always wake up early to see the sun as it emerged from the east. I am also informed of one day that he missed school because apparently, he was displeased with the sun disappearing for a fortnight continuously. His love and appreciation for beauty and reason definitely led her to Juliet who resembles the rising sun.

The couple and indeed, a three hours old family that is before us has grown under the tutelage of caring parents and close relatives who have always taught them the manner to lead virtuous lives. To all those who traces their contributions in the making of the couple that is before us, you deserve an update on the progress of this family as it continue. To all of us that came to be witnesses of this great event, I now welcome you to the crowning moment. To those with permission to share a glass of wine, kindly hold your glass of red wine in readiness. To those who could not secure a chance to sip wine today, the ushers offer you a glass of a sweet beverage prepared specifically for you in this occasion. To all of us wearing smiling faces I wish that we clear our throats not just for the drink but also for the shouts of laughter and jubilations that are about to describe this environment. In readiness, I warn that there are plenty of drinks for all of us and so the glasses must not run dry until we finish this important toast exercise. Welcome!

Here's to the bride whose luck led her to a gloom so rare to find, we wish that she share all with her husband including the housework. And to the groom, a gentleman that maintained his head even at times when he lost the heart, whose persistence has brought forth to him a bride so fair. Here's to this new husband, and to the equally new wife, may they remain to love each other during their lifetime with the love that will endure far beyond the sunset. Here's to the prettiest and truest of all true unions, we wish that you know nothing but happiness starting today and to all your days in this marriage. May each morning and ever moment in you life, bring with it a chance so cherished to experience the better part of your union. When the sun rises in the morning, may the reflections on your faces proclaim the deep love that you hold for each other. May you always experience good luck, and let good health be your fortress.

Here's to the marriage institution that has been instituted today, may the storms and waves that life present with it be overshadowed by the strength of your union. May the couple find undying refuge in the strength of this institution, premised on sharing and care on each other. A refuge so strong yet so accessible. May prosperity sprout and flourish within this institution that we witness its formation today. We wish that your future friends find reception with defined limits and boundaries in you good care. To all family and relatives, all the friends and guests that are here today we will cherish these memories. May you always look back and remember this day and with its beauty, purpose hope and love, always gain strength to move on. Finally, here's to all that worked round the clock to make this marriage event colorful, may life with all its bountifulness provide for you opportunities to continually serve the human race and more importantly may many alive and to be born find pleasure in serving you in all your endeavors. Having witnessed and participated in this toasting occasion, I thank you so much.'

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