Information is one of the major resources available for an organisation. IT IS CALLED THAT INFORMATION SYSTEM IS THE NERVES OF THE COMPANY. It is very necessary for all company to keep information safe or develop their information system in this competitive market. Now a days the information system is developing rapidly, the electronic technologies like computers, telecommunication technologies, etc. have become an essential information system components. An organisation is physical system which is manage through conceptual system consisting of an information system that transform data into information and represent physical resources. INFORMATION SYSTEM IS THE INTERRELATED SET OF DATA AND RECORDS THAT IS USED IN AN ORGANISATION TO CARRY OUT ITS DAY TO DAY TRANSACTION, PROJECT DECISION AND PLANNINNG OF THE COMPANY. There are three steps in information systems, they are as...

  • Input: This captures a raw data from organisation or from exterior environment.
  • Processing: it is coverts raw data into significant form.
  • The output: this transfers whatever the processed information to people who are using it.

After this all there is the feedback that is analyse with previous input to get more efficient result.


Now in the organisation there are three levels of management in the organisation. They are namely

  • Top level management i.e. senior management
  • Middle level management
  • Lower level management i.e. operational level management

Top level management which also known as senior level management. Alpha measures defines senior management as the team if individual at the highest level of management who have the day-to-day responsibilities of the operating the organisation. The questions included in this competency are written to investigate topics such as strategic leadership, corporate vision, and corporate direction of the organisation. Information system in senior level management is very important. They are using such information systems like as follow.

  • Executive Support System(ESS)
  • Decision Support System(DSS)
  • Digital Dash Board

Executive Support System takes appropriate security measures to safeguard

  • Address no routine decisions requiring judgment, evaluation, and insight, which do not depend on agreed procedures for arriving at a solution.
  • Incorporate data about external events (e.g. new tax laws or competitors) as well as summarized information from internal MIS and DSS


Middle level management consist of managers such as personnel, production, sales, marketing, resources, finance, etc.Its propose is to provide middle manager common information in the form of reports and output from simulation by mathematical model to predict future performance that include performance of the past, present, and what is likely to be in future. They are given the data and they analyse that and send it to the top level management. They are using the AIS information system i.e. ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEM.


Lower level management is also known as operational management. Business generally use TPS information system i.e. Transaction Processing Systems in lower level management in Transaction Processing System they have to record day-to-day transactions which are carry out to the businesses. For example they have to maintain or record purchase order entry, sales order entry, pay roll etc.

However, the whole procedure of information system in the organisation like this, its starts from the Lover level management which known as is also called data ware house from where the data is sent to the middle level management from where these all data are analyse and make a final report on that and take decision that what they have to do the change that or not or what type of implementation they can do. If there is a big matter then it is sent to top level management i.e. senior management and after they will decide that what they have to change and they make implementation on that.


Federal Express will expand the capabilities of its PowerShip software and terminals by the end of the year to include services from the newly acquired delivery and logistics company Caliber System, FedEx's top IT executive said Wednesday.

Power Ship is FedEx's series of client software applications, often bundled with hardware, that lets customers order and manage FedEx shipments and deliveries from their desktops. There are some 850,000 PowerShip customers worldwide.

According to Dennis Jones, (executive VP and CIO of FDX Corp) the No. 1 goal of the merged IT infrastructure between FedEx and Caliber is to present customers with a single point of access to all services through PowerShip. "The key thing is not systems consolidation, but defining the architecture that our customers need for common access and ease of use,. Jones said FDX must be able to process "several times more" than its current volume of 70 million transactions per day as it increases the FedEx and Caliber businesses.

Calibre, acquired by FedEx specializes in non-express ground delivery of small packages through its RPS unit and logistics services through its Caliber Logistics unit.

FDX is the new holding company formed above both FedEx and Caliber. FDX has annual revenue of about $15 billion, comprising the revenue of both member companies.;jsessionid=3WVEPZCJN1L4JQE1GHOSKH4ATMY32JVN

FDX Expands E-Commerce Solutions With Multi-Carrier Shipping System; FDX PowerShip mc Provides...

FDX Corp had introductions FDX PowerShip(R) mc, a multi-carrier electronic shipping system that will be offered free to medium- and large-volume shippers to manage real-time shipping and tracking needs. This enhanced customer automation. and helps to cut time and costs out of the entire supply chain - from procurement and the inbound flow of goods to outbound sales and distribution. This new integrated technology solution provides greater visibility for goods in transit, which will help customers replace inventory with information to gain competitive advantage. With the open architecture of FDX PowerShip mc, its customers can select from a broad range of transportation services and providers to better manage their total supply chain needs."


Security is very essential for any company to maintain their data secure that nobody sould stole it and they will use it and you are out the market. So it is very important that the company should develop or adopt new technology and use the latest security system.

In case of FedEx, the security system of FedEx is very controlling that they use the technology that the secrecy of the data will be secret only. FedEx Ship Manager at uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security standard, which is supported by Netscape Navigator4.06 or higher, and Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.x or higher.

FedEx Ship Manager at validates the account numbers used. Other back-end checks and security measures are taken to help protect against improper usage of your account number.


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