Arts of the contact zone

Marry Louise Pratt in arts of the contact zone uses hard level of writing and the exact composition contains deep psychological meaning. The writer informs readers that 'contribution is undoubtedly supposed to be abstract, irrelevant, and anchored outside the real world.' 1.

Throughout the text, the writer is using three terms-three ideas. The main idea is 'contact zone'. The meaning of the term, the writer is explaining as 'social spaces where cultures meet, clash, and grapple with each other, Often in contexts of highly asymmetrical relations of power, such as colonialism, slavery, or their aftermaths as they are lived out in many parts of the world today.'1.

As an example , the writer is using a twelve -hundred page letter assigned to King Philip III of Spain, from Andean Felipe Guaman Poma de Ayala, which never achieved its destination. The unreadable manuscript is referred to as 'New Chronicle and Good Government' written in two languages- Quechua and Spanish. Guaman Poma used to belong to old race Inca and his manuscript is consisted of: history of Inca, Spanish captivation and abuse to which race of Inca was expositive by Conquistadors. With the goal to conquer gold and silver territories of Inca, Spanish Conquistadors destroyed the last piece of Inca culture and treasure. In this case much more stronger and powerful Spain changed the captive territory and people. As Mary Louise Pratt said these two religions, culture, languages, are getting in contact, facing-fighting with each others and more powerful force is 'winning'. The affect on Inca by Spain is best (obvious) represented in the part where Poma is using written form in communication which was not consisted in Inca's culture.

My parallel with 'contact zone' would be the case in my country, Montenegro. A historical event in Montenegro, that took place toward the end of the 17th century, when Montenegro was under the power of Ottoman Empire. The similar event and its consequence were described in the book 'The Mountain Wreath' written by Montenegrin Prince-Bishop and poet Petar II Petrovic-Njegos. The result of Turkish captivating which is also described in the followed book is converting Montenegrins Orthodox to Islam .The book is explaining conflict and coexistence of three worlds and civilizations Orthodox (Montenegrin), Venice and Muslim. In this period of time Ottoman Empire recruited boys from Christian families, and they were taken from their families by force, and converted to Islam.

Stronger and more dominant side is winning and obeying the weak one. But if a one nation is conquering nation, that does not mean that it is advanced. The culture is relatively advanced because the Inca were ahead of its time because of the manner in which they subdued; in one hand they left a lot of mystery behind. In Montenegro, which is a small and poor country, the faith and Bishop were the element that attached races. Turks were imposed not only power but also religion, which threatened the country.

The characteristic forms of the 'contact zone' symbolize autoethnography and transculturation. Autoethnography represents the vision, for an example, on your own society in the spirit of your opinion how the other society imagines and sees your culture, using their language. Poma adopted Spanish language as his means of communication of King Philip III.

Furthermore here we can see clear affect of Spain as a country of Conquistadors to Inca, and hereby and to Poma , because Inca system was not consisted writing . One of the characteristics of autoethnographic text is that usually involves some extensive collaborating process by people of different social and intellectual classes.

Additionally, transulturation is characterized as 'processes whereby members of subordinated of marginal groups select and invent from materials transmitted by a dominated culture'.1. As Incas were 'constrained' to accept Spanish language, a language of the power, for an example I'm recognizing the fact from 'The Mountain Wreath', where Montenegrins were 'constrained' to adopt religion from dominant force as their own.

Such as the boys 'boys' Sam and Willie learned a lot about phonics that year by trying to decipher surnames on baseball cards, and a lot about cities, states, heights, weights, places of birth, stages of life.' 'American geography and history took shape in his mind through baseball cards. Much of his social life revolved around trading them, and he learned about exchange, fairness, trust, the importance of processes as opposed to results, what it means to get cheated, taken advantage of, even robbed. Baseball cards were the medium of his economic life too.' through the history and experience of baseball stadiums he thought about architecture, light, wind, topography, meteorology, the dynamics of public space...' 1. - I learnt a lot about the history, languages, ways of communication, critics, sociology, religions, cultures, not only Inca's, as well about another countries.

At the end of the text, the writer is mentioning a course based on different ideas, cultures and values between the students from different surrounding. The students had opportunity to observe how humanity illustrates their ideas, cultures and visions. Throughout 'rage, incomprehension, and pain' they sense 'the joys of the contact zone.' 1.

To conclude, each time carries over its own burden. People have to know the history in order to understand the present time, to reconsider its state on the cultures and great civilizations.

To sum up 'Arts of the Contact Zone' indicates the influence and power of the conqueror on the conquered. By analyzing the text we are coming up to the point that the conquered are restricted in all the ways, due to their social status.

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