About Antislavery


Opposing to the practice or institution of slavery is called Antislavery. Slavery has been popular and practiced since the beginning of this great nation called the United States of America. Although slavery didn't start in the United States, it started in Great Britain, it was very demanding at the time of hardship, when the colonies of this great nation needed help and support. Most of the times slaves were brought to the United States from Africa. Some slaves were tricked, abused and some just had dreams to come to the United States and be free after some time. These dreams were shattered when they were pronounced slaves and were worked to death by their masters for long-long time. It took a long time for this nation to come to its senses and treat human being as a human being. Slavery was abolished on June 19, 1865, the best thing that ever happened to the people of this country. Slavery was opposed by many great thinkers and people during the time of slavery. The Anti-Slavery Movement took place in 1770's in Europe and was rapidly spread to the United States during the American Revolution.Slavery began during the sixteen and seventeen hundreds. People at that time didn't really bother because it was only in some places. But slavery boomed really high during the time of thirteen colonies and mostly in the South. Southerners need slaves to function their household; they needed help from little things to big things. During the time of thirteen colonies people had huge acres of land to farm and cultivate their own food. No one really knew how to do that other than the Africans. African slaves used to grow rice and cotton on their masters land and grew food for themselves and their family right beside their hut. Slaves would get punished for simple reasons. Most masters of the slaves were very cruel and abusive of their slaves, and yet scared to death of a slave riots.



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