Ceylon transport board CTB

Ceylon transport board (CTB)

Project Scope

Project aim

The Ceylon Transport Board is now having a manual system to store the details of buses, employee, daily income; CTB passes to the Sri Lankan school children as well as to the public, and under repair busses and garage details. With the advance of new technology cant we keep the manual records. Because there are more disadvantage in the manual record keeping. For example records keeping have more paper work, need more time, employees, security wise manual system is not perfect, in the manual system we can lose the dates and files otherwise we face the big problem so we need the system.

The aim of this project is to develop a system and an online information system which maintains information about The Ceylon Transport Board at Nawalapitiya dipo.

Ceylon Transport Board Company is one of the leading Transport service in Sri Lanka. It provides various traveling methods. For long trip (nawalapitiya to Galle), school trip, daily rood.

And other thing is online ticketing system it can be very useful to people because some people don't know what time we have a bus and how much the ticket, seat booking, how long the travel period etc these are big problems. so we have online ticketing system so every people log on the CTB website and see every details. This is one of the advantages of our system.

Next thing is for a dipo have so many works example garage works, CTB passes, employee attendance etc. in the CTB manager have to search everything but he can do everything in the day it is disadvantage of the current system otherwise spend too much time period, missed other works and cant mind it. In the same time if we have a computer system it is very useful and manager can do everything in the same place. Everything stored in the database. Other thing is security this online ticketing system is high security so all the details saved safely. This is good advantage for our country.

As ICBT BSc student I decided to develop a C# web based system for the CTB at nawalapitiya branch.

As a main reason we consider that the Ceylon Transport Board is need of system which works on normal manual system. We think that the system will increase the efficiency and develop our country.


To increase the efficiency of the nawalapitya Ceylon Transport Board Branch by day to day traveling process. So that the customers can benefit thought he current system in many ways.

The main aim of the project is to create an online system for the Ceylon Transport Board nawalapitiya Branch as they are entering data manually and they can't keep in touch with the other branches and it is difficult to maintain the manual records as they can't access quickly when they need any information and also it is not safe because the records may be lost. This is a entirely different type of a program which will be useful and helpful to the government and the public.


The main problems which the office will face is that the data could be lost and destroyed easily

Employee data is a very important to identify employees since all the data and information are in paper documents. Data loss is frequent.

Need for the project

During this 21st century business world IT is the main thing to developing the business and to make a huge profit. So they have to work quickly, safely and big beautifully. So it can't do in a single way that means manually records added system, it can't record keep it under CTB system. It's not user friendly, have a lots of ethical problems and management can't going on the right way. After these kinds problems the company profit and image will be goes down.

In my system should be created to develop the Ceylon Transport Board (CTB) branch of nawalapitiya. Because they don't have any computerize system they never use any IT components inside the CTB. They use only manually records entered system so they can't keep it the details safely then the management face the lots of problems. Those problems will affect by public, CTB staff and Srilankan government. Therefore big threat for the CTB. Since they target too much money for the day so they have to keep the records carefully and another thing are they collect local people money as a result they have to show the income details.


In the nawalapitiya branch they collect 5.7 million for the day.

Some time they have to send the details to main branch from narayanpitiya.

They have 81 bus records and 71 employees.

Under these problems they Expectation for computerize system.


Investigate on CTB dipo in Sri Lanka and possible routes to those dipos.

Design a system to facilitate online registrations.

Online tickets booking and booking Busses according to the seat allocation and charges.

Implement and test the system.

The bus can get useful feedbacks to improve their day to day target.

Special Features to employees.

Gat security

We completion of this BSc final project I will be developing a website with all the requirements, for the CTB to Sri Lanka At nawalapitiya branch. The system will link the employee, Customers and transport services, buses.

  1. Life cycle model
  2. Waterfall Model


  • Easy to study the company and the current system
  • Due to the organized structure, it is easy to find the requirements and produce solution
  • Less expensive and easy to implement
  • Every stage in the life cycle is properly documented
  • Easy to manage due to the rigidity of the model - each phase has specific deliverables and a review process.
  • Phases are processed and completed one at a time.


  • If an error occurs developer has to going back to Design stage or even the Feasibility stage to start again
  • Requirements may not be clearly defined in the first stages
  • Less customer interaction. Customer only see the product in the Testing stage
  • No working software is produced until late during the life cycle.
  • High amounts of risk and uncertainty.
  • Preferred life cycle model is waterfall model for this system. Because,
  • It is easy to find the requirements and produce solutions.
  • It's less expensive and easy to implement.

Also every stage is properly documented therefore anybody can understand and get a clear idea of the system.

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Economic feasibility
  3. Technical feasibility
  4. Operational feasibility
  5. Legal feasibility

Economic feasibility

Always the system which is using should be economically feasible. It means always the expected benefits have to be equal or exceed the expected costs. Then we can say that our project is economically feasible. In this section, the most important thing is cost-benefit analysis. In cost benefit analysis it determines the expected benefits and savings from the system and compares them with the expected costs. It helps the management to take an idea of the costs, benefits and risks. It usually involves comparing alternate investments.

Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Hardware/software costs
  • It includes the total cost of computer peripherals and software needs.

  • Facility costs
  • Expenses incurred during the preparation of the physical site where the system will be operational. This can be wiring, flooring, lighting and A/C.

  • Personal costs
  • This is cost that need to the people who involved in the development of the system. It includes salaries and other benefits.

  • Operational costs
  • Operational costs are the expenses required for the day to day running of the system. This includes the maintenance of the system.

  • Supply costs

These are variable costs that vary proportionately with the amount of use of paper, ribbons, etc. These should be estimated and include in the overall cost of the system.

Present Value = invested value I= investment rate (1 + I) n n = time

Net Present Value= Tot PV (future cash inflows) - Tot PV (future cash out flows)

Return on Investment= Net Present Value

Cost Benefit Analysis

Will take Investment Rate 10%

Technical feasibility

The Ceylon transport board (CTB) of the Srilanka they need of computer based system which can make day to day works easier for the employees.

Currently CTB does not have a system each and every work done by manually.

They don't have a database for store data so in our propose system we are storing data in SQL database.

Reports generated manually so in our system reports can be generated easily.


  1. Bus Report
  2. Employee details report
  3. Garage Details
  4. CTB report
  5. Employee Details
  6. Operational feasibility

Employees will not be reducing because of our new system.

Data will be safe because of getting back up

Employees will get a chance to study the new system because of our user training sessions.

Management can refer to employee's works easily.

Legal feasibility

Legal feasibility checks whether the system violates any copy write or interaction lows.

It includes study concerning contracts, liability, violations and legal other traps frequently

Unknown to the technical staffs

The CTB online System will be made out according to the low of Ceylon transport board

The CTB online System out of Human Resource low of Srilanka

Copyright law.

Ethical problems in current system

Records can't saved appropriately

Everyone can see the every detail

Sometimes they lost the details

Not user friendly

If manager wants to see any kind of details then they have to prepaid the details in short time pried

Employees can't work accurately

If employee missed any work after that it should be damage their staff's relationship

If Management and employee relationship goes down after that the company image also damage.

These kinds' problems should be make a huge disadvantage for the company because in this computer world every company like to work properly and very easily so they like computerize system it is good for company image also. If they use IT components and computerize system it can be sole lots of ethical problems. For example: if the manager wants see any details for CTB in short time period, the CTB staffs can't do that because in the manually system they can't do it in short time period can't collect the details at a time. That time staff and management relationship will be goes down this is disadvantage for the company and the company image will be goes down.

In the same time they have a computerize system they can show details in a few minutes take a report printouts and give it to manager. It' very easy to word and huge advantage for relationship between employee and management

Fact Finding

Use interview to investigate the current problems that they are facing in the in the manual system, the interview should be conducted with a class teacher, head of the department and some other people who have done BSc in IT.

Interview with the Manager

Good Morning Sir, I have come to talk to about Ceylon Transport Board online ticketing System.

Our existed about online ticket booking system for your company?

Will you elaborate on it?

What you think to be a ideal solution for this problems?

What are the Employee details & Buses details?

Do you have different type of buses?

What are those?

What are the reports you produce currently?

Do you have a format for them?

Do you have any other exceptions or suggestions for the new system?

Thank you for your co-operation.


Questionnaires are useful when the analyst need to gather information from a large number of people. It is not possible to interview each individual. Also if the time is very short, in that case also questionnaires are useful.

Conducting questionnaires with the employee will help me more to get their ideas and their suggestion, which will make my system more user-friendly understand quickly and efficient.

As an IT undergraduate I judge programming language choice. To develop this system will use C# programming language under three tire architecture and SQL 2005 database server.

What is C#?

C# is the one of the most advantage programming language and this programming language design to develop the .net programs. And also C means number of recognize.

Thread of the C#

A few public inert members of this type are threading safe. Any instance members are not definite to be thread protected.

3 Tire

Project application structural design designed to part the different major parts of a huge application from each other in order to separate probable bugs.

They characteristically are called the Data layer my data base the Business Layer my server system that contains the business layer the Presentation Layer your application client.

Why I choose C# to make this system

This programming language is most advantage language in software field.

It's easy to understanding and learning.

It's Easy to make a drawing.

Why I decide SQL database to make this system

Express data communicate.

Enervated protected information transfer.

Be able to keep it huge amount of reports.

Simply create the database.

Quickly learn.

Sql is the best database in myself.

User training

We train the computer trainers to develop the company and make huge benefit. And also it should be good advantage for company image. Another thing is if we train the users after that they never going to make any mistakes because they doing their own work properly and without any inaccuracy. They keep the company details and business records safely and keep it under password protection.

Training Categories

Data entry

Install the Software

Hardware input and output devices control

Report Details

How to use internet

How to tack Printouts

How can maintain the system

How to dealing with online customers

Windows operating system

MS office works

How to create password protection

How can change the password

How to get the backups

Training Duration

Training period is 3 months

Trainers have an interview, Exams

They have a practical's "Hardware repairing, maintain input, output devices"


Strengths (S)

The CTB company is one of the leading Transport service in the country

Improve accuracy of buses and employee information

The company has a good management.

Very good working performance of the staff.

Weaknesses (W)

Some employees don't have computer knowledge, therefore the management has to conduct a training session for those employees

It will take at least 3 years to recover all the costs

Opportunities (O)

Using the system, it will help to improve the speed and accuracy of the employees and it will help to increase their business

The customers will impress and company will get more opportunities to serve them. It will help to increase the business

Use new technologies can be help to improve business

Threats (T)

Using new technologies and computers will lead to reduce the number of employees

All the machines are networked. This will course some security problems such as computer viruses

Financial problems can be their

Natural disasters

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