The things they carried

In the story novel The Things They Carried, do the men show symptoms of post Post-traumatic stress disorder?.

In Tim O'BrienO'Brian's' the The Tthings Theythey carrieds there is a group of war torn soldiers that display symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. There are four main symptoms of this disorder: emotional numbness, flash backs sleep problems and trouble readjusting to life (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder). Throughout the book, the soldiers show symptoms that could be true examples of post-traumatic stress disorder.

In Tim Obrien's story the The Tthing Tthey Ccarried the men showed emotional numbness. The emotional numbness is when someone should beis stunned or shows the opposite emotion than what they are ("What is PTSD?"). For example, msnymany of the solders in the novel ahowhave an indeifferenceindifference twardtoward death. In one scene, "Dave Jensen went over and shook the old man's hand" (O'Brien 226)"; Actually; Actually Dave Jensen is shaking a dead man's hand. This man was just killed in a fire fight between him and his men. Instead of being shocked by the site he embraces it because he's emotionally numb and this is how he decides to cope with the situation ("Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder"). Their emotion is not limited to humanes ;humans; they also show coldness toward animals. "he stepped back and shot it through the right front knee" (O'Brien 78)", this is when rat had just lost his friend to a rigged explosive, device. He took this a baby buffalo and shot it: trough t he knee and Tthen he started to shoot it everywhere. This in an example of numbness because he did not car care that the animal was innocent.about the fact that it was an innocent animal or the fact that it had nothing to do with his friend dyeing. He just did it because It was part of Vietnam and helped him cope with death. by doing this it made him feel better for the death of his friend. The symptoms these men show are real in post-traumatic stress disorder and are real in life. For example in an interview, an Iraq war veteran in this video a man with post traumatic stress disorder talks about feeling different toward his friends, family, life at home. He is emotionally numb to these people because he can't relate ("War PTSD - Joe's Story 1 of 2"). The men in Tim Obrien's book could have post traumatic stress disorder because their symptoms of numbness are similar.

Another symptom of this disorder is flash backs ("What is PTSD?"). Flash back are is when a person remember a specific traumatic event and relive it as if it were like it is happening all over again ("Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.") He can remember all the men that died, how they died, where they died, and when they died. in the story the narrator says "says "but then you remember the guys who died: Curt lemon, Kiowa, Ted Lavender, a half-dozen other faces you can't bring into focus anymore (O'Brien 205)". This is a symptom of the disorder traumatic images being burned in to the mined.He can remember all the men that died, how they died, where they died, and when they died. This is a symptom of the disorder traumatic images being burned in to the mined. Another example "And now twenty years later, I'm left with faceless responsibility and faceless grief (O Brien 180)", the narrator is saying that twenty years have gone by but the memories of what happen can still be viewed in his mind any time like it's happening all over again. This is a prime example of the disorder and it symptom of a flash back. Experts say "they have flashbacks", real people that have post traumatic stress disorder have flash back like the men in this story supporting the question do the men show symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder (Louise 6).

Sleep problems are a common is a symptom of post traumatic stress disorder. When some sleep problems it is mostly are related to night mares about the traumatic event thate occurred or just has problems getting to sleep. In the story Rat said, "The days aren't so bad but at night the pictures get to be a bitch" (O'Brien 223). When itsit's time for him to calm down and get ready to sleep he can't because he starts to see the men that he saved and the men that died. This happens when he is calming down because he is not focused on the mission and his mind is able to drift. This is common among real patience patient with post traumatic stress disorder for Example solders "are allowed to pace the hallways rather than lie rigid and sleepless in their rooms" (Louise 7)) " in rehabilitation centers for post traumatic stress disorder, people that have can't sleep are allowed to get andup and walk walk around to help take their mind off what is keeping them up. This is one of the main symptoms of the disorder. A man in a video talked about how he had to take medicine to be able to sleep without nightmares ("treatment"). This is a real case that of sleep problems in this man's lifein a case with post-traumatic stress disorder.

The last symptom of post traumatic stress disorder is having trouble readjusting to life. When people get back from war, they sometimes can'cannott adjust to not being in a war environment. For example Norman Bowker committed suicide. "his friends found him hanging from a water pipe" (O'Brien160). Norman Bowker committed suicide. He could not readjust to life at home because he was different afterward. No one understood what he went through or supported what he did. Another example from the book is when "Norman Bowker followed the tar road on its seven-mile loop around the lake, then he started all over again" (O'Brien 137)., Hhe would drive around in circles because he had direction in life to go .In his car is the only place he felt comfortable. this is where felt comfortable. All he wanted is someone to talk to but he newknew no one cared or wanted to talk about the war. Life in his town had changed too much while he was gone and he could not adjust to it. Have trouble adjusting is a real problem for real people as well as in the book. An man in the video Iraq war saidveteran said "I could not even keep the window shades open." He talks about how when he was at war they had a bad sniper problem and he did not feel safe even at home without them closed. Another true life example is "he always has a pistol with him" and "Jumpy in crowds" (Louise 2). This was a marine that had served In Iraq and when he was home still did not feel safe from the enemy. This man would jump in crowds thinking there is someone still trying to get him. This is one of the worst symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder.

In the book the things they carried the men show potential symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder and it is possible they do have it. Because these men experienced the disorder after the war and did not know that post tragic stress disorder was as real disorder and did not know how to get help. people should ld become aware of it and how to get help. Solders that are coming back from the Iraq and Afghanistan war are showing symptoms and have the disorder. they should be aware and evaluated because he can be a threat to the self's and others.

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