E-commerce of Bicycles Company

Business Plan


The definition of electronic commerce is buying and selling goods and services via the Internet (www), this trade between individuals or between institutions and individuals and between governments.

We also know that traditional commerce has been used since a long time and started to disappear in our time with the progress of science and the existence of the Internet and the increasing use of electronic commerce BS, Bicycles Company is Libyan company and it is located in Tripoli Libya and it was established in 1999 and the manager is Mr. Ahmed Hani and they are doing activity until the present day, the company engaged in the sale of all types of bicycles and accessories , and they have many employees in all its in branches in Libya the company grew 15 present in a year until 2005 Since then sales declined 10 percent per a year the company closed some branches due to its bankruptcy . However closing some branches did not help much.

By early 2007, they started selling products online by E-mail, so the company grew about 30 present ,and by late 2009 they started thinking of having E-commerce website for selling its products online.


Objectives of Proposed system is as following

  • increase the number of sales
  • decrease the number of employees
  • reach all the customers in the whole country
  • give the customers opportunity to make online deliveries for their Purchases, which they bought from the website
  • Keep pace with the rapid development in the world
  • invitee unreachable customers who are currently abroad to be one Of our customers
  • offering closer cooperation between the partner firms and customers will reduce transactions cost .

The target audience will be all regular people and companies in the country who live in Libya , and reach them in their residence ,and there is very important thing We will have offers in the website to attract as much buyers as possible to buy our products everywhere ,so that will encourage them to buy from the website, and there will be exclusive price for the products which sale online ,and the company will Reduce the time required to complete the order and send it to the customer for all the orders on time

Technical aspects

As I am going to host the website by myself I need to make sure that the website will be hosted by my own server and this server must be available 24/7 a day this website will be on the internet under its name: www.bsBicycles.com more over the bandwidth and availability needed for the expected size, traffic, and sales of the site and scalability as well if the web site needs to grow or has a sudden increase in traffic the host should be able to handle it and I will need a customer service center and it should be available for the customer every day by online chatting or e-mails and for hosting the E-commerce site I will need to equipments which is hardware and software, for the hardware I will need server, switch, router and high speed internet and for the software we should have at least windows 2003 server, antivirus and firewall as minimum requirement internet provider which will be Wimax as it has high speed bandwidth the security plan aas well it MUST have high security because the website should be secure and to give the customers secure pages as they will use their credit cards like visa and master cards and for the database as it is going to be confidential because it has very important information so I am going to use SQL server 2005 because it is reliable.

Cost Analysis & Budgeting

Architecture of Hardware

For the hardware, we will need to have Server, modem and NIC and explained them as below :

  1. Server :- sometimes called an enterprise server, is a computer system that provides essential services across a network, to private users inside a large organization or to public users in the internet, and for the server I've chosen dell server because I think Dell has the most reliable server and because they have been working in this field for long time , and we will need to have more than 1 server because we need to back up our data every at least 3 hours on the other server, one server might not be able to handle big number of users through the number of HTTP requests processed at one time and that storage for the both servers should not been less than 40GB.
  2. Modem: we need it to connect to the internet, and I chose Wimax because it is the fastest internet connection, and it is new way of connecting to the internet in Libya.
  3. NIC: to connect the two servers to the hub NIC port and this will be included with the server but I mentioned it here because it is very important part without it we cannot connect to the internet but this device must be included with the servers so we do not need to have budget for it.
  4. Switch/HUB: sometimes called hub and it is used to connect computers To create a network, but we will not need to have it separately because the Wimax new device has its own hub included ,so we will not need to have more budget.
  5. FireWall: the firewall guards a computer networks against unauthorized incoming messages or undesired outgoing message. Network firewall might be hardware device or software programs, or a combination of the two so to make the website more secure I will use both.


  1. web server: A computer program that is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from web client, which is known as web browser, and serving them HTTP response along with optional data content, which usually are web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects.
  2. Microsoft FrontPage: is a HTML editor and web site administration tool from Microsoft for the Microsoft Windows line of operating systems and we need this software to build our site pages.
  3. anti-virus: is computer program that attempt to identify, neutralize or eliminate malicious software and for the E-commerce site, I will use AVG anti-virus.
  4. Windows 2003 Server: is a server OS from Microsoft and this sort of windows working as server and there is another OS servers as windows NT server and Windows 2008 server ,or we can use Unix red hat enterprise but we will use windows 2003 server because it is very easy to control for most of people
  5. database server : first of all what is Server? Server is a computer that provides services used by other computer. For instance a web server serves up web pages so Database Server is a computer program that has an associated Client program . This might run on the same computer or on another network computer. MySql server 2005 is an example of a Database server program so in this project as it has been mentioned earlier we will use MySql server 2005.
  6. FireWall: the firewall guards a computer networks against unauthorized incoming messages or undesired outgoing message. Network firewall might be hardware device or software programs, or a combination of the two so to make the website more secure I will use both.

E-commerce infrastructure

Web server

A computer program that is responsible for accepting HTTP requests from web client, which is known as web browser, and serving them HTTP response along with optional data content, which usually are web pages such as HTML documents and linked objects and the operating system that I will use windows 2003 server because it is reliable operating system and it also has good security scalability.

Is a program to build deep and lasting connections with Web-server consumers, businesses must offer anytime, anywhere can get access to merchandise on the device of their choosing. This requires an e-commerce platform that has the power and flexibility to deliver an unparalleled shopping experience and the ability to manage multiple channels

Commerce server application for the e-commerce solution features we will have

  • Database integration
  • User profiles and access
  • secured shopping cart checkout
  • Product catalog creation
  • Reports
  • catalog management

Backup server is a technology that allows us to backup our data faster, by removing the backup application server bottleneck , the backup is performed behind the scenes on a storage area network SAN environment and as back server I have installed back up computer server so the computer will do the backup at least every 24 hours and this is the minimum hours of backing up. In case of the other computer server breaks down

Database server A database is an application that can store and retrieve data very rapidly. The relational bit refers to how the data is stored in the database and how it is organized. When we talk about database, we mean a relational database, in fact an RDBMS - Relational Database Management System. In a relational database, all data is stored in tables. These have the same structure repeated in each row (like a spreadsheet) and it is the relations between the tables that make it a "relational" table.

Before Relational Databases:

Before relational databases were invented (in the 1970s), other types of database such as hierarchical databases were used. However relational databases have been very successful for companies like Oracle, IBM and Microsoft. The open source world also has RDBMS.

Commercial Databases

  • Oracle
  • IBM DB 2
  • Microsoft SQL server
  • Ingres. The first commercial RDBMS.

And here as I said in the earlier section that in my commerce site I will be working in SQL server 2005 because it can handle a huge amount of data

Web hosting

Web hosting is the simplest method to add your website to the Internet (but here we will host the website ourselves) . There are several types of hosting servers for your personal or business use. You will need to know specifics of this technique to make an informed choice on the company that offers the web hosting that your webpage requires.


Web hosting is the method in which surfers of the web can successfully browse the Internet. A web server is a computer that sends the information for a personal or a business site to the Internet. Web hosting companies provide servers to its clients with the options of presenting information, files, pictures and bandwidth for the traffic its website brings in. This is a convenient technique for people to place ideas, products or personal touches on the World Wide Web.


The purpose for web hosting is practicality. A person with no website experience can create a meaningful site just like a knowledgeable professional. You do not need a web host to create a site linked to the Internet. However, setting up a server from your personal PC takes in- depth understanding that most people do not want to take the time to l earn. That is why web-hosting companies provide simple access to the Internet. Anyone can create a site and have it viewed by millions.


There are several styles of web hosting services. This depends on the type of website you have created. Websites that are more complex contain scripts, user generated information or an automated system requires CGI or PHP scripts. This method to have your script properly displayed is available by some companies while others do not offer this technique. Free website hosting is rare. This style has advertisements in the form of banners or pop-ups. The free companies offer limited functions for clients. Typically, a person that has does not require large traffic and space or i nvolve scripts uses this type of service.

Dedicated hosting is a method in which the client has free range of their website and functionality. The service is unshared, which will give the business or person more bandwidth, which leads to higher traffic margins. Flexibility is the key when using a dedicated server. You will be able to choose your hardware and operating system for your special needs. This gives you complete control over the server. You are required to have in- depth knowledge of web hosting services before you can completely use a dedicated web hosting company. Shared hosting is the most common style for businesses and personal use. This is when your website is on a server with a couple of hundred others. You upload your website through a browser or an FTP. Then you can make changes on your website directly from the server's control panel. Shared hosting offers a setup for any scripts your website requires. In addition, they will not apply advertisements to your website.


When you run a website, you will need a domain name for others to find you. Your webpage is linked to this address. Most companies that require payment for their services offers you to choose a domain name free of charge. Some may ask for a small yearly fee to have the domain name of your choice. In addition, using a web hosting server allows you to have the freedom of allowing your content to be seen on the World Wide Web. You can have the benefit of having your company or personal page put on one search engine or several different ones.


Choosing a web hosting company may be a difficult task. There are several functions and considerations that you should be aware. Most companies provide a list of its benefits on the company's webpage. However, it may be difficult to understand what it is that you are actually receiving from them.

A business website requires extensive scripts to run. This includes payment methods, forms to fill out and pictures to show your products. A successful business should have plenty of bandwidth to keep up with the traffic. They should also have a simple to manage control panel where you can change what you need and leave quickly. Time is money and the simplest options are required. You will also need to decide if your company is worth a dedicated server or if a shared server will be enough for your growing business.

A personal website does not need much consideration. Blogs, family or friend pictures and information that you wish to share with the world is usually the normal webpage. You could also have a form or another method where people can share their thoughts, like a guest book. A form is a simple script but you will need to have your web host be able to run scripts. Free or shared web hosting services are capable of running a personal site. Remember, free hosting companies often require advertisements on your page.

How does web hosting work?

You can look at web hosting and web sites like the real estate market. Web hosts are like the real estate agents and web sites are like the houses. When you own a website, you "rent" the space from the web host for an annual, quarterly or monthly fee.

The difference between hosting the website at webhost and hosting the website by your own web host ,hosting the website at web host is less expensive than host it by your own ,because when you want to host the website by your own you are going to need a big budget for the hardware and the software and manpower and for the regular maintenance but for the web hosting they already have the infrastructure for hosting your website

Server settings (db connection)

The commerce site is connected directly to our server and we have two server as I mentioned earlier one is being used for storing data and information about customers and the second one is being used for backup because the main server may breaks down and we are doing this is in case of losing data that has been stored in the main server

Web server a computer that delivers web pages to browsers and other files to applications via the HTTP protocol, it includes the hardware, operating system ,web server software, TCP/IP protocols and site content .if the web server is used internally and not by the public, it may be called an internet server .moreover web server are not only used to deliver web page web server software is built into huge number of hardware devices and functions as the control panel for displaying and editing internal settings .any network device ,such as a router, access point server may have an internal web server "HTTP server", which is accessed by its IP address as any other website does

HTTP server Web server may refer to just the software and not the entire computer system .in such cases, it refers to the HTTP server(ISS,Apache...)that manages requests from the browser and delivers HTML and files in response. It also executes server-side scripts (CGI Scripts, ASPs, JSPs...) that provide functions such as database searching and e- commerce.

Site Development

In this section I am going to show my website and it pages and how transaction how it will be carried out from the catalog display and shopping card and after that I will be showing you how transaction processing has been made this is the main page for my website to see the catalogue press bikes tab at the top of the main page the catalogue shows the picture and the description of the bike to see full description about the bike press on the picture or you can add it t o the shopping cart immediately by pressing add to cart below each picture

And here is the full description of the catalogue and this will be shown when you press on the picture as shown before and here you can press add to cart to add it to your shopping cart And here your shopping cart will be showing your product which you have added to your shopping cart is showed and in this page you can continue shopping or you can press remove item to remove it from your shopping cart or press proceed to checkout and this will take you to paying page.

The payment method, this is where the main transaction takes place, here the customers specify what kind of payment he or she is willing to use once he/she decided he/she will have to type in the credit card number and there is GeoTrust for digital signatures to ensure the transaction .then the banking server takes the encrypted information then processes it.

Physical Design (Intranet)

Physical design shows the intranet design and how are all the component are connected to each other.

Security & Implementation

Security Planning

  • understanding the ideas of security implemented.
  • make the fundamental security construction.
  • Planning security on the commerce site.
  • Establish the purpose of the security implemented.
  • understanding how to use the security features

I am planning to setup a firewall and crypto system to my website the purpose of the security that I am implementing on my website is to keep the website running and the information that has been stored in my website to be kept safe from obtrusion ,I am not going to setup advanced security on my website I am just going to put the fundamental measures and will be enough to keep my system running .by installing proper security for my commerce website it is essential to be successful. security goes far beyond the simple SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate. Customers want to know that their private information will remain private.

Crypto systems

Crypto systems which I am going to setup on my website is the EnTrust Crypto system. This system will show you how much is our website for the E-commerce system protected from other intruders.

The expansions of the connectivity of the computers make ways of protecting data and messages from tampering or reading important even the US counts have ruled that exists no legal expectation of privacy for email. It is thus up to the user to ensure that communications which are expected to remain private actually do so. One of the techniques for ensuring privacy of files and communications is cryptography.


EnTrust technologies, a subsidiary of Nortel, has designed, and is selling, a public key crypto system similar to PGP it uses RSA as the public key system, and a choice of CAST, DES, TripleDES, or RC2 as the conventional encryption system. We have chosen DES and implement it in our encryption. There is another version called SOLO, which is free for non-commercial use. At present time SOLO is only for winfows95 and NT .designed in Canada, they claim to be able to sell or send to anyone almost anywhere in the world. They also have a variety of commercial encryption products they apparently do not publish their source code, nor do they allow examination of the raw output of the crypto engine to allow verification that the system operates as it should This is a weakness of the system shared by almost all commercial crypto providers

Key Components (Firewall)

Firewall is a security device which is configured to permit, deny or proxy data connections set and configured by the organization security policy .firewalls can either be hardware or software or both I will use firewall on my system to protect me system and the , the information from the malicious and the codes that may harm my system, the firewall's basic task is to control traffic between computer networks with different zones of trust. Another good thing is it blocks unauthorized access to our organization's local area network which is known as LAN thus I want to keep my system away from viruses ,spyware and hackers

And I am using 512-bit keys so that our resources will have great protection security , unauthorized users will not be able to see the keys for the code so they can not break our key.

Antivirus Software

In order to have more efficient security in our servers we will implement the latest AVG Internet security .new viruses are discovered daily and I think you internet security will be powerful. and to make your internet security more effective always try to update it and make it up to date or try to make it does the update automatically by setting this feature in the settings of the internet security program

What is viruses ?

A virus is software that attaches itself to another program and can cause damage when the host program is activated. Viruses can also replicate themselves. All computer viruses are manmade. a simple virus is dangerous because it will quickly use all available memory and bring the system to breakdown more over dangerous type of virus is one capable of transmitting across networks and bypassing security systems

implementation Review

In my E-commerce website, I have credit card payment system which enables customers to pay for the bikes which they bought from my website because it is very fast way for making the payment and they can do the banking transactions online as well and I also have installed firewall to protect my website against internet hackers ,and the problem is that customers can not inspect the product in the website and this is known as one of the disadvantages of E-commerce


My references for my project are as follows

  • www.google.com
  • www.about.com
  • www.ask.com
  • Electronic Commerce : A managerial Perspective By Efraim turban, Jae Lee ,David king, H.Micheal Chung (BOOK)

And for the pictures reference

My main reference for the pictures was the internet website by searching

  • In Google images

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