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Why rent in Maida Vale?

Maida Vale is a popular residential area in West London located in the City of Westminster. The borders of Maida Vale edge towards the area of Kilburn in a south-easterly direction past the Maida Vale tube station towards the Edgware Road. To the east of Maida Vale lie St Johns Wood and Lords Cricket Ground. Maida Hill, in the south, includes the Paddington Basin, more commonly known as Little Venice. Where it meets St. John's Wood Road, Maida Vale reverts to the name ‘Edgware Road'.

Greatly admired for its impressive Edwardian mansion blocks, (one of the most noteworthy being Ashworth). It is a highly desirable area well connected by public transport and is within close proximity to the centre of London. Maida Vale is an affluent area yet comparatively more affordable than its neighbour St Johns Wood. The area is distinctive by the many handsome properties along wide tree lined avenues promoting a peaceful haven. Nestled in-between are cosy enclaves of cafes, restaurants, boutiques and independent delis. Maida Vale also has open park spaces with a sports centre and tennis courts widely enjoyed by local residents.

Modern day Maida Vale is home to BBC's Radio One which further adds to the celebrity status of this cosmopolitan region

Maida Vale Transport Links

Maida Vale tube station is a London Underground station in Maida Vale in inner north-west London. The station is on the Bakerloo Line, between Kilburn Park and Warwick Avenue stations, and is in Travelcard Zone 2.

A lot of buses also serve the local area.

Maida Vale Property

The name Maida Vale originated from the Hero of Maida public house which appeared on Edgware Road in the early 19th century. Since then and right through to the modern age, Maida Vale has been an affluent area with large townhouses together with several canals, complete with luxurious boat houses.

Maida Vale is a residential district, spacious, well placed and decidedly popular. The pretty neighbourhood around the canal is knows as Little Venice. The large cream houses built along Warwick Avenue and fronting the canal in the 1840's and 1850's set the tone for the area. These houses are still the area's biggest and smartest. Later building confirmed the spacious feel, with wide avenues, large terraced houses and mansion flats - some with large shared gardens behind.

History of Maida Vale

Maida Vale takes its name from the Battle of Maida in southern Italy where a British Force defeated the French in 1806. Shortly after the first Hero of Maida Inn was opened at the Edgware Road and neighborhood first called Maida Hill and later Maida Vale spreads up around it.

The tree-lined sections of Regent's Canal running through Little Venice make it a highly sought after residential area right next to Maida Vale. Both Lord Byron and Robert Browning have compared it to the Italian city for which it is named, although the name did not come into common usage until after World War II. Little Venice is home to the Rembrandt Gardens, named so in 1975 to mark Amsterdam and Westminster's link to the Dutch capital. It remained mostly undamaged by World War II and many of the magnificent mansions and terraces common to the area date back to 1840s and 1850s.

Maida Vale Attractions

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum

Alexander Fleming Laboratory Museum located in Paddington, London is where you can discover for yourself the secrets of the laboratory in which Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928.

An in-situ reconstruction of the laboratory, displays and a video uncover the remarkable story of how a chance discovery became a lifesaving drug destined to revolutionise medicine.

The Serpentine Gallery

The Serpentine Gallery, located in Kensington Gardens is one of London's favourite galleries for modern and contemporary art, attracting over 590,000 visitors a year to its exhibition, architecture, education and public programmes and the best bit is its all free.

Canal Café Theatre

Canal Café Theatre is rapidly gaining a reputation for award winning comedy and new writing, so it's no wonder that it is viewed as one of London's leading fringe theatre venues. The League of Gentleman, Daniel Kitson and The Consultants, have all had residencies at the Canal Café, alongside many other talented artists.

Hyde Park Ice Rink

Hyde Park Ice Rink is a winter wonderland in the Christmas season. It is located between the park corner and Serpentine and makes a perfect break from Christmas shopping.

The ice rink is London's largest, and is open from 10am to 10pm. Ice skating is a great way to embrace the cold weather and flailing your arms around whilst trying to stay on your feet will soon warm you up.

Puppet Barge

Described as one of London's more elusive treasures, the Puppet barge is a unique established 50 seat theatre with comfortable seating and all modern facilities. The first performance on the barge was presented in 1982.

Shopping in Maida Vale

Bloomfield Road and Maida Avenue residents have homes made magic (and even more expensive) by the presence of water. The canal runs between the two, widening by the Warwick Road Bridge - where it branches - into a young lake with willow-pattern islet and waterside public gardens and walk. There are loads of restaurants and bars and Little Venice is only two minutes away. There are bars and cafes down the canal where there are wonderful walks along the towpath.

Maida Vale Restaurants

Take your pick from selection of Maida Vale restaurants and enjoy some excellent cuisine west of the capital.


You can choose from a variety of vegetarian and meat Indian dishes from Chillies on Harrow Road.

412 Harrow road,
Maida Vale,
W9 2HU

Green Olive

Sensational Italian cooking on Warwick Place.

5 Warwick Place,
W9 2PX


Idlewild is a beautifully restored traditional pub on Shirland Road that boasts an impressive British menu from the downstairs brasserie, and superb cocktails from the bar upstairs.

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