History of East Asia

Kung Fu-tzu was the most famous and influential philosopher in the history of East Asia. At a very young age, he already experienced hardships in life. In fact, after the death of his father, his own family members have disowned him. Therefore, his early experiences of poverty, starvation, and rejection, motivated him to accomplish his life works as a reformer. As a young boy, Kung Fu-tzu showed great interest in learning. And his mother having strong aspiration for her son devoted herself to him. Being born during the time of violence and chaos, young Kung Fu-tzu already witnessed how the oppressive government enslaved the people. And this inspired and influenced him to restore peace to his nation. Having intellectually gifted, the young Kung Fu-tzu chose wisdom over weapons and violence. In order to find the key to China's future, he spent all his life studying Chinese ancient history, writings, and poems. With his radical ideas, he wanted to bring peace and justice to his nation. He saw education as the ultimate key to reforming the social and political order of his country. Therefore, instead of ignoring and suppressing the people, he demanded the government to provide education to its people.

Kung Fu-tze was regarded as the greatest thinker in China, since his ideologies were far ahead of his time. In fact, as a man obsessed with his mission, he established his own school for young Chinese intellectuals. And his teachings brought rich and poor students together equally. His passion for sincerity, justice, and peace was the center of his teachings. In fact, he demanded honesty and kindheartedness to all of his followers. Moreover, he also urged his students to develop good moral character in order to serve as models to the people. In fact, according to his political philosophy, rulers should demonstrate honesty, generosity, diligence, and faithfulness to the people in order to become worthy of their position. However, the rulers of his time were too preoccupied with expanding their territorial strength in order to widen their power. Therefore, in order to rectify the problems of the society, he challenged the rulers to change their evil ways. Unfortunately, the political and economical stability of China degraded as internal disputes and war continuously erupted. And this made him contempt the oppressive government even more.

Kung Fu-tze's radical ideas did not apparently fit into his time. In fact, he died with believing that he failed his mission. However, his teachings did not die with him as East Asian countries rose with prosperity through the influence of his teachings. In fact, he never knew how much wisdom and inspiration he has given us today.

Like what Kung Fu-tze said, we truly need to eradicate the social stratification and as well as reform the social and political order of our country. Since, corruption, massive poverty, and worsening violence and criminality are the major problems that our country is facing today. In fact, these problems have been an integral part of the Philippine society. Instead of serving the Filipino people, our leaders together of their corrupt government officials have been using their power for their private gains. So, due to their greediness and self-centeredness, the living conditions of the poor Filipinos have been worsened through time.

Before our leaders assume power, they worked on making effective action against poverty. However, when they took office, this issue was something that has been neglected. In fact, the prices of almost all basic commodities have been raised. If the majority of our leaders were not driven by their own private gains and interests, there might have been no need for them to pass on the unbearable burden to the Filipino citizens. For as long as corruption is rampant from the lowest local officials to the president, the people's hope for better tomorrow will only be in vain.

Our corrupt officials should stop thievery in our government, since corruption brings poverty to our nation. In fact, the part of the government's responsibility is to protect its people and their right as a human being. Therefore, just like what Kung Fu-tze said, our society should regain back its democracy, wherein the dignity of the human person is respected, protected, and fulfilled. And as citizens of this country, we individuals should also strive really hard to bring peace and justice to our country through starting transformation within ourselves.


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