The removal of trees


Definition of Deforestation: Deforestation is the removal of trees. It is where people go to a place where there are lots of trees and they proceed to get rid of them (5). Trees can be cleared by a couple of ways. The first way is logging (chopping trees down), so they can keep the wood but get rid of the trees. The other way is to burn the trees. Some of the reasons people clear the trees is so they can get the wood, but also so they can use the area for things like farming, crops and house area. Over the years, a great deal of places have been deforested that the problem is getting serious.

Area affected by deforestation: The area that I have chosen is Borneo, South East Asia. Borneo has been heavily affected by deforestation since 1950. From the picture below, it shows Borneo in 1950, and then in 2005, and then again in 2020, or what it should look like (see appendix 1).

There is also a map of where it is (see appendix 2).

Natural ecosystem: Borneo's ecosystem is the wet tropics. It is a large tropical area that is always wet, so it holds much wild life in it. Two thirds of the place was covered in rich green vegetation. Borneo also has some of the worlds biggest and longest caves. Also, a single hectare of the forest contains more varieties than found in the whole of North America (1). Some of the wild life in it are the Orangutan, the Gibbon and the Hornbill bird. Because of the deforestation, these animals are becoming endangered, like the orangutan (see appendix 3).

Change that is occurring: The change in the area is the amount of deforestation that is happening in the area. In this such time, most of the animals there are slowly becoming endangered, and even extinct. But why is this happening? Most of the wood that has been logged is being sold to other Asian countries, so that they can use the wood to do whatever they want to do with it. Also, the trees have been removed for the purpose of farming area and other purposes. This is a chart showing the development of cleared land in Kalimantan (see appendix 4).

From these next charts, it shows that the forest is slowly disappearing, and also how much will be gone in the future (see appendix 5).

Impact on the ecosystem: The impact that the deforestation has is a big problem for the wild life that is there. Borneo houses types of animals that cannot be found anywhere else. Therefore if the deforestation continues, there will be serious problems. Most of the animals are already endangered, so it won't be to long before they become extinct. Another problem is there is soil erosion, where tropical rains wash away fertile topsoil because there are no trees to retain moisture and nutrients in the ground. This means that the land can no longer be used for agriculture (2).

Impact on the people: The deforestation is currently having a positive impact on people because with the logging, they are getting more room to build the houses and they can do agriculture on the places that have not been ruined. However, if they keep logging, and the selling the wood, they will run out and then their big source of money has disappeared. Also, their tourist fund is a good source of money and income, but if the deforestation rate continues, there tourism may suffer because of it.

Recommendations: The obvious solution is to stop deforestation; however that is highly unlikely. So instead the loggers could slow down the deforestation, to a rate where the trees can grow back, but they still get their trees. Since their main income comes from trees, then they should be able to depend on another money source. Also, if they won't stop their deforestation, then they should single out an area of land, and cut that down, rather then the whole forest.


  1. Golden Days in Sarawak (book)

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