Digital asset management system


Is an integrated, web-based, Digital Asset Management system. Its benefits are numerous, but overall, it provides a platform for organizing, storing and securely distributing a wide variety of digital assets both internally and amongst outside vendors. Digital Assets are any type of material that can be digitized and stored on a computer, like: documents, brochures, images, video, audio and much more. Let's look at some of its features:


Because DT-Folio is web-based, its templates and styleguides are customizable to support your corporate branding. The login area , header and overall color scheme are available for customization which is included in the setup costs.


Security is integrated throughout DT-Folio. The initial login requires a username and password to enter the system. New Users can register at the login screen ( ). These registrations go into a New User Approval area, where they are granted an appropriate level of access by an Asset Manager. The levels are: General User, Privileged User, Publisher, Producer, Asset Manager and Regional Asset Manager. Access is controlled either by User or by Asset.


Because DT-Folio is web-based, access to the system is available around the world, 24/7 from any internet connection. Our datacenter is a Class A secure hosting facility. We employ all the latest security procedures and updates on our servers and all hosted sites reside behind a firewall.


DT-Folio was designed from the ground up using Microsoft's .NET technology. Some older DAM systems have tried to convert their existing systems, but only designing from the beginning takes full advantage of the speed and capabilities inherent to the .NET technology.

Easy to use

DT-Folio's primary goal was to be easy for users to use and for administrators to manage. In version 2.0 released in July, 2005, we made many updates to the administrative section to help speed the management of assets. This was a major restructuring. We added wizards to guide the novice user through all aspects of finding and downloading assets. In addition, we changed the terminology, using more friendly terms like Search by Year, versus Browse by Volume. We have also added an interactive help section to explain how the assets are organized and how to search and download an asset. Our version 3.0 release, due in late 2006, will include several UI and feature enhancements, improved error reporting and a completely new module - Workflow, which will allow Asset Managers to create Job Folders and add assets, invoices, work orders and more.

Experience to power

DT-Folio incorporates many unique features that give unparalleled power. The time it takes to create an asset is reduced with drop-down uniformed keywords and auto-generated thumbnails, preview files and low-res presentation files from 63 different file types.

On the production end, our proprietary DT-Burn Station allows Producers to burn large orders to a local CD-RW burner, anywhere in the world, eliminating downloading problems for users that have limited resources. DT-Burn Station quietly works in the background, automatically downloading asset files to a local host workstation and making them available for a quick transfer to a CD. The program also monitors local hard drive space and cleans up files after an order has been burned.

The amount of assets you can control is limited only by the amount of storage space you request. Even if you start with a small amount of storage space, we can expand the storage at anytime to meet your growing needs.

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