ICT Build Ltd

ICT Build Ltd is a medium-sized company that develops software and systems for use in the construction industry.

It is located as a half of a new two-storey building which is in the vicinity of a university. The company's founder is an entrepreneur with construction industry knowledge.

The company employs several employees for different tasks such as sales staff travel to clients offices giving demonstrations and all of sales staff have portable PCs and mobile phones, the research and development staffs to develop and maintain software for construction industry application, technicians to install software on existing client hardware or on proprietary PCs and networks that are delivered as a complete system to the client, and a small number of construction industry specialists as intermediaries between the sales staff and the programmers.

ICT Build has large proprietary databases of building component descriptions and costs for use by quantity surveyors, estimators and its large portion of the income is from the maintenance contracts and from revenue generated by upgrading ICT Build software.

According to your scenario, your sale staffs are increasingly wasting a great deal of time stuck in traffic. This occurs a hindrance in meeting up with customer on time and as a consequence, the lost of customer would become probable as on-time delivery performance affects customer satisfaction. And also your software staffs, although very competent, may be due to the pressure of work, have abused and ignored some of the principles of good Software Engineering practice particularly: requirements elicitation, testing and documentation. With the lack of requirements elicitation, the user needs would remain unclear especially for the users who do not understand what they want or don't have clear ideas of their requirements and for whom do not know about present technology or technically unsophisticated. And as a result of it, it would be hard to establish the exact requirements of the users, and therefore a system that meets the business needs wouldn't be produced. And the problem issues wouldn't be resolved without determining whether the stated user requirements are unclear, incomplete, ambiguous, or contradictory. And this may lead to the situation where the user requirements keep changing even when the system or product development has been started. Similarly, as technical personnel and end users may have different vocabularies, documentation is a critical procedure. Hence, the ignorance of these fundamental principles will put the whole system in chaos. Furthermore, your Software Manager, the sole 'owner' of much key information, has resigned and he is about to take up a senior position in a rival company. Although your company and your software products might be under the protection of copyright, it is advisable to make some necessary changes in the control system for security's sake. Concurrently the resignation of an important manager could result in management disorders, the changes are necessary in order to keep the balance within the system. Besides, according to your scenario as most of your R & D staffs have home computers, the team is thinking about approaching management to request permission to have the freedom to work from home where appropriate. As I can say, this can be efficient and useful for company as it allows staff and workers to communicate over a large distance, saving significant amount of travel time and cost. As broadband Internet connections become more common place, more and more workers have enough bandwidth at home to use these tools to link their home office to their corporate intranet. And also e-meetings with remote clients would be enabled via video conferencing links. According to a research, full-time e-work can save companies approximately $ 20,000 per employee. Even though all of these advantages ensure positive outcome, potential drawbacks should be considered too. Employers' largest concern about e-commuting is the fear of loss of control over the employees. As stated by a survey, 75% of managers say they trust their employees, but a third says they'd like to be able to see them, just to be sure. And barriers to continued growth of e-commuting include distrust from employers and personal disconnectedness for employees. Moreover, e-working can negatively affect a person's career. A recent survey of 1,300 executives from 71 countries indicated that respondents believe that people who e-work were less likely to get promoted. And companies rarely promote people into leadership roles who haven't been consistently seen and measured. In addition to this, security must be addressed for e-workers. For instance, in 2006, a United States Department of Veterans Affairs employee's stolen laptop represented what was described as "potentially the largest loss of Social Security numbers to date". While he was not an e-commuter, this incident brought attention to the risks inherent in working off-site. So according to the above factors, I can point out that e-commuting can be very helpful but on the other hand, there are also certain risks and drawbacks needing to be taken care of. And now the last issue I would like to propose is that your senior management wishes to develop the company web site to handle e-commerce and they feel that this is particularly appropriate to the innumerable small construction companies wishing to purchase individual PCs, digitizers, Ictbuild packages, and proprietary software. And I can also state that e-commerce can provide major benefits to potential buyers and also to your company. For example,

  • Convenience: Customers can order products 24 hours a day wherever they are. They don't have to sit in traffic or find a parking space.
  • Information: Customers can find reams of comparative information about company, products, and prices without leaving their office or home.
  • Fewer hassles: Customers don't have to face salespeople or open themselves up to persuasion and emotional factors; they also don't have to wait in line.
  • Quick adjustments to market conditions: Company can quickly add products to the offering and change prices and descriptions.
  • Lower costs: E-commerce avoids the expense of maintaining a store and the costs of rent, insurance, and utilities. And you can produce digital catalogs for much less than the cost of printing and mailing paper catalogs.
  • Audience sizing: By means of e-commerce, you can learn how many people visited your on-line site and how many stopped at particular places on the site. This information can help improve offers and ads.

Although e-commerce is a positive complement, your e-commerce target is mostly upon the small construction companies. But many of these companies are thought to buy on impulse. Hence, you would need an e-commerce website which can capture buyer interests. Another problem with e-commerce which should be included in consideration is that customers might want to examine in advance before they order expensive products like PCs and expensive computers as many people may not be satisfied with the virtual experience of trading and buying products lying possible thousands of miles away just by seeing its picture. And also as there are many hackers who look for opportunities, an e-commerce site, service, payment gateways, are all always prone to attack.

E-Commerce Website Description

This home page includes the links to the products, services, support & Frequently Asked Questions, projects, remote login, privacy, about us, feedback and sitemap. You can see the main information about concerned with our company background, new software product planning, currently running services and news. In this home page you can get the general information of our ICTbuild software and system Development Ltd. If you want to know details of information you can check by links.

This page is Product page. When the users desire to buy the products; he or she clicks on Product link text from the menu lists. He or she clicked it; the product page is formed with the product categories.

In this page, I made the product lists by categories. The users can choose the product types what they want to buy and check. In product page I did three categories of products such as ICTBuild software packages, PC and Digisters. The products are shown as their name, star at price, some information concerned with products, more information links can check details of product description, view more links can see more products and add to cart button when the users want to buy it surely. And then the users need to click on check out button for cashing.

This page is Services Page. When the users desire to check company services; he or she clicks on Services link text from the menu lists. He or she clicked it; the services page is formed with the services categories.

In this page, the users can check the details of services our company offered. If the users want to see other services, the users can check by clicking on the read more services.

This page is Support & Frequently Asked Question page. When the users desire to check company services for client's queries and problems; he or she clicks on Support & FAQ text from the menu lists. He or she clicked it; the support & FAQ page is formed with many of client's questions and answer from our admin.

In this Support & FAQ page, our users can see the most client's queries and problems, explanations of their questions and comments. Users can read more questions and answers by clicking on read more links.

This page is Projects page. When the users desire to check company projects; he or she clicks on project link text from the menu lists. He or she clicked it; the projects page is formed with the projects categories.

In this page, users can see the projects of ICTBuild software and system development Ltd did.

This page is for only company staff. Our company staff can check information concerned with their job can update their personal profile or organization's profile. In the staff login form, I did control authorize access area by username. When the administrator wants to enter this page, he or she needs to fill user name start with admin. For administrator can get full permission for this website. He or she can do all of things. For the other staffs, they can check information related with their fields. And I did their username by different keywords. For example, the first keywords of user name for Research & Development staff will start by research, and then the first keywords for sales staff will start by sales.

After the staffs login to the remote login page, E-meetings page will be appear. In there all of staffs can make e-meetings via video conferencing. And then can support many others of services such as whiteboard, voice over IP, file transfer, email and online chat. The whiteboard area is where all staffs can interact by sharing applications, MS office documents, images and drawings. Voice over IP can make to talk to your group, simply press the microphone button and low delay. Chat can send a small message to everyone or to only one person. And in there some of instruction has for using e-meetings program.

This page is about the policy information concerned with privacy. The customer's privacy is the most important of every website. In this site, include the information that guarantee for the customer's information by the company such as the company will not sell or give their information to any other organization. If the user doesn't want to accept any promotional emails, our company will not do it. And can check many other kinds of information related with privacy & policy.

This page is about the company information. General information of ICTBuild Company Ltd and contact information. And then how the company gives the services to users and so on.

This page is performed that the customer can ask any questions or give advice or suggestion and any products of ICTBuild software & system development. When the users have queries and problems or other, fill the given information and submit to the company. The company made the facts of user request and then replies it to user. To notice for the users, there must be filled all the information and these are need to be correct information. Else the company's resend e-mail to that user for wrong information.

In this page, users can check the whole website links and description of each page.

This page is database for ICTBuild website. In database many of construction software, building component description and costs are recorded.

Enquiry System

Customer calls the enquiry, complaints and general inquiries can be recorded on the query desk system as a problem customer. Once the issue is connected to the system of your customer receives an application number and an automated confirmation via e-mail that their application has been registered. The question of the customer is then placed in a way pre-defined question, which can be configured for supporting the needs of business, and can be as simple or as complex as necessary.

The issue path is a matter of route, including the issue of customers to follow to be resolved effectively. Each employee who is specified in this way specific issue can add comments and attach documents to the issue that the next employee in the path to see actions and comments of the former employee. Employees can see that the issues and assigned to them. Issue notifications and progress can be sent from the employee via e-mail to the customer or manager, which allows them to monitor the progress of resolution.

If incorporated into the timesheet module mentioned below, the time may be allocated to logged issues, which means that managers can see the time spent on each subject and task. Know how long it took to complete each question to question the way will be to identify issues that will help improve the service you provide to your customers.

Each time an employee is on leave from their specific tasks can be assigned to another employee. This means that employees can take leave without unnecessary customer service and issue resolution delays.

While the issue is resolved, the customer can view their online status issue. They can track where and with whom and at what stage of their issue is connected in the path of the item. This feature allows your customer piece of mind and assures them that their issue is being treated. Tracking customer issues, you can offer your customers the best service possible to keep them long term. ICTBuild software and system development Ltd ensures that issues are not forgotten or lost. This means that all your customers can experience five star services.

Remote Login and E-Meetings

Thanks to improve technology and globalization, many of business teams are working together across state lines and international borders. Many of corporations employ "dispersed teams," where a manager in UK may communicate daily with colleagues in different places.

Therefore many of organization use the way of remote teams. It's the most extremely challenging. In order to get the best out of your employees, need to establish a clear communication line, take extra steps to build trust, and review processes often to make sure they're working for everyone. Whether your employees are in other company offices, working from home, or a little bit of both, will help keep your team running smoothly.

Remote teams and e-meetings can save the money for travel budget, preparation for meetings and other accessories cost for doing meetings. By the other side, you need to think for security. On remote working, home and mobile networks are unlikely to be as secure as office networks. The SoniceWALL survey (May 2007) found that security was considered a very low priority, with 88% admitting that passwords were stored in 'easy access' locations and 56% of teleworkers used their local hard drive to store sensitive data. Only 12% used encrypted files to store and manage their login data. That's why security has become a big issue for organizations and supporting remote worker access represents a number of security implications. Some organizations require a strong two-factor authentication, which ensures the identity of the mobile user connecting to the network or using the laptop or electronic devices, as a basic requirement. There is also need for quality anti-virus and anti-spyware software. And then the other ways need to think effective security can be easily maintained through a VPN. Need to worries about sensitive data and concerns about viruses mean that remote workers need to be proactive when dealing with security.


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