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Today, Education is not a mere qualification. It brings with it an opportunity to step outside the boundaries of the four walls of a classroom. George Savile, Marquis of Halifax rightly opined, “Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught.” Education as per my opinion should be such that brings new people of different cultures.

It provides one an option to develop amidst various cultures, thoughts, perceptions and experiences. I work in my company as a director, my company is an education consultancy, As the director of my consultancy AEC - Abroad Education Consultants, it is my wish that our team achieve a common objective with our various university partners in making a project that depicts a truly open and wide-ranging industry of ideas, insights and view about the versatile realm of education overseas for students.

Our consultancy's main goal and objective is to get closer to the students in India, the opportunities of various demanding courses and study programs which are being offered in the premier education Institutes foreign. It is our top priority and duty that our students do not only get what they desire but also we try delivering the best alternative for their career. We provide counselling service to those of our students who look for a professional guidance for their future and we guide the students as per their interest in a particular sector or industry, We provide full assistance and work in coordination with our all students' ability, comfort and their future aspirations as well as whenever we choose a university for our students we have our main aim that our students are well satisfied with their education and have a better platform for starting of their careers. Even to the universities to whom we send our students, we have a full faith in the universities abilities to make our students shine and emerge as fore-runners there. It is thus our main objective to provide excellent services in order to bring contentment to everybody we work with.

Our organization has completed 9 years of excellence in our field and during the tenure we have developed our brand image for the quality of service that we provide and have developed faith among our clients family and nearby for the abroad education services.

AEC Education Consultants is one of the fastest rising globally educational consultants dedicated to providing the Indian students with all essential information pertaining to the learning opportunities in UK. As from the recent years UK has been a place where there is a perfect blend of various traditions, culture, international exposure as well as global competition which makes a student not only makes his education complete in a perfect environment but also enhances a student's persona which helps them in their long run career as well, students after having a year or more than in the country are well versed with international environment but also due to such mixture of various international students, they even inherit the way to think differently and innovate some new ideas in their respective filed. We are authorized Partner of the British High Commission promoting education in the U.K. We have our several branches in India and are providing the best counselling and assistance to guide to choose and pursue a student's dream career. We at AEC help our students with scholarships and loan as well. We help them in obtaining an education loan from nationalized banks.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Career Counselling We help our students to find and choose a particular course which will suit their interest and background. Comprehensive information on the International education system and lifestyle.
  • University Selection- In this step we help our students to choose the best suited University for their course. After process application for all the Universities in U.K, and then we can suggest you which one is suitable in your field.
  • Application Process The next step is to apply the selected universities. We guide our students in filling the Universities form; assist in preparation of Recommendation letter, Statement of purpose. We send our recommendation letter with your university application form to the University highlight the strengths of the student and why she/he should be permit. The admission administrator considers this letter in their judgment making. We keep maintain the touch with the universities to ensuring the student a swift response.
  • Financial Support- We also offer our help in obtaining bank loan and other scholarships.
  • Visa Assistance We assist our students in applying visa and other legal procedure. We prepare their visa file. We can help our students in arranging all required document for visa application. We also verify all the papers in our file and submit it according to the high commission/embassy requirements.
  • Accommodation & Airport Pick Up We also manage and book the accommodation in the foreign country. We will also arrange the airport pick up service for our students. Our student's safety is our first duty.
  • Travel Arrangements-We will also assist our students in travel arrangement, foreign currency, all type insurance policy, opening a bank account in foreign country, mobile phone services in foreign country and other services as well.

From the recent years, as UK has become increasingly a place where education is one of the best throughout the world. Our clients are student who are interested in study in aboard.UK universities and colleges having thousand courses at various levels of education.

Most of the student who recently completed intermediate course and graduation degree prefer to go aboard for their further studies. The Student these days prefer UK degree because it take only three years and postgraduate master's course only one year compared with four year in most other countries.


  1. Various qualifications offered by UK Universities and Colleges
  2. First Degree (Bachelors Degree).
  3. Sandwich Courses: Where the assignments is accompanied by the practical work.
  4. HND (Higher National Diploma)
  5. Vocational Courses.
  6. Postgraduate.
  7. Research (PhD.)

There are many questions strike in student mind regarding aboard studies. The most of information required by our client is related to education sector. There is following of question

Which most of the student ask to us such as:

Why study in UK?

The UK is swift emerging as one of most demanded study place for student in this world.

Which university should i choose in abroad?

It depends on study background and the financial status also should influence your choice of the university or college.AEC team will be helping you with selecting best course and university for you.

How long does the admission process take?

Actually, it depends on the university to university and college to college. But most of the cases it takes 5 to 8 weeks hardly.

Is there any entrance exam?

There is no entrance test for any course as such. However; you need to score in IELTS or TOEFL with minimum band is 6.5.

How much does it cost to study in aboard?

It depends on the universities, college and country. If student pursue a Master course in UK University it cost around £6000 to £9000 pounds.

What is kind of hostel service is available?

They are various option are available firstly, the universities provide on campus accommodation. In university accommodation consist of single and double room and you can have self catered facility where you need to prepare your own food. But most of time student hire flats or house outside which is cheap and best for them.

Can I pay my tuition fee by instalments?

Yes you pay your tuition fee in instalment base and few universities also offer students to give huge discount on if they pay whole tuition fee in.

What is the availability of work in the UK?

Every student is permit to work 20 hours per week.

Overview of the situation

There are unexpected problem will be arise with our client and us. In case when we send the all document of student to the universities for the registration but it will be refuse by the universities due the incompletion or wrong documentation. The UK universities want know the financial status of student for the living purpose many of the student face this problem to arrangement of cash on their account it's a very big issue for us and our client. There is a English exam, TOFEL and IELTS which conduct for the student who want take admission in UK there minimum band score is 6.5 but unfortunately student achieved that score, so it's very bad for both us. Most of the students are not aware of foreign country about their living standard, culture, custom and transportation, so it's possible for student they faced difficulty over there. Some student faced problem with due to technical issue like swift transfer (Online money transfer) the fee is transfer at that time to the university, so this process the slow down the other activity like apply for the visa, it's not possible for students to apply for the visa without getting unconditional letter from the universities. If the not join his classes from day first it very difficult for cover up the previous lecture. The first time when we met our client we put a applicant form which consist of many thing related to his/her past and exiting education background if they not fill the form correctly so its big problem for us in further producer due to the invalid information we can't do the right thing.

PEST Analysis

The PEST analysis is stand for “Political, Economic, Social, and Technological analysis.”

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