Information technology and systems


In an organization it is normally accepted that information system is one the most important asset. Similar to other resources and assets, like finance, customers, products, people, and building, information system should be good designed and managed if the achievement of the business or organization is to be needed. Poorly managed information system may cause the failure of business. With the help of information system now it is possible to get new advantages from processing and utilizing of information system extra carefully and capably.

Definition of Information System:-

"According to DenisTrcek information is data that have been shaped into a form that is meaningful and useful to human beings, while data are raw facts representing events or physical environment"

Information System In Management:-

Top level of Management:-

The top level managers are the chief of an organization. These kinds of manager use information system to provide a lot of strategic planning or other reason, which is very helpful for making organization future decisions.

Middle level of Management:-

The function of middle level management is that they execute tactical planning and organize, require information to clear these managerial functions. Information system also efficiently helps in such kinds of planning's.

Junior level of Management:-

In junior level of management we can say that they are workers who's are concerned in habitual operational control and they wants information for their work. Information system helps in these kinds of workers or managers to complete the work on the time.

Tesco Introduction:-

In the world retail chains Tesco is the biggest well known company. Tesco has above 700 stores in the United Kingdom and Tesco has stretched very assertively internationally, in central Europe and Asia Tesco has above 100 stores. Tesco situation is market-leading. Tesco is struggling for extension of its non food markets as well as supreme quality. Tesco is an organization which has efficient function in local market combination. In the retail market Tesco's leading position 5 out of 10. It is possible with the help of good information system in Tesco.

Tesco Information Functions:-

All organizations or companies require information system to attain their goals, benefits, aims, business tasks, function as well as some important objective. These types of activities in an organization should be together to attain some bigger. It would be in a big company or organization like Tesco. The staff of Tesco work together with the help of information system in all functional regions. Tesco has a specific purpose in all regions.

Information System Finance Department:-

Tesco finance department is effectively running with the use of information system. This department keeps and maintain the record of whole business transactions. Tesco finance department keep eye on all incoming and outgoing payment as well as company expenses and also make sure that every department is not spending more than the department budget it only possible with the good information system. Information system is also measure that how Tesco financially is going like badly or good. The finance department also make sure that we have enough money to pay the all bills, debts and employee's wages, as well as enhance the money which company needs for its survival it is possible in Tesco through information appliances. If any company desires to invest in Tesco the finance department also will look and decide that they need more funds for company or not. Tesco through its information system can check or compare the profit or loss with the previous years as well as compare the other's competitive company profit. This is possible in finance department with information system of Tesco.

Information System Human Resource Department:-

In any organization or company the human resource department is the most second important department. This department is also very important for Tesco. Tesco's is running this department very efficiently in the light of information system. Tesco's human resource department works for recruiting new staff or managers. It checks all the application from which is the most essential to Tesco. However in application form many questions Tesco ask from the person like communication skills etc. Tesco needs the perfect employees who will eligible a good job. Human resource department through information system can judge the performance of employee as well as train the all staff. Tesco information system in human resource departs helps to make pay roll of employee, work time and performance time.

Information System Exist In Tesco:-

When Tesco was creating or developing its markets to central Europe. Tesco needed an information system which would facilitate to control the complete network of Tesco stores as well as its warehouses. Tesco tested a lot of software but at the end Tesco selected an information system G.O.L.D application suite, and implemented to all the stores and warehouses.

When the project was initial phases, Tesco installed the 3 core G.O.L.D modules for its management like merchandise management, stock manager, and last one is for shop management. This information system showed twice challenge for Tesco. The information system performance for Tesco business functions as well as guidance and user-qualification.

Tesco installed and implemented the information system of G.O.L.D in 1998 and added software installation in the warehouses, hypermarkets as well as in merchandising management system. The suitability of this information system or software is below.

G.O.L.D is managing all the physical stock flows of the warehouses. The purpose of its implementation in warehouses is that it can easily control the more stock levels, goods quality, location of stock and check all the function of warehouse with the passage of time Tesco amended information system tools, these tools are installed with the information system G.O.L.D stock, the information system G.O.L.D is helping in managers who's working in warehouses, supervisor of Tesco and managing as well as transportation routes.

The suitability of G.O.L.D modules is now Tesco can easily handle all its retail shops actions as well as central buying and merchandising processes. Basically Tesco uses this information system at central and its own stores to handle merchandise, buying dealings, sales of products, stock optimisation and price policy. All the benefits which is Tesco is achieving with the help of information system G.O.L.D.

G.O.L.D is an effective information system which helps the chain of Tesco in Central Europe and also facilitates more analyses as well as arranging how Tesco can expand or get better its business and well service quality to customers. The main suitability of this information system for Tesco uses its automatic shops for order making methods however Tesco information system takes all the deliberation as well as all types of parameters which are very important articles like sales of articles, this selected articles is very helpful for retail units and the sales raise on fussy days. Tesco is using very effectively information system of G.O.L.D experts from (Aldata Slovenia).


The information system G.O.L.D is very good information system for Tesco. It is very helpful for the Tesco management. After 6 months or 1 year Tesco should have to update this information system. This software is using in the chain of management. So Tesco should have to develop a software which is helpful for management as well as for staff like G.A. because the staff should have to knowledge that what is going on shop floor and what stock we have in the stock rooms, with the help of this Tesco can ancillary to their staff, which is very helpful for achieving new goals in this competition.

Tesco Web Security System:-

Tesco security system is very safe because it has a backup. Tesco has many copies of back up which is very good for Tesco. If the information system goes down Tesco has protected passwords servers and all employees terminals, even Tesco tills are very secure they have the facility of secure passwords as well as data transfer facility or practices. Tesco spent a lot of money on their websites which is very help full for staff as well as customers. If staff's and customers have a valid password as well as username then they can enter in the Tesco websites for shopping. Tesco used the secure socket layer for its websites which is very help full for accepting payment through debit and credit card. This system stops the hackers to enter Tesco business sites. Tesco internet security system is very efficient.

When shopping at credit debit and personal details of the customers are encrypted by so that they can safely reach the Tesco server for optimum security and peace of mind, through secure socket layer technology Tesco web sites are very safe. Tesco have launched Tesco secure which is in collaboration with visa international for to make online payments more secure for customers.

Tesco secure works when the customers give its passwords to insure its payments. Until and unless that password is not correct the payment will not be processed. Hence to process a certain purchase the web sites requires a password.

In Store Security System:-

The Tesco in store systems a protected by state of the art. Antivirus programs and on top of that a very limited online access is grunted to high level management. Tesco in store central processing units do not have a CD ROM which eliminates any chance of a virus being uploaded via Central Processing Unit.

Definition of Cloud Computing:-

"According to Armbrut cloud computing refers to both the applications delivered as services over the internet and the hardware and system software in the data centers that provide those service"

What is Cloud Computing:-

The term of cloud computing is very normal that means which involves to distribute good services on the internet. These services are like infrastructure-as-a service, platform-as-a-service and software-as-a-service. Basically the word cloud computing is designed from the cloud symbol which is commonly used on the internet to represent the diagrams and flow charts. In this modern age cloud computing or internet is the born of any company for its success.

Advantage/Suitability of Cloud Computing:-

Tesco has given the public a utility by making online shopping possible. A person instead of going to store can go online from the comfort of his house and shop as if shopping in a store. This service by Tesco has given the public a chance to carefully select and shop in budget without the hassle of worrying for instance where to park carry bags etc. All of this is done by click of a button and all your grocery are delivering to your house without any problems. Self scans check outs provided by Tesco are another example of cloud computing as they provide of faster and easier away of purchasing you're shopping without waiting in the queue.

Cloud computing is very favourable for Tesco because the customers have good online access through cloud computing. After introducing online system Tesco sales have boosted up to 49% which is higher than the Tesco last financial year. This is called for Tesco online food business ''one more good year'' 23rd of February the profit is £124 millions.

Tesco heavily invests in information system especially on cloud computing. Tesco dealt everything on the internet and providing good services to the customers in non-food as well as in food section, a customer can buy everything through and It is good cloud computing of Tesco due to this Tesco online sale is very higher than the other retailers companies like Asda, and Sainsbury's.

Tesco's online sales are increasing day by day. Tesco is achieving two-third of the sale through online. The registered customer of Tesco is round about one million which is 20% more than the last year. Tesco banking or personal finance this is the joint venture of the ''Royal Bank of Scotland'' this joint venture also increased more than 20% of its online customers. If we see that the Tesco profit will increase rather than the other retail companies because Tesco is investing a huge amount on cloud computing.

The online sale of Tesco in non food sections or business increased £180 million which is very high as compare to others. Tesco is offering online more than 11000 items. So cloud computing is very important for a success of any business like Tesco. Tesco has an efficient and unbeatable cloud computing system. Cloud computing also effect's the sale of company or organization. There are hundreds of advantages of cloud computing for Tesco. Day by day Tesco is improving its services and its cloud computing system or information system to give more benefits to the customers, to make more profit.


As we saw in the above discussion that Tesco is the large retail company in the world. How Tesco is achieving goals, making profit and competing their competitor through smart information system. In the every job field of Tesco information system is using worthwhile it is finance department, human resource department, or warehouses etc. Every where the use of information system, so in this is age of information system is a key of success, is a born of a business, information system is very essential for Tesco as well as other companies, without this technology any company cannot survive in the market. In the discussion we discussed that day by day Tesco is improving information system for achieving big goals.

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