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In this world of information technology and systems computer and internet has become so important in one's life. In future after food, clothing and shelter information technology will also be added. This assignment deals with information technology and systems with a reference of 'Waverly House'. The system of information used by the management is also mentioned and recommendations thereof are mentioned in this assignment. Cloud computing, is becoming ever so important in today's world and this system along with the need for cloud computing is mentioned in this assignment.

This assignment is based from the material I have gathered from various books, education journals and information pages from the internet.

Information Technology & System

"The branch of engineering that deals with the use of computers and tele- communications to retrieve and store and transmit information" ( phrase "information technology" evolved in the 1970s Stands for "I.T." It is something that refers to technology, networking, Internet, software or the individuals who have been working with this type of technologies. IT jobs involves, network administration, programming, computer engineering, technical support, and many other associated organization. The use of information technology has revolutionized the structure of management and the nature of opposition in a variety of industries. Estimated indicate that near about 85% of all measured investments in the IT hardware are in services. A sit becomes less expensive and more portable, better integrated and interconnected device and comes with a wider variety of devices, new applications in these filed and a whole new industries, e.g. Interactive multimedia systems are likely to evolve and to have profound effects on industry structures, employments and last but not the least economic growth as well.We are living in the "information era," IT has become a part of our life. Therefore the term "IT," is getting more and more beneficial.

Important systems

There are four major types of information system used:

  1. Executive support system (ESS)
  2. Decision support system (DSS)
  3. Management information system (MIS)
  4. Transaction processing system (TPS)

Executive support system, (ESS)

Executive Support Systems we recognize how to achieve success during technology, and highly we understand how to apply this knowledge to help you create business solutions to benefit your company. It is commonly considered as a specialized form of a decision support system (DSS), which takes decision. Decision must be made in context of the world outside senior executives face is very fluid, always changing. So the system must be flexible and easy to control.

Decision support system (DSS)

A decision support system (DSS) is a application that analyzes business records and presents it so that users take business decisions very easily. It is an "informational application" to make out from an "operational application" that helps to collects the data in the normal business process. Classic information that a DSS application may gather and present would be:

  • Relative sales info between 1 week and the next.
  • Future profits info based on new product sales forecast.

Management information system (MIS)

MIS Refers to a computer-based system that helps managers with the tools for, evaluating, organizing and well run their departments. In order to provide past, present and forecast information, an MIS can include software that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, and any computerized process that enable the department to run efficiently.

Transaction processing system (TPS)

"The term transaction processing system is basically used to mean a complete system"(Jim Gary, 1993). Basic systems that serves the operational levels. A TSS gives tool to automate & ease the applications programming, executions, and admistrations.TPS normally helps a network of devices that present query and updates to the application.

Waverly house

Waverly house in 1985, the hotel is located in the heart of historic Bloomsbury. The hotel offers 109 bedrooms with a Restaurant, a Brasserie and the trendy Dean's Bar.

Waverly house has a reputation of 80% of the hotel rooms are full year round. There are many guests coming in from different country, region, culture etc, to stay with the hotel. Staffing is based on the ability of the person and the fluency he shows to work and to speak good English. It depends upon the person who takes the interview and also the practical skills. The employee must be of a hotel background or has to have experience with the relevant industry in the past. To be successful in this industry one needs to understand how the company operates and its overall goals.

Such a brilliant source of the information is the Aquarius group (main head office of Waverly house hotel). Of where decisions are made and for implementation are then transferred over to the hotel. The message is then viewed by the general manager, assistant managers and the supervisor sitting together to make a good and a successful plan. It is a time consuming process but once the plan is ready and to execute all the employees are then called and asked about their views and ideas on it. The change was then brought in to the hotel on May 15, 2006 by Tiki Mula, Public relations manager.

Hotel information system used for Front desk

Waverley house, a 3 star hotel where more than 250 guests comes in and out daily needs to have a good backup system and information system so as to increase and upgrade its standards in hospitality management. The system in place for the front desk; possibly the most busy parts off the hotel is known as CRS (central reservation system). This system is developed by a company called Hotel Information Systems (HIS); Inc. This company gives IT to hotels, restaurants, pubs, resorts & destination industries. It gives software's, addition, services for shared and channel management, CRS & Web reservations. The hotel's products include its 24 hrs call centre managing tools, planned analysis & reservation portal solutions. (

Font office should have all the data off the guest since the 1st guest checked in the hotel and till date, as it may require for future instance. Knowingly it is the busiest part of the industry where all the cash and guest accommodation transactions are done. Front office requires highly qualified employee as it requires knowledge of CRS system.

CRS gives systems integration and design, infrastructure and data study, project supervision, interface execution and guidance, consulting, focused engineering, and support and protection services. The company's products are deployed on multiple platforms, which are included by using good transportation & messaging technology.

Recommendations of Latest software

This system (CRS) has now become older and in some places out of use. Hence I would recommend that the system be replaced for a state of the art new system known as WISH.NET Front desk software. This software will reduce the data work & will improve consistency and permanence. In this manner; the PMS, the CRS & the web booking device work in a different ways to relate with a single database and not separate application modules. The Corporate WISH Central Guest History module is integrated with WISH.NET and Corporate WISH EDS as a CRS companion that enables better guest recognition and handling. (

Security measures used for the information system

Specific security measures have been used to manage the software. The software gives a guarantee of protecting the data from any loss or accident. The antivirus software which is used to organize the software is updated periodically so that it can avoid the loss of data through data transfer. The right of using this software is provided by the company, with a password; these passwords are generated in a manner that they contain no reference that can be related with the user, for avoiding possible misuse. The representative has to take care of the password provided to him/her. (Waverly house information booklet, 2003).

Pegasus is s security software used by the Waverly house hotel. Pegasus is certain to protect the information which is provided by clients and trade partners. To avoid from admission or exposé, due to maintenance of data accuracy, and to make sure that use of information is proper, Pegasus has placed the correct material and managerial actions to save the information collected.

Our data centres and systems use various layers of access codes and monitoring to prevent illegal access, and authorized access to your personal information is generally limited to our staff with a sensible need for such access. In general, we use 128 bit encryption methods when collecting or transferring important data such as credit card information. Credit card numbers are generally used for giving out payments and cheat prevention.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a kind of computing that is similar to web computing, it very much relies on sharing computing capital rather than having local servers or personal devices to hold applications. To do this, "Cloud computing networks large groups of servers, typically folks with low-cost buyer PC knowledge, with specific connections to increase data-processing tasks across". Large pools of systems that are connected together are shared in this infrastructure. (

Basically cloud computing is a very big word but very easy to explain, it means that if your are running an organization where in the information system used to save the data goes to the provider of that software. The organization will just provide a computer with internet connect to and the data which is inserted will all go to the provider of the same software to store. All information collected in the particular day is saved with the provider. The daily transactions, records, data given will be collected.

Does Waverley house requires cloud computing?

No, then Why justify?

Waverley house is a 3* hotel and the head office is the Aquarius group. No branches and no links to any other hotel. There is a lot of information added in the fort desk, all the guest request, data entry, history, transactions, complaints, address, telephone no. Etc is stored in the system daily as the guest's checks in the hotel. All the information is called as guest history and will be recorded in the guest history book maintained by all the hotels. All the following information is stored in the records because of that same customer comes back to the hotel, as per his preference last time the according room and amenities will be given to him before he checks in.

Such kind of guest information cannot be stored or saved with any other except the head office and the main data base of the hotel (means a different computer). If the data is stored by any other provider that data can be mishandled and can cause a lot of problems to the hotel or to the guest. It can be more dangerous if the credit/debit card information is leaked or stolen from the provider. So avoiding all of that cloud computing for Waverley house is not required.


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