Young goodman brown

Loosing Faith

Nathaniel Hawthorne deals with the many symbols of good and evil in "Young Goodman Brown.". He is able to make the reader think twice about their faith by unknowingly asking the reader if they pronoun/antecedent agreement errors are really into their faith, or if they plan to get to heaven by free ridding awkward off of others as Goodman Brown tried to. Although Goodman Brown thought his family, town, and wife were good people, he fell for the devil's evil tricks in believing that his family was not as it seemed. By Hawthorne doing this he shows the reader that not all things are what they seem, in this case Goodman Brown should not have been so foolish as to fall for the devil's tricks. In "Young Goodman Brown,", Hawthorne is able to use symbols to express faith and evil that tempts many individuals in the world. Your introduction is a good start, but you don't have a focused, analytical thesis. What is Hawthorne saying here about faith and evil? What point was he making about this type of society?

One of the symbols in "Young Goodman Brown" is faith, faith not only symbolizing his wife but also symbolizing his faith in his community and family. Your topic sentence needs to be more analytical. Why is Hawthorne presenting Brown's faith in this dual method? How does that relate to the theme? By using Faith as Goodman Browns possessive not plural. You have many of these errors in the paper wife's name the reader will learn that Goodman Brown did have faith, but somehow How? And what was the significance of losing that faith? loses it along his journey. Before Goodman Brown leaves on his journey through the woods, he says "My love and my faith,", (Hawthorne 395), when Goodman Brown says this he is oblivious to the fact that in the future he will no longer love his faith, he will abandon it by being a fool, falling for unreal things such as: believing his community and family are evil. This only shows the reader how easy it is to lose faith. But Hawthorne's point was how easy it was for Brown to lose his faith. That is the point that you need to be making here.

Another symbol in "Young Goodman Brown" is the staff. You need a more analytical topic sentence here. What about the staff? Relate to theme. The staff "which bore the likeness of a great black snake" sentence fragment (Hawthorne 396). The staff represents the evil that Goodman Brown falls for. Hawthorne uses the staff as the devils symbol by making it his some what signature trait, comma splice the reader would learn that the traveler is up to no good. Unclear. Goodman Brown is the only one oblivious to this it will eventually lead him to loosing misspelled all faith. Run On. By using the staff as the "evil" that Goodman Brown will encounter it shows the reader that evil can come in any shape, form or size. That's not quite the point that Hawthorne was making. You need to be analyzing the theme herethe religious environment that Hawthorne felt was too prescriptive and did not lead to strong faith.

In the end Goodman Brown does lose all faith. By being a fool and not sticking to his faith, he is doomed to a life of tragedy and pain. "Something fluttered lightly down through the air . . . and he beheld a pink ribbon" (Hawthorne 400). By using the ribbon in this form the reader would assume that the ribbon symbolizes Goodman Browns faith falling. Hawthorne uses it in this form to indicate that Goodman Brown did have faith, but it was not a faith that was truly inside him, his faith was that of others. And? What about that? Develop this idea. Goodman Brown depended on the faith of others to get him through the day, indicating that eventually his faith would be lost. And? Elaborate.

Through the symbols that Hawthorne uses to make it apparent that one can not just live off the faith of others and that there is evil in the world it is apparent that the reader would learn to go off of their own faith, not the faith of others that surrounds them. Run One. Hawthorne is implying that although there are objects and persons in the world that will tempt many, one must stay true to what they believe in and not give into temptation.


You certainly understand the good/evil aspect of this story, but you have not really touched upon the theme here in any detail. You need to analyze the theme in relation to how the symbols bring that out. Your paragraphs needed to focus more on how the symbols showed the restrictive religious environment and why that environment did not lead to good, strong faith. For future papers, make sure you focus on the theme.

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