Military geography


1. Twentieth Century has been a revolutionary milestone in the evolution and subsequent changes in warfare. It is truly the fusion of science with technology and in the art of reading geography in its correct perspective that has become vital in the actual conduct of warfare. The main aim of the book is to cover imp aspects of relationship between war and geography on a wider canvas. The author , Dr M L Sali has aptly dealt with the subject taking suitable geographical examples from India itself.

2. The author, has independently analysed geopolitics, geostrategy and military geography in an open and pragmatic way based on available material facts. All chapters in the book follow a well laid out logical sequence.

3. The book is organised into fourteen chapters, Dr M L Suli begins with the meaning and concept of geo politics in the contemporary world .He also gives a brief insight about geopolitics as perceived by various eminent geo politicians ( Fredrich Ratzel, Rudolf Kjellen, AT Mahan).In second chapter, the author clarifies various terms relating to border boundary line ,frontier and maritime boundaries . The third chapter deals with buffer and land locked nation states, including the problems and challenges faced by them. In fourth chapter the author introduces geo strategy in a simple way , he also defines various imp factors affecting geostrategy clearly .The fifth chapter deals with geo strategic importance of countries like Israel, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Antartica , and island territories of Andaman & Nicobar , Lakshadweep including the advantages which they accrue due to their relative geographical positions. In the Sixth Chapter, author discusses the imp of natural resources (oil, gas, mineral resources, water) and politics associated with the aim of maximising these by all developed and developing countries. Mil Geography and its significance in the present day environment is clearly spelt out in the seventh Chapter.

4. Eighth chapter deals with grand strategy and tactics and their interplay both in war and peace. The ninth chapter deals with the imp, objectivity and role played by mil geography in land, sea and air warfare. The vital imp of logistics in modern warfare is brought out clearly in the tenth Chapter. The author has very lucidly defined the scope, factors and principals of logistics management which are essential to achieve victory in any scenario. Eleventh chapter deals with the strategic importance of India's land borders of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Jammu & Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh , and the strat imp of loc of India in the Indian Ocean region. The twelfth chapter deals with various types of warfare including jungle warfare, high altitude warfare and desert warfare. The last two chapters provide a deep insight into war and the environment which sustains it, along with the civil defence organisation existing in India and their effectiveness in dealing with natural or manmade disasters and natural calamities.

5. In all fourteen chapters the author has supported his argument with clear facts and given relevant examples. The chapters on geo strategy, grand strategy and logistics are of special significance to men in uniform. The only regret is that this book cannot be described as entertaining, as it deals with a subject which at the face of it appears to be ‘dry'. However logical presentation of the subject by the author leads to an interesting reading of the book.

6. Dr M L Suli is working as a reader and Head of Department of Defence and Strategic Studies, Bhonsla Mil College, Nasik. His other research work include a book on the India China bdr dispute , which was widely acclaimed. He has also written a number of research papers on defence and strategic affairs. Dr M L Suli is a member of board of studies for Defense and Strategic studies at a number of prestigious Indian Universities. At Rs 495, his book is adequately priced, and is recommended to be purchased for all Cat A Ests and fmn libraries.

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