Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner

Hyde Park Corner tube station in Hyde Park is a London Underground, on the Piccadilly Line, Travelcard Zone 1. Hyde Park Corner is located in the borough of the City of Westminister. When escalators replaced the lifts in the station, and the original building remained unused and is a Pizza Restaurant now. It is one of the few stations which are underground, with no associated building above it. The pedestrian underpass system is the entrance to the station. The then lift shafts provide ventilation today. The non-operational area of the station is said to be chillingly haunted with the sound of girls crying. Knightsbridge is the preceding station and Green Park is the following destination.

Hyde Park Corner is in the South East of Hyde Park. Knightsbridge, Park Lane, Piccadilly, Grosvenor Place and Constitution Hill converge at Hyde Park. Hyde Park Corner was also a code to announce the death of King George VI in 1952. Hyde Park, Cental London is one of the largest green spaces and is a lovely treat for the eyes. It covers more than 350 acres and is a venue for national celebrations. The river Serpentine divides the park in two and this river is also the source for water at the artificial lake in Buckingham Palace. Hyde Park offers riding lessons and hacking along Rotten Row in London. Picnics are Mayfair, Park Lane and Knightsbridge are in the surrounding areas. They are home to some of the most luxurious hotels in London. Families frequent Hyde's Park for a picnic, leisure and pitch based sports. Bowling, cycling, boat riding, swimming, tennis and skateboarding are popular here. With so much to offer, Hyde Park Corner hotels are a place to relax after a fun-filled day.

Hotels in Hyde Park Corner tube station, London

There are many star hotels in Hyde Park Corner within a radius of one mile.

Luxury Hotels in Hyde Park Corner, London

* 51 Buckingham Gate is a 5-star hotel in Buckingham Gate, London. Situated as a hotel in Central London, they offer 86 luxury suites comprising of Taj Suites and Residences with award winning bathrooms and kitchens. This Zone 1 hotel has a spa that offers Anne Semonin treatments, the Quilon restaurant and bar that received a Michelin star and a wonderful courtyard.

* Dukes Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Piccadilly, London. Innovative traditionally designed 90 bedrooms; sophisticated atmosphere and a classic British menu are the highlights of this Zone 1 hotel. All the major attractions of Central London are within a short distance from this hotel near the Hyde Park Corner tube station.

* St James Hotel and Club-Althoff Hotel Collection is a 5-star hotel in Piccadilly, London. Classical elegance, contemporary amenities and exquisite service makes this hotel in Central London a wonderful experience. This Zone 1 hotel is in a quiet cul-de-sac and is near to Jermyn Street, Bond Street and the Burlington Arcade.

* 41 Hotel- A Red Carnation Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Victoria, London. This Zone 1 hotel is a small and intimate boutique hotel with a discreet entrance and just 24 magnificent suites. This hotel near the Hyde Park Corner tube station overlooks the mews of the Buckingham Palace. Queens Gallery, the Royal Parks, the Pall Mall and various theatres are at walking distance from Central London hotel.

Economical and mid-range hotels near Hyde Park Corner tube station, London

* Elizabeth Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Victoria, London. This Zone 1 hotel is a privately owned 40-bedroom establishment with English charm and character.

* Best Western Mostyn Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Marble Arch, London. Oxford Street, Motorways like M4 and M40 are accessible from this hotel in Central London.

* Seary's Roof Garden Rooms is a 3-star hotel in Knightsbridge, London. 10 boutique bedrooms, Molton Brown toiletries and a charming country house character is the style of this Zone 1 hotel. Knightsbridge, Hyde Park, museums, theatres and shopping malls are accessible from this hotel near the Hyde Park Corner tube station.

* Georgian House Hotel is a 3-star hotel in Victoria, London. 62 charming rooms with modern facilities are available at this hotel near Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Basic Budget Hotels Near Hyde Park Corner Tube Station, London

The Wellington Arch built in the centre is a memorial to the Duke of Wellington and it provides a grand entrance to London. It also functions as the northern gate of Buckingham Palace. Other monuments of interest in Hyde Park Corner include Jone's Monument to the Cavalry of the Empire, Alexander Munro's Boy, Dolphin Statue in the middle of an enchanting rose garden, the Wellington Monument and a statue of Byron. Park Lane after widening became a large traffic island area. The Machine Gun Corps Memorial, the Royal Artillery Memorial, the Australian War Memorial and the New Zealand War Memorial are located here. The Queen Elizabeth Gate and the Hyde Park Corner Screen are at the boundary of Hyde Park. Aspley House which is the residence of the first Duke of Wellington is also in the vicinity.

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