I would like to present in this paper an interview with the person who works in the field of biological science. I think that biological science will be my future career path and that's why this paper has for me not only theoretical meaning in my knowledge about biological science improvement, but it will be also practical task to understand is it necessary for me to work in this area or not.

I choose for my analysis the profession of microbiologists and this choice has several reasons in it base. First of all it is necessary to mark that my grand father was a microbiologist and maybe it is a genetic susceptibility to biological sciences. The next reason is possibility to create something new on the base of existent materials and the last one reason my great wish to research microorganisms and find medicine from incurable diseases.

Discussing the discipline we see that microbiology - is the discipline that studies the body and submicroscopic size of organisms, or just a tiny organism. Subjects of the study of microbiology are microbes, some of the family of fungi, protozoa, and viruses. Biology of Microorganisms, agreed with the aforementioned microorganisms, is divided into separate sciences: bacteriology, mycology, protozoology and the science of viruses. Microbiology studies the morphology, structure and genes of bacteria. Moreover, it also analyzes the connection between them in alive and dead nature. I think that the work of microbiologist will be very interesting for me.

This science is exploring ways how to use the so-called right of microbes. They, in their turn, are used in the production work of man. They are used in such fields as industry and agricultural industries, pharmacology and many other necessary areas. Moreover, with the help of this discipline were opened special methods of war with infectious human diseases, animals and plants, which are caused by pathogenic bacteria. In accordance with scientific and practical problems, microbiology is divided on several parts, one of them is the kind of the full applied in industry, or used in engineering, agricultural, medical. Veterinary Microbiology, for example, studies pathogenic infectious diseases of agricultural, domestic and wild animals, and pathogens that are common to animals and humans. A number of unique products from sheep pox, anthrax, anaerobic infections, tularemia, and other drugs were created only with the help of microbiology. That is why we should remember that the work of microbiologist is now very necessary for our society.

Interviewing professional in microbiology I asked him main questions that could help me to understand the essence of this profession and find hidden answers in biological sphere of knowledge. Interview took something about 20 minutes and I was satisfied with its results.

Let us look at the interview with more attention and think about the words that were said by the participant of my process of interview. For the best understanding of the results of my research, I will provide several questions and then write down answers on them. My respondent asked to leave his name anonymous and I would like to name him Mr. D.

Could you briefly describe your job responsibilities? Mr. D. answered that the essence of his job is the study of microorganisms, their role in the environment and the possibility of human exploitation. The study of microorganisms that cause various diseases in humans and animals is also the part of microbiologist's responsibilities. It is necessary to look through microscope on microbes and study them, because microbes are so small that we will never understand them until the end ... Let us not doubt what nobody is sure.

I should add that microbiologist works in the laboratories carrying out the process of fermentations of antibiotics and other drugs biosynthesis. He or she collects laboratory equipment, prepares culture media, reagents, solutions, mounts the bulb planting varietal material and analysis. According to Drews (1999) microbiologist should perform seeding in flasks, pharmacological testing and test drugs and intermediates at the toxicity and pyrogenicity (the ability to raise the temperature) produces a potentiometric and microbiological tests, defines the activity of the finished product and semi-biological method. In Burkovski's opinion (2008) above mentioned specialist should ensures that sterile drugs and auxiliary materials are used during the work.

What is your educational and employment background? Every microbiologist should have strong base of knowledge, because this profession is serious direction in biological science and my respondent graduated from special medical university where microbiology was my main subject. There were many places of work and all of them added something new in my approach to the work and allow to develop own skills in effective way. Everywhere there were good conditions of work and the work had a place in special laboratories with the help of microscopes and chemical reagents. Work as a rule, was with one or several colleagues.

What made you consider this field of biological science? My respondent has a wish to become microbiologist and to save his little sister who has illness that destroys her mind. It was an aim of his work to find medicine that will help her to become healthy. He opened a secret to me that due to this great wish, he became a good specialist in this area and maybe child's love to microscope is the reason number two that influence on the choice of future profession.

What type of research or projects are you currently involved in? Currently my respondent was involved in one interesting project that will allow our science to step in other era of microorganisms' perception. Nevertheless, for a great regret, this information has a secret character and no one should know it before it would be published in press.

How do you see your field changing within the next 5 years? Our progress will never stay in one point for a long time and it is right statement for not only technological process and all devices connected with it, but it is also right statement for microbiology. It is a profession of future and it will be better to say that this profession allows to create better future and make people healthy and wealthy, because when diseases will disappear then people could feel themselves free from medicine and develop not their diseases, but their internal world.

I think that in 5 years we will create something revolutionary new in area of microbiology and I strongly believe that I could be one of these creators, because I have a big potential in this area of knowledge.

I want to add to the interview several answers that allow us to understand that microbiologist should know:

ü fundamentals of microbiology,

ü installation methods of tentative title;

ü properties of reagents used and the requirements for them;

ü technological process of preparation of nutrient media,

ü the rules work in sterile conditions,

ü rules regulating analytical balance photocalomiters,

ü Polarimeter and other similar devices;

ü requirements for the tested animals,

ü the quality of samples and conducted tests,

ü conditions of pharmacological tests.

We should remember that there are some necessary qualities that will help to become a good professional and that should be developed by the person who try to achieve success in this area.

Professionally important qualities:

ü care;

ü accuracy;

ü good sense of smell;

ü good and keen eyesight;

ü high sense of responsibility.

Medical contraindications:

ü disease of the skin, lungs;

ü chronic rhinitis;

ü allergy.

For the end of my paper, I want to say that the methods and achievements of microbiology enriched many branches of biology and contributed to their development. Diaz (2008) said that he ability to rapidly grow large populations of microbes and to identify among them the rare variants (e.g., mutant and recombinant forms) allowed exhaustively investigates the nature of the heredity of microorganisms, down to the molecular level. The data on the mechanisms of inheritance were extended to all forms of living and formed the basis of genetic engineering.

Retains its value and applied microbiology. Many microbes are pathogenic for humans, animals and plants and cause various diseases. Medical microbiology is exploring ways to spread infection, the sensitivity of pathogens of infectious diseases to antibiotics and pathogenic mechanisms of their actions. In clinical laboratories for examination of patients are usually performed sowing and cultivation of pathogenic microbes that they then identify and select effective treatment. Another application area - industrial microbiology (receiving antibiotics, the use of microorganisms in food processing materials protection from spoilage and decomposition, elevation soils, the extraction of metals from ores and industrial waste, development of methods for producing protein from the oil). Finally, Agricultural Microbiology specializes in enhancing the soil fertility and prevention of diseases of farm animals.

Thus, taking into account all information that was discussed in the body of the paper I want to say that I like the profession of microbiologist and I want to choose it for my future career path. I know that today many students facing the choice of future occupation prefer economic or legal profession and it is certainly interesting area of knowledge. However, even more interesting and exciting to engage in microbiology, as microbiology - is the profession of the future. The process of knowledge of nature is infinite, and that is why for estimates of specialists to examine all existing organisms on Earth to humanity will require several thousand years.


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