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In the past the area was inhabited by the seafaring people who became Muslims in the the 7th century. Then, dissident sect the Carpathians sat up their powerful sheikdom which army conquered Mecca .and after the sheikdom disintegrated, its people became pirates. Who threaded Muscat and Oman in the 19th century. And that made the British intervention that made a partial truce in 1820 and a permanent one later in 1853. So what had been called the The Pirate Coast was changed into Trucial coast. All of the nine trucial were given the protection of the British but they were not colonies. And the British withdrew from there *Persian Gulf) in 1971, thus the trucials states became a federation called UAE (United Arab Emirates) but Oman and Bahrain chose not to join the other Emirates and Sheikh Zayed Bin Nahayan was the President of the UAE.

History of Ras Al Khaima

Ras Al Khaima is one of the seventh Emirates forming the union of UAE , located on the northen part of the country bordering Oman , with population of 300,000 inhapetant (according to the 2005 survey), Ruled by H.H Sheikh Saqer bin Mohamad al Qassimi. The city was known historicaly as JULFAR, In the early 18th centuray Al Quwassim clan established it self in the town. In the early 19th century the British forces attaced and occupied Ras Al Khaima to put an end to the powerful tribe of Al Quwassim which was engaging trade ships in the Indian ocean and then became of agreat threat. 1869 Ras Al Khima become independent from its neighbour Sharja ,then it was rejoined Sharja from 1900 till 1921, On 11 feb 1972 H.H Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi joined the Union of United Arab Emirates .

The Stratigic location of Ras Al Khaima

Being located on the south west of persian gulf allwoed the town back in the early 19th centery to threat the impreialism interests of the British colonial rule ,the biggest threat tha time was the attacks on the trade ships in the Indian ocean by the strong fleet of Al Quwassim who bulit over 60 large vessels with around 20,000 sailors which enabled them of controling the Arabian gulf along with the Batanih coast from Sharja to Kalba on the oppisite side .

The British attack on Ras Al Khaima November 13 /1809, the British fleet landed on the shore of Ras Al Khaima Burn up the town while the soldiers engaged with the local people of the town, The massacre was terrifying, a lot of local inhabitants were killed, houses were burned and the whole city was devastated. The battle was the beginning of the British Colonial control over the Gulf area which was followed by several battles against several harbours along the cost ended in 1820 by signing the General Treaty which led to the peace. The massacre of 1809 still of great impact on people and traditions of Ras Al Khaima. Songs and stories about the massacre are still being mentioned by people of Ras Al Khaima . Still thirteen lithographs on a wall of the Sharjah Art Museum shows some terrifying scenes of the Invasion.

The situation during the British era Ras Al Khima had suffered a period of decline for several years during the British occupation then the situation started getting better after signing the General Maritime treaty with Britain in 1822 which brought peace to the town


We all know that the Emirate of Ras Alkhaima has a very historic past from the 8th century till now and how did its people suffer in these centuries but this has now reserved and we all notice how had the Emirate developed and flourished itself as one of the most famous and popular tourist destination at the time since the foundation of the federation in 1971. H.H.Seikh Saqr Bin Mohammd Alqasimi has been the ruler of Ras Alkhaima since His son Sheik Saud Bin Saqr Alqasimi was appointed by his father as Crown Prince and Deputy Ruler of Rasd Alkhaima in2003.


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