Pride and prejudice characteristics

Many times, when we see a person for the first time, we automatically judge them, whether we realize it or not. In Pride and Prejudice, this is exactly the situation between the two main characters. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have very different families, lifestyles, and attitudes. They both formulated their opinions of each other rather quickly and this really hindered the beginning of their relationship. In our lives this happens many times as we judge first without even getting to know the person. Luckily for Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy, even though they despised each other, time eventually changed their minds and hearts, resulting in an unimaginable love story.

Elizabeth Bennett is no push over and definitely has a mind of her own. She is an intelligent woman who holds nothing back. In many situations this can be a positive or negative choice. In this book, it really seems to be both, when it comes to Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth can also be described as her dad's favorite and the second child of the Bennett family. Her family was a very interesting group of people. They were different from each other in their own very unique way. Mr. Bennett was pretty relaxed and a lot of times tried to stay out of all the drama that was happening. It also appeared that even though he was much different from the rest of the family, he liked taunting his wife and girls. He especially did this when it came to situations that seemed really important to the females. Overall, he was very caring and loving towards Elizabeth and just wanted to make sure she was making the right choices. Mrs. Bennett was definitely not the smartest one of the family. She could be described as a worry wart, always worrying about everything. It seemed like her number one goal in life was to get all her girls married. Back in the time period that this book took place, they married a lot younger. It was basically all Mrs. Bennett ever thought about. If the slightest thing went wrong, she would start losing her temper. She also didn't help in many situations. Elizabeth's four sisters were a variety of ages and therefore had very different personalities. The younger sisters would always like to go visit town, so they could find boys and men to flirt with. Jane, the oldest sister, was lovable and tried to find the good in every person. Even though Elizabeth's family was not necessarily the "prized" family, she dealt with it. The family was not very rich and Elizabeth did not grow up in some extravagant home. She did not seem to hate the place where she grew up. Even though sometimes she was very frustrated by her family, she seemed to be complacent with where she lived. She knew the expectations of her time, such as being married right away. But when she got her first proposal, she rejected it, and that was a very huge deal. In this time period, they lived a very different lifestyle, as we can see. Elizabeth, even though strong-willed as she is, eventually falls in love with Mr. Darcy.

Mr. Darcy is considered to be a very unlikeable man. It seems that he is so involved in himself that nobody else is good enough to even be in his presence. He was a very attractive man and had a great deal of money. His attitude was just very snobbish and this lead to his very bad reputation throughout the town and with most of the Bennett family. Some people might even judge him for not opening his heart to others. He did not really have family. All he had left was his sister, and some friends that did not really help with his attitude. Miss Darcy was very reserved and bashful, lived with her brother, who took very good care of her. The rest of his friends were very judgmental towards the Bennett family, which did not help out in the situation of Elizabeth. Mr. Darcy's lifestyle is what most can only dream of. Most people would call it extravagant since he had a good handful of maids and servants. Overall, he just seemed like such a horrible person, and when we finally find out that is not true, it is hard to change the perspective that we have. As anyone can see, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy have very different lifestyles and it is just seems that their meeting would be a weird coincidence.

At nearly the beginning of the book, there is a character mentioned named Mr. Bingley. When the girls heard he was moving to town, it was all they talked about, especially since there was a ball coming up. Mr. Bingley was to be the main focus of this ball since he was the new guy in town. He brought with him some of his family and Mr. Darcy, which the ladies seemed to be quite interested in. Of course, Mr. Darcy with his "I am better than everybody" attitude did not really fit well with the ball crowd. When he talked to his friend, all he could do is cut down the women saying basically they were not good enough to dance with him. In the days following the ball, some of the mothers were gossiping about what went on and who dance with whom. One of the ladies had seen Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth talking and therefore she decided they liked each other. In all reality, Elizabeth was just trying to be nice and ask a question to which he just seemed upset that she would even try and talk to him. This was the second time that she had been offended by Mr. Darcy and therefore she now just really could not seem to like him. We can already tell that this is not a good start to this relationship. Mr. Darcy is already showing that he is prideful and prejudice. He is being prideful because he is not even trying to get to know the ladies and just right away assumes he is too good for them. Prejudice also factors in when Mr. Bingley asks Mr. Darcy about Elizabeth. He says, just from a glance, that she is not pretty enough for him to even care. Elizabeth also shows these qualities, because it is hard for her not to judge him right away when he offends her. It seems very comical that not long after Mr. Darcy said that negative stuff about Elizabeth, he actually started to find her quite attractive.

This is definitely not a fairy tale ending and it took a long time before they could have a civil conversation. The best way to describe their initial feelings is disgust at first sight. Even though Mr. Darcy was attracted to her, it did not really show and Elizabeth was just so prejudice towards him. She was like this for quite awhile missing out on getting to know a great man. Many events and other things in their lives kept Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth meeting up. She was not the least thrilled about this and he did not show that he cared very much either. Eventually, another man came into town that caught Elizabeth's eye, and his name was Mr. Wickman. He was an officer, very nice looking, and a smooth talker. He told Elizabeth all these bad things about Mr. Darcy. She just automatically assumes it is true, without even asking the person who is getting accused of this. Later in the story, the truth is revealed and it is the complete opposite of what she was told.

Mr. Darcy, eventually, could not hold his feelings in and proposed to Elizabeth. This shocked her very much, because it seemed like they were worst enemies. She, of course, told him 'no,' since she still thought he was the bad person. It would be hard to imagine how we would feel if we were in Elizabeth's shoes. She had to be wondering how this guy, who has not even really shown her favor, can be standing here proposing to her. Since she rejected him, a lot of things where said that night. But the truth had not been fully revealed until Elizabeth received a letter from him. He told her the story of what really happened between Mr. Wickman and himself. It was really hard for her to believe and at that point in time she was stuck because she truly did not know how to believe. Eventually, Mr. Wickman runs off with Lydia, Elizabeth's sister, and Darcy helped the Bennett family find them. Then Elizabeth truly realized who the bad guy is and it is not Mr. Darcy. After all the prejudice and hate she had previously felt towards him, she could not be anything but thankful that he helped out in this situation. There have been many events that have led up to this point which everyone has been waiting for throughout the whole book. Darcy and Elizabeth sort everything out and he asks her once again if she will marry him. Elizabeth finally knew the true Mr. Darcy, and said yes, without any questions on her part. When they finally told their family, it was a shock to everyone. They had appeared to dislike each other and now they were engaged. After a little bit of explaining, they celebrated, and it was a joyous occasion.

We can learn from this book that we shouldn't judge people from our first impression of them. This is a fact in real life and Pride and Prejudice shows a very clear example of the reason not too. If Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy would have stayed with their first impressions then this chance of true love would of never happened. It was easy to just be on Elizabeth's side and see Mr. Darcy as a worthless jerk. Even though there were reasons that he acted like that, it was not excusable, but he really truly had a great heart. Although Elizabeth did not see it at first, she truly opened her heart to him in the end, and made this book a true love story.

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