Healthy life expectancy


No doubt that health is a crown over the heads of healthy people and it is one of the major elements that help us to lead a better life .Health is defined as a status of complete physical, mental, and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity and it is also defined as the general condition of a person in all aspects . it is source of every day life not the objective of living .health is appositive concept emphasizing social and personal resource as well as physical abilities the(IEF0and WHO also stated that health can be achieved through a combination of physical, mental emotional and social well being which to gather is commonly referred to as the health triangle

Determinations health

There are four determination of health including human biology ,environmental, life style and health care services thus health is maintained and improved not only through the advancement and application of health science but also through the the effort and intelligent life style choices of the individual society .Major environmental factor is water quality ,especially for health infants and children in developing countries .

Studies show that in developed countries ,the lack of neighbors hood recreational space that includes the natural environment leads to lower levels of obesity , therefore, lower over all wellbeing .there fore the positive psychological benefits of natural space in urban neighborhoods should be taken into account in public policy and land use not just the absence of disease archiving health and marinating it is on going process effective study for staying healthy includes , social activity they say that personal health depends on the social structure of ones life . the maintenances of of strong social relationships is linked to god health conditions longevity ,productivity and positive altitude .this is due to the fact that that positive social interaction as viewed by the participants increases many chemical levels in the brain which are linked to personality and intelligence trait .


Hygiene is another factor for leading healthy life. it is the practice of keeping the body clean to prevent infection and illness, and the avoidance of contact with infectious agents .Hygiene practice include bathing brushing and flossing teeth especially before eating cleaning food help prevent infection and illness. by cleaning the body ,dead skin cells are washed away with the germs reducing their chance of entering the body .

Psychological factor

It is fact that prolonged psychological stress may impact health and has been cited as the factor cognitive impairment with aging depressive illness and expression of disease so there must be stress increase tolerance to stress relaxation techniques are psychological method include cognitive therapy ,meditation and positive thinking which work by reducing response to stress . improving relevant skills and abilities builds confidence ,which also reducers the stress reaction to situations where those skills are applicable .

Health care

Health care is thee prevention ,treatment ,and management of illness and the preservation of mental and physical well being through the services offered by the medical ,nursing and allied health professions .it plays great role in increasing the health of body , public health is also essential in promoting health as it is considered with threats to overall health of community based on population health analysis the population in question can be as small as hand full of people or as large as the inhabitants of several continents

Health expectancy

Health expectancy is defined as the number of years as a person could expect to live in good health if currently mortalities and morbidity rates persists .the particular measure of health expectancy used here is the number of years a person could expect to live independently without any functional limitation requiring the assistance of another person or complex assistive devices ,there are many factors that can affect healthy life expectancy such as ;life style ,diet, genetics ,location and nationality .a healthy life style shows how one can maintain his health for along time and as long as his life is connected with healthy rules . the one who follows the right rules and the correct conditions of health enjoys god health for longer times ,diet is another important thing a healthy body requires a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats .it is healthy diet which builds up a healthy body and whenever a persons diet is maintained ,he enjoys a healthy life expectancy .

Genetics and healthy life expectancy

Many kinds of diseases transmits from generation to another through genes .when parents are diseased with cancer or other genetic diseases .it is easy to transmit ti the younger generation .as affect that genes determine the healthy case of the younger sons .

Location and nationalities

Both location and nationality are connected with the increasing healthy life expectancy .as the atmosphere and the nearest or farthest front the equator determines the probability to have good or bad health . we find in poor countries in south Africa where the sun is shinning all over the year , the waterfall is also continuous . many kinds of malaria and other infectious diseases affect the health of the inhabitants in such areas ,on the other hand , the civilized European countries in the north of the Mediterranean enjoys, ideal climatic conditions . the environment ,life style ,sanitation .

All of this affects life health expectancy.

Culture and back ground

Culture and back ground of people also plays great part .ideas and thoughts affects ones life .culture is he collection of ideas and believes which are inherited from the previous generation to another .and s long s the amount of believes services healthy habits and if the traditions and customs ask for maintaining health ,it is expected to create agene ration who enjoys good health .on the other hand in some communities who have the customs of drinking wine and smoking tobacco in celebrations or those who are addict to drugs to feel enjoyed are exposed to have shorter healthy lives .

Healthy life expectancy is also connected with many other factors like socio economic status ,ethnicity and gender ,the process of the social interaction as well s he economic status of a country explains whether health is good or bad the industrialized society is is quiet different from the agricultural one .in the industrialized community the number of factories and work shops with their amount of pollution affects peoples health and consequently healthy life expectancy is shorter .the economic status affects he health expectancy of people .


To cap it all, health is our resource in life it involves spiral as well s mental health .

Both of them are important for our life to continue and to live abettor life with out suffering or depending on the others and marinating it is the responsibility of every individual so it is our duty to follow the healthy habits in sanitation and public cleanliness .there are many factors which if followed can increase healthy life expectancy ;practicing sports .having the balanced diet of food ,maintaining healthy life style and cleanliness .through those all factors it is easy to increase healthy life expectancy.



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