Carl's luxurious small house

It was an evening twilight, just outside Carl's luxurious small house. The place was filled with small hedges neatly encircled in his yard. Carl just came back from work all exhausted as he stumbled through the front door and lunged into his antique chair. His hand was covered with blood as miniscule drops of blood hit the soft carpet. Carl was a clumsy and clever detective. He sat in his antique chair staring at his SONY plasma television right in front of him and just realised his hand was bleeding. He didn't know who made his hand bleed because he consumed in some alcohol right after he had finished work.

Unexpectedly, there was a blaring loud thump on his windowed front door. He jolted and quickly focused his attention to the sound he heard and slowly stood up and approached his front door. Not knowing what happened on the other side of the door; Carl slowly turns the round big door knob and pulls the door to himself. He was stunned and shocked as he saw the man lying there with blood stains on his mouth. Carl panicked and called the police saying that there was a dead man outside his house.

This morning when Carl started his work he had a fresh start and had worked on some investigations. In his workplace there were other detectives and one of them hated Carl very much in his school years with Carl. He was Spec Suss who was suspicious, snobbish and scary looking and likes to play tricks on other people.

Well, during Carl was about to finish his work off and head home he encountered Spec right next to his car. Carl approached his car like he didn't see Spec there.

"Hey there clumsy Carl..." snarled Spec like he didn't mean it.

"Well, hello there how's it going?" questioned Carl in a depressed attitude.

Spec was looking at Carl and then took a while to realise he answered back.

"Yea it's good, I might enjoy myself today." chuckled Spec sarcastically.

"Want to go have a drink Carl?" exaggerated Spec demandingly.

"Uh, sure why not." replied Carl with a monotone voice.

Moments later as Carl and Spec went to a popular bar for some expensive drinks they talked for a while. They had some drinks and later were drunk and dawdled together outside the bar. One man was outside the bar who walked towards them two. Carl was sober and Spec wasn't, Spec awkwardly stumbled all over the place and couldn't control himself. Spec bumped into the man who approached the bar and started pushing the man into Carl. The man furiously retaliated and argued against Spec.

"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" yelled the man as he was confused on what was happening.

Spec then suddenly rushed towards him and strangled him as he could not control himself while Carl tried to stop Spec.

"Stop it Spec!!" Exclaimed Carl while he struggled to pull Spec away.

The man's face turned red as a plum and couldn't resist being strangled while his eyes appeared white and started pouring blood out of his mouth. Carl successfully grabbed Spec by the hands and pulled them off releasing the man as he drops to the ground distorted. Carl's hand was covered with blood after he had grabbed Spec's hand. Spec then commands Carl to go home and have a rest for tomorrow's work.

"What are u going to do with the body?" growled Carl while he was angry with Spec.

"Don't worry about it just go home!" directed Spec.

As Carl approaches for his car, Spec secretly and stealthily covers the dead man's body up with some plastic cover sheet and puts the man into his car without anyone noticing.

Carl arrived home not knowing what had happened as he stumbled through the door and lunged for his chair. He couldn't remember what had happened just as he arrived home. He was confused. He didn't know what Spec would do with the body. All what was going in his head was blank until suddenly a loud bang got his attention while he jolted up and looked around. He approached his door and opened it and saw a dead body's man outside on his porch. He panicked and was unsure so he called the police. While he was waiting for the police to arrive, he examined the body and saw blood stains on his mouth down to his sternum. He checked his pulse but there was no beat. Seemingly, the police arrived and Carl looked up and directed his eyes on the police as the police officers surrounded his house while they held their guns at Carl.

"Put your hands in the air!!" exclaimed the police officer on the loud speaker.

Carl stared at the police officers being stubborn for a moment until they make a move on him.

"What the hell is going on around here?" Carl argued.

The police officers confusingly asked each other if he looked intoxicated.

"You're under arrest for murder." replied the police officer.

A few minutes later Carl was handcuffed as the police men went to search his house while Carl was dragged into a police SUV. Carl was very confused and lost his mind while he was sitting in the vehicle staring at the police officers carrying the dead body and placing it into the car. The police officer got in the car and drove back to the police station for an interrogation while some detectives and police officers stayed behind for a crime scene investigation.

As they arrived at the station, Carl was put into a room with only one huge mirror, He was sitting in a chair looking at himself thinking to himself why he was here, In his head all he could think of was who killed the man.

"I've been framed." angrily hissed Carl seeking revenge.

Moments later a detective walked in with a briefcase on his left hand with small patches of blood stains on it. He approached the desk that Carl was seated onto. Carl's face had fury as he saw the detective. It was Spec who came in to ask Carl some questions. Carl didn't answer one single question except the fact that when Spec asked him if he killed the man. Carl smiled and chuckled as he could remember what had happen. Minutes later the police officer from the crime scene walked in the room as Spec hurriedly sprinted outside the police station like Cathy Freeman. The police officer came to announce that Carl didn't kill the man because he had no fingerprints on the man. Unfortunately, they are still looking for the suspect. Carl had told the police officer that he knew who the suspect was and will pursue him.

Carl quickly pursued after suspicious Spec outside the building and saw Spec stand there waiting for Carl to come. Suddenly, there was a massive circle full of police officers haloed around Carl and Spec.

"So, clumsy Carl what do you think about this situation right here?" questioned Spec while he secretly pulls out a gun from his leather vintaged briefcase.

The police officers took out their guns and pointed it at Spec.

"You're going to kill me and tell the whole world that I killed the man." replied Carl in a sarcastic manner.

The police officers murmured about what Carl said and one of the police officers was getting prepared to rush in and grab Spec from behind.

"Well, I think I've underestimated you Carl you murderer." announced Spec in a loud voice like he's talking in front of the whole world before him.

Carl handled the situation like a professional detective and kept himself calm and knew that Spec was a goner.

"Your days are over my friend." Spec whispered softly as he pointed his gun at Carl's heart.

Carl slowly closed his eyes and cleared his mind hoping that this wouldn't turn out bad while he was shivering as he could feel the barrel of the gun in contact against his body and one tenth of a second later, BANG!

Carl opened his eyes and saw him standing there with his gun still pointing at him and thought that he was shot. Carl was in pain.

"Ugh..." heavily panted Spec.

Spec slowly collapsed and dropped his gun as he lies there in hell. Seconds later, the police officers rushed in to clear the scene while Carl stood there knowing it was a just a miracle as he dramatically collapsed to the ground.

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