The popular mechanics

Comparison and Contrast between Two Stories

In both stories "Popular Mechanics" and "Soldiers Home" there is a theme about possession. Characters in both stories fight or want to possess something out of it. In soldiers home Krebs went on to talk about people's reactions to his war stories. It seems no one wanted to hear about the war anymore. As a result Krebs began to lie and make up false stories about his war experience. In "Popular Mechanics" both parents fight over possession of baby and don't care about baby when the baby is in great pain.

The story "Soldier's Home" by narrator Ernest Hemingway takes place in Oklahoma. The story is about a lost and confused former marine. The story begins with a little background on this soldier called "Krebs". Krebs returns home from the war later after the war is over, long after other soldiers. He is a bitter man once he returns home, may be it is because he feels like he missed out on something. The narrator explains when most of the soldiers return home from the war they had been welcomed elaborately. However, Krebs did not get a grand welcoming. No one really made a big deal about his arrival at home. Krebs came back years after the war was over: people thought this was unnecessary. Krebs was unable to adjust in civilian life.

Krebs went on to talk about people's reactions to his war stories. It seems no one wanted to hear about the war anymore. As a result of this Krebs began to lie and make up false stories about his war experience. It is easily seen that Krebs is not a people person. He talks about day are spent alone, being lazy. Krebs has no job, no girlfriend. The story goes on and talks about how his mother wants him to straighten up and get his life together. His parents were unable to understand why Krebs can't start a normal life. He was not thrilled to have this talk with his mother. He wanted a simple life and time to go smooth. Krebs understood the American life, but somehow he wanted to escape the family and town.

"Popular Mechanics" tells the story of two parents wanting a child's welfare in favor of fighting for possession of the child. The child becomes an object to the parents. The couple loses the baby fighting for parental dominance. For the parents in "Popular Mechanics" the author tries to explain character flaws, and the use of baby as a possession and not as a human being and their child. The couple uses anger over each other, but not wanting to use a legal procedure to decide the fate and custody of the baby, and it reveals the selfishness of a human. The parent's project anger and selfishness need to win the child, and the child pays price. The fighting went to a great extent, but they were unwillingness to compromise like the story about Solomon and two mothers. In that story, two mothers give birth to two children. One women's baby dies and she tries to steal the other mother's baby. The true mother accuses the thief, and the case is brought to Solomon. He decided to slice the baby in half and give a share to each woman. The true mother immediately surrenders to the thief. Her concern for the child proves to Solomon the real mother. This concern does not even occur in "Popular Mechanics". In the story, mother says "You're hurting the baby", but she holds the baby hard and pulls, and she treats an infant like a piece of rope. Parents fail to show their potential to be as a caring mother and father, but they failed and showed cruel and selfishness nature of the parents.

Child's body in "Popular Mechanics" serves as a damage caused by its parents. Child becomes an object to the parent, and they show no emotional harm to their self and they continue to fight for possession for the child. The author describes child as a "red-faced and screaming". Despite the child's screams, the parents continue to pull child in opposite direction. At a point, even some parents would let go the child because their harming the child, but this cruel parents shows no sign and continue to pull blaming each other.

The author at last conclude this story saying as "in this manner, the issue was decided". A rather than saying like a horror store of the child being torn apart. The issue is decided an equal half of the child. This truly explains the damage caused by careless nature and selfish nature of the parents resulted in great incident.

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