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Q1. Write a short academic report for an EU energy agency discussing wind powered generation as an alternative to carbon based energy sources.


In the last few decades, the biggest environmental threat worldwide is global warming which is an increase in earth's temperature due to fossil fuels, industrialization, and many more caused by human, natural, and other gas emissions (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). Considering this fact many organizations came up with substitutes, one of which was wind energy generator. Wind energy is world's fastest growing source of energy which does not require chemicals, water and electricity. This report will be highlighting the limitation attached with use of carbon based energy sources and advantages of using wind power generation in modern world.

The first part of the report compares the functions and usage of carbon based energy and wind power generators. Secondly, the advantages of wind generators will be presented, followed by brief conclusion.

General view point

The “Inter-government Climate Change” (IPCC) put forward a report which highlights the increasing GHG concentrations and focuses on its causes such as rise in global temperature by 0.3 degree every decade (Kladas, et. al., 1998). This increase in temperature has drowned attention of many authors, professors and scientists, but this report will be focusing on how the use of wind energy generator can be proved beneficial then that of carbon based energy sources. Moreover, there are many reasons which shows how wind energy sources are better then carbon such as:

1. Wind energy is economical

Around the world the prices of coal and gas are rising, new wind plants are the biggest competitor of any new electricity generation source (TradeWind, 2009). According to Kladas et. al., (1998) highlighted that wind energy provides the lowest cost of any generation resource available worldwide. Moreover, he also noted that unlike the other generation resources wind power generator avoids the future risk of increase fuel prices (Kladas, et. al., 1998). On the other hand using carbon based generated source increases the price of fuel and gas (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). Furthermore, the use of wind energy sources does not only help in reducing the risk of future increase in price but also wind displaces electricity that would otherwise be produced by burning natural gas or regular investment, thus it help to increase the demand which directly effect the future prices (Rosen, 2009).

According to American Wind Energy association, around US there was a shortage in the supply of gas of approx 3 - 4 billion cubic feet per day. By the end of 2004, wind plants were generating about 17 billion (KW) annually (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). This change in strategy of generating the energy though wind power proved to be really helpful and economical which helped the citizens to use the power by paying less money (Kladas, et. al., 1998). As explain above that wind energy generator does not require a huge setup or ingoing employment of scientists and specialists which reduces the cost of production and thus as compare to carbon based sources wind energy sources are not only cheaper for government but also for its users (TradeWind, 2009).

2. Beneficial for farmers.

One of the other reasons which are making the use of wind energy popular is wind farms located in the rural areas which generate energy that can be transmitted to urban areas on the cheaper prices (Waldermann, 2009). This setup increase the jobs in rural areas as well as farmers can lend there lands on lease to earn money (Kladas, et. al., 1998). Wind turbines can be used to grow crops (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). Additionally, carbon energy generators might help to increase the number of jobs but those are limited to some areas as cost of putting factory is much higher then wind energy (Rosen, 2009). Furthermore, wind energy does not require the use of water as other electrical sources and more water can be supplied to local farmers for irrigation and electricity generator leaving then fresh water for drinking (TradeWind, 2009). Finally, farmers can use small part of their land to rent to local or national wind energy generator companies to earn money through rent, as wind energy is considered suitable in field or high areas (Waldermann, 2009).

3. Homegrown energy source

United States is world largest importer of oil and natural gas, oil and gas is collected from different parts of the world (Kladas, et. al., 1998). Moreover, this is considered as trouble area of the world. Now to increase the national security US have started using home grown source of energy which is wind energy. Wind generator is one of the energy generator which can be set up any were because it does not require industrial area to built it and it does not require a team of specialists or scientist throughout. Additionally, once the wind energy generator is set, it does not require any further investment for row materials (Waldermann, 2009). Also, farmers and other rural areas can use this energy in small scale for instance electricity, water turbine etc (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). As shown above wind energy does not require an on going investment and as compare to carbon based energy it can be used again and again because it is a renewable resource (TradeWind, 2009). Once the wind mill is set it can be used generations after generations (Rosen, 2009).

4. Environmental benefits

Climate plays an important role, one of the major challenges all around world is increasing global warming. The mixture of air pollution, water pollution and many more is considered to be the cause of increase in global warming (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). Additionally, carbon based energy generation does not only cause air pollution through the use of comical products and burning various sources, but also water pollution which then leads to environmental changes such as acid rain, sudden change in climate and many more (Kladas, et. al., 1998). On the other hand wind energy does not cause pollution as there is no use of chemicals and burning resources such as burning such as coal, petrol etc. Additionally, wind energy does not require time to convert the sources to energy where as carbon based sources require time to produce energy (Haniotis, et. al., 2006). Finally, wind energy is clean energy that produces no emissions of pollution, which means it do not contribute to acid rain, snow and most of all global climate change which cause further health problems (Rosen, 2009 and TradeWind, 2009).

5. Wind energy can be used in a variety of applications

As shown above wind energy can be used in variety of work in economical manner which can be helpful not just for the country overall, but also for local farmers and small scale businesses. Small wind turbines can be used by local farmers to pump water in their fields or energy can be used as hybrid system and can provide power to villages (Kladas, et. al., 1998). Also, wind energy can be used as a source of income for the local areas as well, by providing electricity to local telecommunication towers or other small scale businesses (Rosen, 2009).


To sum up, the reason provided above shows how advantages of wind energy generator outweigh carbon based energy. Moreover, the use of wind energy does not require similar time, energy and investment as carbon based sources which is making it more popular day by day. Also, wind energy is considered safe because it does not require water, electricity or pollute earth and can be used anywhere such as farms, factories, cities etc which can be helpful. Lastly, because of all the reasons listed above, along with additional illnesses attach with air pollutants caused by carbon based energy sources, wind energy has great public support.


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