Internet Router


A router is a device which handles the huge data transfer between the internets. This router transfers the data from one place to thousands of miles. The router can handle both up and down frequency of internet. Router has quick responsibility between network and find out he recurring machine address.

The machine runs internet on a physical address. The data packets are attached to the physical address and send through internet. And the machine checks the sender physical address and accepts the data packets. The data packets between the source & destination are made by algorithm "configuration table".

There are two routing protocols such as RIP and EIGRP. RIP is a distance-vector; it sends the update message with intervals when the networks topology changes, EIGRP are also called as a distance-vector protocol. It save the distance of hop count and vector. The next hop determines the path of destination.

Routers have specifications like

  • Core layers
  • Distribution layers
  • Access layers

Core a layer is a speed switching with low delays in this system there is no direct access to the user. In distribution layers use the security filter. Which require interface and slower switched speed. Access layer provide network access with typical few interfaces.


The coverage is a RF waves which covers the distance of communication. This object like walls, doors, cabinets, etc. this object effects the coverage from propagation path. RF based WLAN can coverage up to 50 to 300 feets.


Throughput is a wireless network which we have to setup. In wireless network the IEEE has 802.11b technology with 2.5Hz frequency and covers 90 to 100 feets the bandwidth up to 11mbps. Throughput is a successful message delivery through physical network. It is measurable in kbps, mbps, and gbps. WLAN provide a streaming video and graphic with a degrading aspects 5-6mbps in 802.11b technology.


WLAN is based on wifi technology (802.11a/b/g/n). In throughput 50% to 75% of max data rate is specific standard. The data rate is depending of the distance and access point. The physical barriers like walls, partitions disturb the maximum rate from access point.


802.11n Data rate= base 802.11n data rate*number of spatial streams*2.077 if with channel bonding*1.11 if with shorter guard interval


Media access control is data communication protocol with several terminals & communication between multi points

The Mac is interface between LLC and network physical layer. This channel is powerful like broadcast communication. This Mac makes the possible data transfer to the destination of sub network.

This physical network is interconnection with bridge, switches, and repeater. The ip router is connection of several subnets. In every network their is a share the same 48bit address as Ethernet.

This protocol is used to transmit data from one base to another base. These packets are handling with preamble code & cyclic redundant code


6byte destination address

Unicastmode, multicast mode, broadcast mode

6-byte source address

Unique node address, bridge

2-byte type field


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