A Rose for Emily

"A Rose for Emily" is a wonderful short story written by William Faulkner. The story was about the life of Miss Emily. When she died whole town went to her funeral. The men went because of respectful affection for Miss Emily while the women mostly out of curiosity to see inside the house. After they buried her they went to a room in her house that nobody had seen in past forty years. The room was decked and furnished as for a bridal. They found body of Hommer Barron lying in the bed. Right next to the body, on the other pillow they found the strand of iron gray hair of Miss Emily. She murdered Hommer Barron and slept with the body. For her that was the way of living with him forever.

The reasons why Miss Emily killed Hommer Barron are closely related to her personal history. She was from an upper class southern family. Her father protected her whole life. She was the only child of her father. Her father had complete control over her life. He constantly drove away the young men that were interested in her. Giersons held themselves little too high for what they really were. Her father felt, "none of the young men were quit good enough for Miss Emily and such". Emily's father seemed to be the only companion in her life. All her life she never experienced affectionate love. His death affected Emily significantly. She didn't let the town acknowledge about her father's death for three days. Emily had to "cling" to that, which she had been "robbed", the most important person in her life, her father. After her father's death she became seek and seen very little.

The town was glad when they saw Miss Emily with Hommer Barron, a construction company foreman because the people have never seen Miss Emily in romance before. Hommer Barron was a big, dark, ready man with a big voice and the eye lighter than his face. He was a friendly person and pretty soon knew everyone in the town. Then Homer Barron and Miss Emily started going out every Sunday afternoon driving in the yellow wheeled buggy. But the town people thought that a Grierson would not think seriously of a Northerner, a day laborer. The older people criticized Miss Emily saying that even grief could not cause a real lady to forget noblesse oblige. She was courting a northerner, a construction worker. Although her position in society was no longer looked upon as important or high in townspeople, she carried her head high enough as she demanded recognition of being last person in the Gierson family. Her attitude of being Gierson revealed when she went to buy arsenic at the drug store. She acted like she knew more about drug than the druggist. When he informed her that the law required her to tell the reason of buying arsenic, she merely stared him until he looked away and went to get the arsenic.

The town assumed that she would marry with Homer Barron, but later they found out that Homer was not a marrying man. Homer had himself remarked that he liked the men. So the town started saying "she will kill herself". The next Sunday people saw Emily and Homer Barron again going for ride, they sent the Baptist minister to talk with Miss Emily. Miss Emily disregarded him so he refused to go back again. Miss Emily's purchasing of man's toilet set with H.B written on each piece and her cousin visiting her house was more convincing of the marriage.

Homer's departure from the house was not surprising for the town. They believed he had gone to prepare for Miss Emily's coming, or to give her chance to get rid of her cousin. This must have stirred about dormant, inhibited feeling about losing a loved one once again. Her anxiety of another loss may have driven her to a point where she felt that killing Homer is the only way to be with him for life. So with Homer's return home, she may have felt inclined to definitely use extremities to ease her anxiety and frustration. That was the last time the town saw Homer Barron. The arsenic Emily had previously purchased was to kill Homer Barron not to kill herself. By killing him, she would feel secure about him always being with her. She would never have to worry about her love leaving her alone again.

Miss Emily had been raised and lived in a way that was not usual. With the death of her father, it might have only taken another incident, not even necessary large to awake sort of insanity that lay dormant, inhibited within her. It took only few days with Homer to bring that insanity back in her. The insecureness led Miss Emily to the point where she had no option other than killing Homer Barron.

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