A streetcar named desire extra credit

Group Theme: Marriage

The presentation of the group helped me understand the theme of marriage in the book better. I learned that marriage is a very key theme, and how it plays a pivotal role in the overall idea of the play. Marriage shows the type of person an individual is in the book. For example, Stella and Stanley have a very abusive relationship and they behave that way. Marriage also explains the character of Blanche, as she wanted to marry Mitch to escape her situation and start a new life.

Marriage has several purposes in the play. It portrays aggressiveness, sexual attraction, and the different roles for husband and wife. In the play we see Stanley as the dominant man, who brings home the money and Stella working at home. We also see aggressiveness of Stanley as he beats up Stella. However, we also see the love the two has for each other as Stanley mourns for her, and Stella returns to him. Marriage also has a sexual attraction to it in the play as Stanley and Stella always make up and have sex.

Grade: 10

The group did a good job acting out the theme of marriage in real life situation. One improvement they could have worked was on not have their backs to the audience.

Group Theme: Sex

The group's demonstration of the puppet show portrayed a visual understanding of the theme of sex in the play. I learned that sex is a way of means and ends to characters in the play. It's a means for Stanley as that's what he does and will do. Sex is an end for Blanche as she gets destroyed by getting raped by Stanley.

Sex is a major theme of the play as it connects many of the characters in the play. Sex especially pertains to Blanche as it explains her. Blanche uses her sexuality to portray her self as a younger girl and avoid the tough situations in life. She does this by going after younger men. Sex also destroys Blanche, as she turns mental after she gets raped. Stanley also pertains to the theme of sex, as he always has a desire for it with other women.

Grade: 9

The group did a good job conveying the importance of sex in the play through the puppet show. I thought the puppet show was very amusing and in the same time connecting to the play.

Group Theme: Men and Masculinity

I learned that the play uses men and masculinity to explain the relationships that include in the play. The two relationships that are being compared are Blanche and Mitch with Stanley and Stella. Blanche and Mitch have a very soft relationship, as Blanche uses the soft side of Mitch to get what she wants. On the other hand, Stanley is very aggressive towards Stella. This is what makes their marriage fun, according to them. This the main difference between the relationships of the two and how it pertains to men and masculinity.

The play uses men and masculinity to focus on Stanley and his behaviors. Stanley is a very aggressive man, and his animalistic actions are what put together the play. For example, his behaviors are very important as it shows what happened to Blanche at the end of the play and also the relationship he has with Stella. Through Stanley, men and masculinity connects other themes in the play. Stanley also uses his men and masculinity to have Stella dependent on him.

Grade: 10

The group did a good presentation with the talk show. It pertained to the play and explained how men and masculinity is important to the play. They also made it very humorous and it was fun to watch.

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