The Japanese animations

For those who do not know, Anime is the terms used for Japanese animations. They base the anime on the manga (Japanese comics) that usually have characters with wild hairstyles and odd shaped bodies. At times dealing with different adventures, drama, and relationships, depending on what you prefer to watch. There seems to be an anime out there for every type of person out there. It has grown in popularity in the past years and still going. It has gone so far that there are now conventions held all over the United States during the year. Anime is something I got into watching during high school, because it was a way to forget about the stress that was surrounding me. I would watch it to clear my mind, but I never thought much about it. I have been wondering more about it lately. Now that my younger cousin and younger brother have started to watch it, I have been wondering if they should be watching some of the anime shows, at their age. It had got me thinking and now I want to learn all there is about these shows we call anime. From where it started to what the future holds for it. Anime is something that started in Japan and worked its way in to the heart of the United States; everyone watches it or has watched it one way or another. However, there are many questions out there to answer. Who watches anime? Why do people watch anime and enjoy anime conventions? How did anime get started? Why do people watch anime and enjoy anime conventions? What age groups should or should not watch anime? Do some people go overboard with it? What is the good and bad that comes with watching anime? Why is it growing into such a popular fad? Does it help others to learn or is it just a way to pass the time? Does it hold an important purpose in our lives? How do different ages and genders feel about anime? How many hours, days, weeks, and so on do people spend watching anime? I plan to answer these questions and learning about other people's views on this subject. By the end of this research, I hope to have a better understanding on what part anime plays in my life and the lives of others.

Where anime came from

Before finding out how anime affects people, we have to know how it got started. The basic description of anime would be that it was develop from Japanese manga or comics. In Japan, they first wrote manga in newspapers and magazines. They are written the same way they were before but also in books known as graphic novels. It all started back in the 20th century; it was the creation of combining newspaper comics and motion pictures (anime_nanet). These structures provided the basic layout of their creations and were known later by Modern Japan as manga (anime_nanet). I read in the article "The Anime History" that the Japanese cartoonist first tried their attempt at animation in 1914. The first animation was not made until 1918, and was Kitayama Seitaro's short film Momotaro. The anime craze continued from here.

People who watch anime

The number of people who watch anime is over a million. Every person has his or her own favorite type of anime. The youngest of the group is around a couple of months old to around five or six. They are the ones who watch the Disney animations like Snow White (the first animation made by Disney in 1937 after seeing the work done by Japanese cartoonists (anime_nanet)).Between 6 and 12 the anime would split by gender. Young girls were watching ones about strong women superheroes and friends who showed girls the value of friendship and believing in their selves. For example, "Sailor Moon" an anime I watch at this age. Where young boys were watching more action fill ones where the hero would save the world and fight for what was right. One of these shows is "Dragon ball Z" an anime my brother watched at this age. A few were for both genders like "Pokmon" a show about friendship. Of course, this was a good fifteen years ago when children were more innocent in their young lives.

As the innocents of the children grew smaller so did the pureness of the anime that these children loved to watch. Of course, I am talking about teenagers. Their favorite anime is full of violence, drugs, sex, and language. However, this is not how all of them are. There are a few teens who find the more mild ones with romance, adventure, drama, comedy, and action (not that the before mentioned ones did not have these also) that everyone enjoys. There are plenty of anime out there for everyone if just depends on the person to decide what types their want to watch. That brings us to the last group and a large group it is, the adults. The adult anime are not mild by any standard. The show every gory, sexual detail that they can find, most of these are air at a later time or have to be found on anime fan sites. This will always depend on the person's taste.

The effect it has on us

My views on it

As I said above there are many anime for everyone. The question however is, does anime have a purpose? Is there a reason why so many people watch it on a daily bases. The first reason, it grows and changes with us. Is this true or is it false? True, as they grow, people may change between twenty different shows; however, they do keep to the same types of genre. This is of course from my own observations. That is to say, I also enjoy watching anime. I have gotten the chance to talk to different anime fans by chatting on anime fan sites. Usually there are people from all over the world. It is funny to think that there can be so many problems in the world between different people, but these same people all come together online to watch and share their favorite anime. This is a great craze; we are finding our own common bond between us. The world may have many problems however; we are dealing with it in our own way.

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