DIV / CSS Website Design

In order to achieve a coherent and consistent look, we at Hamftech use the <div> tag combined with CSS to define the look of a page and make it more appealing as well as search engine friendly. Once created, these pages are easy to deal with and maneuver afterwards. Not only this, the CSS layout using the <div> tag reduces markup code and brings them closer to Web standards compliance. You may observe quick loading of pages with CSS design. A typical web page created by using CSS web design has different logical divisions which are easily divisible by <div> tag and thus using CSS you may style the page the way you like. Once we have designed CSS for your <div>, we test each of the pages in different browsers to ensure the look of the page, no matter who comes to visit your website. We keep ourselves well-run with the latest technologies striking a perfect balance between the oldest and the newest technologies. Our spectrum of skill spreads through web 2.0, w3c validated HTML, XHTML, DIV, Table-less HTML, CSS, HTML CSS, CSS2, commented CSS codes, Flash, ActionScript, AS3, JavaScript etc.

Flash Website Development & Flash Design

Today's ongoing ferocious online war had made it very important for each websites in flash to show up with astonishing internet promotional techniques, eye-catching creativity and innovative presentations that grab viewers with ease in just one sight.

While developing any flash website design, we use modern tools like Flash banners, Flash Page Flip (FPF), Flash animations, Flash Menus, Flash Intros, to create digital ( electronic ) editions of any publications, magazines, brochures and catalogues.

Hamftech flash developer and animator teams expertise in designing all flash website in a very extraordinarily, remarkable and customer centric style. Flash being proprietary authoring software offers infinite opportunities to create vector graphics-based animation programs. Flash animations created by our team are easy and quick to download, are typically of high quality, and look same on all browsers.

Our team has successfully developed a unique menu system by combining HTML links with flash menu in which all menu links and captions can be read, which simply refers to the fact that all pages of your web site can now be indexed by the search engines. You can now get as many submenu levels as you wish as their quantity is not restricted yet. Now you can choose flash button themes of horizontal or vertical flash menu types, and drop down or popup submenu types.

However, our free Flash intros do not need any specific Flash programs to customize it. You may customize it by simply opening a standard text file in any text editor and changing the text to whatever you like, and finally resave the file.

Custom Programming

Implementing custom features into the client website like picture galleries , video galleries , news system , alert systems etc

Keywords: Custom Programming, Custom Applications, Event Programming

PHP Programming & Development

Keywords: Custom PHP Programming, Core PHP Programming, PHP Development, PHP Website, PHP Script

Website Maintenance & Enhancement

Updating , implementing new features , pages , elements etc

Keywords: Website Maintenance Service, Website Design & Maintenance, Website Enhancement

Web Portal Development

At Hamftech, we strongly believe in a business-driven approach to web portal design solutions. We design and develop the portal and underlying infrastructure for companies of all sizes to make their customer interactions more effective and thus yielding higher revenues for those companies.

Web Portals being browser-based applications connects as well as supports business processes within the business and across the supply chain. Not only this it also integrates back-office applications by providing access to concurrent, contemporary and constant information by merging access to structured and unstructured data. It is because of this that the successful implementation of any web project irrespective of its size requires very effective and efficient coordination of quite a few departments.

Keywords: Web Portal Design, Web Portal Development

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