The US foreign Policy

The relationship that is formed between the United States and the other European countries was known to be improved by the US foreign Policy. This Foreign Policy was formed by the Monroe Doctrine which was recognized in 1823. The purpose of this Doctrine was mainly to ensure that none of the European countries would be ruling the Western Hemisphere. It was first formed when Latin American nations like Spain started to become independent. At the time, President James Monroe started to set a few points and values, like having Americas political schemes differ from Europe's political schemes. Monroe had the Western Hemisphere be no longer available for settlement and essentially wanted the United States to stay out of European wars or any other present colonies that existed in the Western Hemisphere. The Monroe Doctrine was known to be a very positive move for the countries that needed the protection. The positive side to the Doctrine was the fact that the high powers did not very much improve the Spanish empire, but the main purpose for it was, in fact, to toughen the British Navy. It also kept some high powered authorities such as France out of region. Even though it's main purpose was to guard the weak places in Europe.
The Open Door Policy mainly exists in foreign trades and it basically gives the right to all of the countries to get access to legitimately trade with any part of China. This Policy was formally recognized in China. Countries like Britain, France, Germany Italy, Japan, and Russia were informed about this Policy first. Japan dishonored the Open Door Policy back in 1937 which made the Unites States make an oil restraint. The Policy formed a cycle in which it considered a naval cycle that was well improved until the mid-19th century. That cycle later on changed into a new life cycle of manufacturing and economic capitalism. The start of the cycle of the 19th century Open Door Policy was mainly lead to the nationwide railroads that were a way of transportation to China. The U.S. then was benefited from British commercial policy by funding free and exposed competition for trading with the worldwide markets. The U.S also wanted to profit from the making of agriculture for trading markets. As the Americans made improvements for the agriculture which lead to an increase to the pathways for Americans, China noticed what was happening and produced construction goods which consisted of railroad equipment and oil. As people started to notice these issues, the request for the United States products started to increase. John Haye's Open Door proceedings were primarily used to remove any type of power that the Europeans and Japanese have. That was when the United States stated to involve itself with enemies from China and Manchuria. Throughout the Open Door offers that were made with the American railroad investments made to the United States, America started to slowly make a move into Manchuria and China. The United States action made an impressive success with the Japanese, Russians, and Europeans, which was a good thing for Americas banking group that invested with China. The U.S then withdrew from the banking group because of Woodrow Wilsons organizations. The Foreign Policy however, is what was formed with the Monroe Doctrine and the Open Door Policy.
The Foreign Policy was formally a Policy that was centered on foreign relations with other countries outside of the United States. Right before the entrance of the Second World War, especially after the attack of Pearl Harbor, the demand for weapons and such tools was getting higher day by day. Adolf Hitler's attack to Poland was most likely what initiated the war from the beginning. Hitler had broken the agreement that was made with Poland by attacking them. At that time, Hitler was trying to take over the east, so the countries in Europe were trying to work together by forming bonds to avoid this from happening. He then took over Austria and Czechoslovakia. He thought that by breaking the agreement with Poland, he would eventually be able to take over, that's when he made his first attack; 1939. The attack had led many countries like France, and Great Britain to help out Poland by attacking Germany. Then, in 1941, Japan formed an alliance with Germany and had attacked Pearl Harbor that winter. Right after that attack, Hitler announced war with the United States. Roosevelt didn't want to go to war, shortly then, Hitler attempted another attack towards the American ships on the Caribbean to Iceland, which led to killing men by the sinking of the ships. President Roosevelt didn't want war to take place in the beginning because he realized that the United States was not ready for another war, but the second attack from Hitler defiantly made the decision for him. Americas joined powers were not succeeding in the beginning of the war, they were losing to the Nazi Germans from the attacks in France and England. Roosevelt didn't want to be a part of the war because he realized that the Americans are not ready for it. He was only trying to do the best for the country, and so he didn't enter the war. Then many problems occurred including the attack on Pearl Harbor, and so he had no choice but to enter the war. In the end, Hitler ended up turning himself in and the Nazi's no longer existed in the ruling of Europe. When the Monroe Doctrine was made its main purpose was to extinguish borderline limits same as the Open Door Policy. The Open Door Policy was a positive thing and it allowed trades and such but with every positive thing, there are negatives, and so it is also the reason behind the causation for the Second World War and the attack on Pearl Harbor. That Policy was what it took for enemies to finally find some type of a weakness in the United States, and they took advantage of it and made their move. Countries like Japan and China were the ones that were fully taking advantage of the situation and they started to put a great demand over American products. The Monroe Doctrine and the Open Door Policy wanted to set a high goal that needed to be achieved; they limited the countries that should depend on the United States for goods, and it opened up paths to allow countries to count on America for oil and goods.

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