Bodies of eight high school students

Fear Essay

On Halloween night in 1954 the police found the bodies of eight high school students. They had all been killed by a slit to their necks. The police never discovered who had been the killer. The only evidence was the numbers '7734' carved out in the ground. When taking pictures of the crime scene the police found out that the numbers spelt "HELL"..........

50 years later. On Halloween night in 2004 in a little town called Aimwell in Alabama. It was an old town that had once been admired for their new trendy shops but that was all gone it was a quite lonely town which had very rare visitors. The night was dark, quite and clear. The moon was full and vivid and eight friends sat around a camp fire. They were sat in the middle of a field on the outskirts of the town with no one else to be seen.

John had always been the funny one out of the bunch; he was always cracking jokes and making a cheap gag. He was the one that started. "There was a man in a restaurant one night" john said is a creepy eerie voice "just enjoying himself when his phone rang. He saw that it was from "Killer" and as he did not recognise the name, he answered it. It was a disturbing, scratchy voice that whispered "I'm getting closer to your house," and as he thought it was a prank-caller he hung up. He finished and was just paying for his dinner when he got another call. It was the same person saying "I'm getting closer to your room." Now he was scared, but he tried to not think about it.

He drove home and as he pulled into the driveway he got one more call saying, "It's too late." That was it; he was completely freaked out and ran inside the house. He flung the door open to see all his kids lying on the ground. He then called the cops while his heart was pounding in his chest. When he hung up he noticed footprints leading to the closet. He walked over to the closet and slowly opened the door. There was a giant pair of shoes and he looked up to see a clown with one eye holding a knife." The story had got everyone tensed to hear what was going to happen. John saw this and let out a loud scream that made everyone jump out of their skin. It was the start of a scary night.

The friends carried on one after each other telling their stories making all of them jump, laugh and scream. They had all run out of stories but the night was not over yet. Susie, johns little sister, decided that they should play hid and seek. The other three girls, Jess, Annabelle and Olivia felt that it might be a little too scary as it was so dark and deserted but the boys persuaded them to join in as Halloween only came once a year.

It was Olivia to be the seeker and everyone else went to hide. The trees were dark and she felt very lonely. At first she could hear everyone moving away but by the number 25 there was nothing to be heard other than the cold nights wind. She finally reached the number 40 and it was her turn to find everyone. She reached the forest it was so dull and murky and Olivia couldn't see anything more than two feet in front of her. She was nervous and tense and she knew she didn't want to play this game. She had to be careful as there were very old graves stones and she could scarcely see them. All she could see was a few trees in the distance but she still entered the darkness of shadows.

The first person she found was Annabelle although it was so dark it was very hard to see her. She found it unconventional that Annabelle was so quiet and when Olivia said her name she didn't move. She came closer to her and could smell icy dampness of her friend. At that moment she knew something was wrong!

Her eyes were adjusting to the light and she was so close to Annabelle's body now that she could see the blood. She was ubiquitously covered in it all over her dress. Olivia could see the scaring on her neck the killer had caught her carotid artery in her neck. She was dead!

She didn't know what to do. She shouted "help! Help!" to stop the game. There was no answer! She tried to call the police but she was so far away from the centre of town there was no signal she had to find the others.

Next she came across David one of the boys, he had always been a close friend since they were very little. They had lived next door to each other until a couple of years ago when David's dad lost his job. It was a sad time for Olivia but they have tried to stay close. The saddest thing for Olivia was that he looked just like Annabelle sat at the bottom of an enormous oak tree. He also had this eerie coldness feeling to area around him. She checked his pulse, she was really scared of the consequences. However, she knew what was coming. David was dead. Olivia was in the same situation has she had been just moments before. Falling to the ground with tears dripping on the floor the life

And, suddenly, although the day wasn't wearing a jacket, he felt a chill down his neck. It was cold as ice. As cold as death. He felt fear ripping open his chest. It took all his will power not to turn to make himself believe that nothing, nothing could possibly be behind him.

Check for pulse....... How had he even known where to look in all that.....mess? Someone out on point had killed......

Then she heard it. No, she senses it. Somebody was behind her.

You killed them didn't you......

She'd never been so afraid. But then she'd never run for her life before.

One night out with friends - Halloween

In a forest - grave yard

Telling scary stories

Hide and seek - friends die

See the word Hell

Cliff hanger with foot steps

In America there was a mass murder. Policemen went to investigate. Trying not to tread on the bodies, the police took pictures of each one. One policemen saw something on the opposite wall but he couldn't read it. He walks over to it and sees the numbers "7734" in calculator form, written in blood. When taking pictures of this he turned his camera upside-down and told an approaching police officer. When he pointed with the hand that the camera was in, he accidentally took a picture of the upside-down numbers. The policeman was about to delete the picture when he realized something. The numbers were now a word. The word was "hELL."

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