Obese Health Exercise

Obese Health Exercise

Obese Health Exercise

With one in four Americans considered obese, obesity is one of the largest health problems being faced. The workplace is very influential to individuals health. Combined with the many hours spent there, and because of the continued shift from a manufacturing economy to a service economy, the workplace is becoming more and more sedentary. Companies spend $220 billion in medical costs and lost productivity. Individuals who are obese have 30% to 40% more health problems. Employers can play a large role in providing a healthy workplace, by doing so offsetting the financial burden and producing happier more productive employees. Exercise is an essential tool for fighting weight, and gyms are very effective source of physical fitness, especially when combined with other health conscious programs. I believe that by having a gym available to our employees, we will provide the structure for a healthier more effective work environment. I plan to show you that by encouraging physical exercises and promoting wellness, we can have happier more creative employees, save money on healthcare, and produce a much more positive workplace.

Exercise is beneficial for individuals in many ways. Exercise increases serotonin in the brain which increases mental clarity. This can prove to be very beneficial in the workplace, producing more creative and productive thinking. Exercise can also reduce stress. When an individual exercises it produces a relaxation response, making a person feel less stressed. Less stress means less irritation and can improve relationship with co-workers. Exercise also releases endorphins to your bloodstream, this gives you a feeling of more energy. An employee's mood is also very important in the workplace. An employee's mood can greatly effect their working habits, and the people around them. Regular exercise reduces symptoms of moderate depression because it increases serotonin. This will enhance an individual's mood and greatly improve their job performance and attitude.

To combine with a gym, there are many types of programs that employers can take advantage of. Knowing that money is a factor, I have chose some low cost ones. Employers can offer a points program in which employees can earn a certain amount of points based on their weight loss or lifestyle goals. They can use these points towards low cost incentives such as a preferred parking space. By giving employees access to a gym, this will motivate them to lead a healthier lifestyle. Employers can also encourage physical activates by making stairways more appealing. Painting, artwork, good lighting, or motivational signs can encourage employees to skip the elevator. By putting healthier food choices in the vending machines, this can discourage employees from eating sweets and chips throughout the day. Employers can sponsor health clubs such as Overeaters Anonymous that can be available for employees to meet after work or during lunch hours. This gives employees the opportunity to encourage each other and will cost nothing. The company will only have to provide a space that the club can meet. These programs combined with easy access to a gym ensure a healthy lifestyle for all involved.

Employee production is essential in any business. More productive employees means a more successful workplace.

Overweight employees are prone to chronic health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and depression. A recent study found that obese/overwieght employees use more sick days, up to five times more, than a employee that is normal weight. The average absence for a worker who files an obesity related short-term disability claim is 45 days. An employee that is at work is always more productive that one that is constantly ill. Employees who are trying to change their lifestyle together will build a stronger rapport. By working out at the gym together, or belonging to a club, they are supporting each other and have found something in common outside of work. This can prove to build a better team when the are in the workforce, producing better performances. Once an individual begins to exercise, they not only feel better, but they also look better. Their muscle begins to tone and they begin to lose weight. This improves a persons self image or self esteem. By being a more confident person, they have a much more positive attitude. They are more willing to attempt tasks that their lack of esteem may have held them back from. Exercising creates a strong body and strong mind, this allows an employee to reach their full creative potential and to produce their best and most efficient work.

It is a fact that obesity causes a range of illnesses. Employers have spent over 99.5 billion dollars on obesity related health problems, and businesses pay out over 12.7 billion dollars a year in healthcare for their employees. The Surgeon General reports that more than 9 percent of the nation's healthcare expenditures are directly related to obesity and physical inactivity. Another relevant problem brought about by obesity is employee disability. Unum Provident, a provider of disability income protection insurance, reports a tenfold increase over the past decade in short-term disability claims attributed to obesity. Disability among American workers is climbing, costing employers millions. Researchers say the problem is increasingly related to unhealthy lifestyles, poor eating habits, and lack of exercise. Having unhealthy employees can also put employers at a greater risk for lawsuits. A study found that having a body index in the overweight or obese range increases the risk of traumatic workplace injury. In a study of 7,690 employees, 29% were injured at least once in the period of 2 years. Approxamiley 85 percent of the employees injured were classified as overweight. Overall, the costs of healthcare for obese employees is much higher than an employee that is considered healthy.

By introducing a gym to our company, we would open the door to a better job environment. Having a gym nearby will encourage employees to exercise, and hopefully encourage them to begin healthier lifestyles. Healthier employees will work better as a team, have more positive attitudes, be more creative and overall give a better performance at work. Employees will be taking less sick days, we will minimize the risk of on the job injuries, and health care costs will be lowered. I believe a gym is an incredible company asset.

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