Ghost Stories

There are many different types of ghost stories. Most ghost stories are based on fiction. Different types of ghost stories may include horror, scary effects, mystery, paranormal, illusions ect. These are just some of the type of ghost stories that you may come across. Most ghost stories are out there to scare and build readers imagination of horror, but on the other hand some ghost stories may be non-scary and have happy endings, such as Casper.

Different type of people read ghost stories for different types of use, one of the most common purposes may be for entertainment purposes. Some people also may read ghost stories to receive a thrill from it. The things/subjects in a good ghost story that a reader would be pulled into the suspense of the story, the mystery involved, and the way in which the writer effects the emotions of the reader. The other reason is so the ending of a ghost story gives a great adrenaline to the reader that they may remember.

The image cover of the book “Woman In Black” gives me a sense, suspense, death, it also makes me feel a sense of mystery as I wish to know who that women is all dressed in black. The woman in the black dress also gives me the impression that her dress code is important/specific as the title itself gives this thought away.

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