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There are different types of training schemes within Tesco, this is done because different job have different type of role and work to do. Not all of the training will fit in every job they work for especially for some specialised profession, where they need specially trained skills to work at the area such as a machinery or office jobs.

Below are the examples of some training where the trainee will have to go through.

Store Program

Throughout the program, both graduate or non graduate will get an insight into different aspects of the business. As a trainee manager, they be train to be responsible for delivering for Tesco customers through leading teams, launching new products, keeping an eye on the balance sheet and keeping the shelves stocked. So they will have training in specialist areas of the store and translate that into hands-on experience in store.

As part of the graduate program, the trainee will work on a project to solve a real business issue, which is set by an Operations Director. This will give the trainee great exposure and the opportunity to work with people at all levels.

Graduate will also receive on-going support through a structured plan of mentoring sessions, sponsored by Store Directors, and centrally-run review meetings as well as graduate development days.

Office Program - Department of Supply Chain

On this program, the graduate will begin with a 3 week overview of Store Ordering to understand what Tesco do. In order to help them see how fundamental stores and distribution are to their business, they will then get to complete a 4 week placement in Stores, followed by a 4 week placement in Distribution. Next they will experience 3 placements in Food Supply & Planning, Replenishment and Research & Development respectively.

During the placements the graduate will work on projects aimed at improving availability for Tesco's customers, reducing waste for their Stores or reducing stock holding for their Depots. These improvements can be made in a variety of ways.

All three placements will be challenging and test the graduate leadership skills to the limit. With lots of hands-on experience and training, they always have the opportunity to add real value to Tesco business.

Distribution program

This program is two years long and the graduate will start in familiarizing the distribution operation. This is where they will rotate round the different areas within the distribution centre from Goods In to Transport to get a basic understanding of the operation. They will then work in a local store to get familiar and understand Tesco's store operation and how stores and distribution work together to deliver for customers. Furthermore, during the program the trainee will work on a head office project to improve the processes and ways of working in Tesco's distribution centers.

In addition, the trainee will work in their training depot and develop the technical and leadership skills to become a Team Manager. The final part of the training program is in a distribution centre where they will develop the skills to become a senior manager within the distribution centre.


Every single pharmacy assistant carries out our accredited training programme. Tesco also encourage and support their pharmacy assistants to carry out further training in recognised courses so that they can support their pharmacists in the dispensary.

Furthermore, all of their employees including pharmacists can access Tesco basic leadership training programmes. These help develop skills such as planning and organising, meetings management and communication.

Moreover, once the graduate joined they will also undertake a comprehensive induction programme to help them understand Tesco and, specifically, Tesco Pharmacy. This will also form the first part of planning their future development in the role.

Benefits of Training

Employee training within the business is very useful in an organization and can help everyone in the business. Training can help broadening structure for human resources, Technical and behavioral skill development within the organization. It also helps in increasing job knowledge and skills of employees.

In addition, training helps boost the morale of the work force as well as increasing the productivity and the quality of the employees work. In return, that helps the organization further achieves its long term goal, improving profitability, and boost the organization with a better corporate image. Also, this helps in improving the quality of work and the working life within the business.

Furthermore, doing business training can help create a healthy working environment. It helps to build good employee, relationship so that individual goals that can be compatible with the organization goals. Also the training develop better leadership skills, motivated, loyalty and better attitudes as well as helping in inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit and team collaborations. This helps the organization gets more effective decision making and problem solving skills, as it helps in understanding and carrying out organizations policies,

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