World Bank


World Bank is one of the international finance institutions that provide loans to developing countries in the world. It started in 1944, as the results from Bretton Woods Conference. The Bretton Woods Conference is known as the United Nations Monetary and Financial the purpose of this conference is to see the financial order after the World War 2. Their main headquarters is located in Washington D.C, the capital of the United State of America, and they have more than ten thousands employees and one hundred offices throughout the world. World Bank is a bank that gives low interest rates and interest free credit to developing countries to raise and improve their currents situation and their loans include investments to healthcare, education and other investments, and it doesn't give loans to individuals or international companies or corporate organizations throughout the world. Their mission is to reduce and eliminate the poverty in the developing countries. The purpose for this project term is to figure out how IT can help World Bank to improve or develop a better quality of service and products to their customers, and make their operation much easier and faster.


Since, World War II "The world bank established to support reconstruction in Europe after World War II to rebuilding after World War II destroyed building, schools, hospitals and factories. Informal the World Bank start work in 1944 in the United State of America and head office in Washington.

World Bank is one of the largest banks that help to develop economic of countries and poor countries by providing loan with low interest. World Bank support countries that need money for development projects and poor countries that have disaster and did not have ability to pay their ability.

World Bank supports those countries by providing loan with low interest and with no interest by providing 24 billion Dollars annually. World Bank contains 186 members and those members are countries only they can apply for loans to wide filed investments for examples, the health care, education, agriculture, the environment and natural sources.

Under World Bank group umbrella there are five companies which are the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) and the International Development Association (IDA), International Finance Corporation (IFC)and Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency (MIGA) and the last one is the International Center for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID).

The IBRD gives poor countries loans with low interest to reducing poverty. Also it give chance to retains between 15-20 years y that help to investment in these countries. The bank issue bonds to lending income out of capital of it that to increase funds resource.

The IDA is under of World Bank Group that same IBRD role. The IDA aims to reducing level of poverty. Throw help the poor countries with give free interest loans. That is giving the strong power to raise the economics of these countries and help society to living like human life.

The IFC is focus to apply operation growth economic in poor countries by establish financial market. That provides services to government and businesses. The IFC goal is to improve the quality of performance and contribute of market.

The MIGA is protecting the rights the foreign investors from political issues and give power to insurance it to develop the countries.

The ICSID provide to help to increase of international investment between foreign inventors and government by setting framework facilitates the settlement. Also all contacts are under the world law of investment.

The total numbers of employees 10, 000 whole the world in 109 offices and the main office in Washington.

Major products & Competitors

The major products World Bank provides it are the finance services the help countries members to manage the financial market and currency market by increase the efficiency. Throw gives the loan with low interest on long period to payment it. Also give to who needs the services to develop the country in several fields like roads network, water network, and electricity network, schools and hospitals.

The world bank not the same any bank you can apply for it. You can't open account in the World Bank. Also world bank donates for poor countries to development the basic needs to growth and come in strong economy And prevent to spread out the AIDs because it make the disasters for poor countries. Also, World Bank gives loans with interest to private companies that want to borrowing to finance their projects and in this situation World Bank play role like normal bank that give loans.

The World Bank issues the bond in international markets to collect liquidity of money. To encourage the investments in poor countries for increase the source of incomes. The World Bank set rules to solve any cases happened between the investors and governments.

There is no major competitor of World Bank but some governments have provided loans for poor countries by establish own fund for development such as Abu Dhabi fund for development(ADFD). It is support different countries in several locations.

Business model and network business model

Concept of World Bank is "A world free poverty and the achievement of the millennium development goals". World Bank try to fight poverty in the world and poverty is the most diseases that destroy countries and population and World Bank duties to fight poverty and help countries to develop themselves by creating development projects that help to create more jobs and good retain for country. Also, those countries may reflect negatively if did not help them to fight poverty.

Capabilities of world bank is member of world bank it give loans and donation to world bank also, world bank issues bond for investments and interest that world bank get it when provide loan to countries and to companies that browed from bank. Value of World Bank is help countries to achieve development projects and to get good retain from lending for investors who buy World Bank's bonds to give benefit to investors. Because major goal for World Bank is fight poverty and help countries to help themselves.

Net income for World Bank group in 2007 was lose 140 million dollar but in 2008 was 1,491 million dollar profit. Total asset of World Bank group in 2007 was 207,900 million dollar in 2008 was 233,599 million dollar. A total expense in 2007 was 5,756 million dollar but in 2008 was 4,592 million dollar. There are six network models which are producers, focused distributors, portals, infrastructure producers, focused infrastructure distributors and infrastructure portal. A producer is creating and package products and services and solution. Focused distributors: is retailer enabling buyer and seller to make business. A portal is enabling buyer or seller to connect and communicate. Infrastructure producers are creating and package technology based products, services and solution. A focused infrastructure distributor is enabling technology buyer or seller to transact business. Infrastructure portal is enabling consumers and business to access online services and information. World bank is producers because " provide low-interest loans, interest-free credits and grants to developing countries for a wide array of purposes" so providing loan that consider service and get money back even world bank sometime provide this loan without interest for poor countries and with low interest for developing projects. Also, World Bank provide loan for private sector.

Business and IT strategies

Business strategy for World Bank is analyzers so; in internal structure is stable dynamic. Because decentralization that gives the empowerment and discussion making. Environmental response for the World Bank is quick follower. Because it is change when need to change. In top management of World Bank is anxious. Also the World Bank in technological innovation is early adaptors. Business strategy of World Bank is cost leadership. Because world bank provide loans with low interest.

The World Bank IT strategy is represent strategic grid analysis is factory that impact own strategy was low and impact on business operation was high. Also World Bank move from factory grid to strategic grid that mean impact own strategy is high and impact on business operation is high. Because World Bank IT strategy is focus to develop recourses and IT infrastructure.

Strategic rational

In the past world bank was only provide a loans for poor countries and development projects but now, world bank with IT strategy not only provide but also making researches and exchange the information more faster and accurate by use latest technology of communication for example cloud computing. So that reflects more efficiency that considers creating values.

Externally, World Bank did not have competitors so his mission to reducing poverty. Internally World Bank IT strategy allows more reach beyond the wide world. That allow to more integration and efficiency.

The World Bank IT strategy to impact to use e-government to generate activates throw wide network and give empower to staff to do task in efficiency and quality. That also, helps to reduce the cost, the time and human capability. The World Bank strategy to control the liquidity and makes more accurate information to avoid any fraud issues and build the barriers. That will to minimize and reduce the resource in best use.

Opportunities and challenges

The world bank have many good products and services like the loans white IBRD and IAD the world bank use that technology in their work . They know how use the borrower's project white economy .they housed the trust funds .they use the global funds to the diseases like AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis. Also white IAD they mobilizes the external resources .Analytic and Advisory Services is the best services in the World Bank it will help the World Bank in their services and develop their work.

The word bank have more building like Advisory Service and Ask US it is about information by the web , email , telephone and fax .Global Development Learning Net work it is the centre of net work of distance learning. Knowledge for Development it gives the policy of advice to the client country. Capacity Development Resource Centre it is for studies, learning, develop work. World Bank Institute Global and Regional Program it is for learning and develop face to face and on line .B-SPAN it is the service of web casting by the internet white the broadcasting station .Word Bank s workshops and seminars presents by the station .

The important challenge of World Bank is the poorest country. They solved by helping this country's to develop their resources of income. The other challenge is Fragile States and they solve it by support reconstruction and prevent conflict. Also the middle- in com countries is the challenge the World Bank but they solve this problem by using their competitive menu and building. .Knowledge and Learning is the other challenge of World Bank and they solve this problem by timely knowledge and delivering relevant and how enhance the development. The World Bank focuses to find different solutions. That increasing the challenge for reaches good position in economy for those countries. Also to advancing challenges faces inside those countries. The World Bank focus about how using sources in best procedures and exchange the experience between countries to install good relationship. Also to make easy data and information to move for help the learning and building programs. Also, the current challenge that faces World Bank is current financial crises that face all over the world and effect on World Bank strategy and goals world bank that aim to fight poverty all over the world.

Infrastructure Management

The World Bank face many cases in IT strategy for those development countries, because those countries need to give them the advance training and workshop to maintain software and hardware system with world bank support to generate the activities and projects. That increases the expenses for World Bank so, the World Bank focus to minimize the cost by investment more about information for projects in development and poor countries. World Bank can't ignore the problem. It finds solutions for future cases by adoption the latest the information technology.

The infrastructure World Bank focuses to change strategy to public education, administration and health. Those motivation investors in several sectors to growth bank demand of these services when help society. Also new design infrastructure that protect from the risk coming from disasters and crisis. By World bank work with clients in several services and facilities infrastructure. World Bank develop own strategies to growth in international market.

Lessons and recommendations

In our project we faced problems to find about technical information in World Bank so we did our best to found information but we did not find technical issues company faced.

Lessons that we would to provide for other companies first, should companies figure out their problem that related to technical issues. Second, find proper solutions that adapt with strategy that can not effect negatively on companies vision to achieve the goals. Finally, companies should use the resources efficiency to minimize the risk in future. For example latest crisis that affect large companies and lose their position in market and bankruptcy.

Our recommendations, World Bank should enhance with information technology revaluation by using new hardware and applications to generate their activities and tasks. World Bank to enhance their products by providing loans with low interest for investors to compete commercial bank. Also World Bank should enhance development projects in poor countries. World Bank no needs to attract new customers because World Bank aims to fight poverty. World Bank should enhance relationship with governments. The worlds bank no need to expand because it has 109 offices over the world. World Bank should attract new donators from privet sectors.



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