An Imperialist Nation

The United States has been "the strongest nation" in the world for the past sixty-eight years, but that does not in any way imply that we are an imperialist nation. In an imperialist nation, there is an Emperor who rules and the people have no power, freedoms or rights. This statement does not accurately describe the United States, who is lead by an elected President; chosen by people. The United States is a positive role model for other countries around the world because they can learn from what we have succeeded in; and also from our failures as well. Our government believes in freedom of speech and a constitution that needs to be respected. We are all proud to have a voice, and not live in fear because our opinion is different than others. And, if the United States was considered an empire, we wouldn't be considered "the land of opportunities" to others living in less fortunate countries because of the many jobs we offer which pay well, the amble supply of food we share, and the better medical care provided for families.

As citizens of the United States, we have the privilege of freedom of speech, which we exercise regularly. We are fortunate that our fore fathers fought so hard for those rights centuries ago, while they continue to be just as valuable today. The liberty and justice that we know today was created through our Declaration of Independence. This document continues to highlight what the United States of America strives to enforce on a daily basis. It serves as our framework to guide and support all. As well as, protects the interests of its citizens. The United States government demands respect for these laws which were "created for the people, by the people". Those who disrespect our laws must understand that there are consequences to these actions, and they will be given a fair trial by their peers; regardless of their status. It would be unheard for an imperialistic nation to offer a fair trial, to anyone. Why, because the common people don't have a voice, over their Emperor.

The United States is considered "the land of opportunities" to others living in less fortunate countries. Those who wish to live in America want to live in a democracy, not in an Imperialist nation; which sadly dictates their lives. The United States is a democratic nation, without any interest in ever dominating others. Granted it would be easy for the United States to be selfish and bully other nations. Certainly, if that was our intent, it would have been implemented several decades ago; even though the United States has never been known as procrastinators. Sure there are nations which disagree with our beliefs and would love to see the United States fail, but we are driven by determination; not greed. There are still many countries which operate under dictatorships and monarchies; these people just want to be free. While others just want to leave their poverty stricken countries. This is why approximately 1,400 Mexicans try to illegally cross their own borders each day, because they are tired of living in poverty. Some immigrants just want to come to the United States, so they can freely practice their own religion. The United States also has a government that believes in importance of a strong education to the support our future. Everyone has the opportunity and is entitled to a proper education, so that they can earn a living, and support their families. Nations which support Imperialism certainly aren't concerned about the well being of their own citizens; just in their own wealth and well being to support their families; which will help continue their dynasty in the decades to come. The United States also believes in the need for the advancements in medicine and technology to support our future. Immigrants that choose to leave their homeland are in search of the American dream and to be free, while living in the United States.

Today, the United States assists disease stricken countries, by sending medication and supplies to assist those who are in need. The United States spends more than $40 billion every year to support those who cannot help themselves. That is much more money than any other country in the world sends to help other nations. For anyone to ever consider the United States an Imperialist nation is simply wearing blinders. Without the assistances of the United States many more nations would probably fall victim to Imperialism, with Emperors who control their every move.

Just because the United States unites with other countries, it doesn't mean that the United States is an Imperialistic nation. The United States on a daily basis continues to support fairness amongst the nations. When necessary without any hesitation the United States of America will stand up to those countries, who fail to abide by the laws which protect us. Although, unfortunately, sometimes force is needed to convince those who try to bully the weak, but the United States remains strong for all.

Yes, the United States is a very strong and powerful country. Clearly the United States is not a modern-day empire because of its strength, most decisions are made wisely; with taking into consideration the needs and rights of all. The United States believes in freedom of speech and helping others, while Imperialism stands for control of their people. It is our ability along with our strong will and a strong work ethic that has set us apart from many other nations.

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