Ictbuild, a medium sized company

Ictbuild, a medium sized company


Ictbuild, a medium sized company has been developing software and systems for the usage in the construction industry. The company has found as an origin since 15 years ago. According to a crisis of national economic downturn, the company has struggled to survive and started prosper and it expands its employee population from five employees to thirty employees as well. The company was found by an entrepreneur who has got a knowledge and talent in construction industry but has little computer expertise, is now leading the company as a chairperson. In his opinion, a company has emphasis on the great value of sales staff due to have character and past experiences. The staff needs to travel around the customers offices to give demonstrations of their projects and products and the company has allocated the portable devices, laptops and mobile phones to those staffs. Most of the information about a construction usually mentions for being graphical in nature and for that reason, the sales staff need to take portable digitizers with them.

According to the research and development, employees are predominately involved in development and maintenance of software which is specific to construction industry applications. The team has been working via network for many years.

Ictbuild has hired several technicians to make the installation and implementation of software on existing client hardware such as on clients Computers and other various instruments such as network which is delivered as a full service or a complete system to the customer. Most of the income of company comes from the perfect maintenance that they provide their clients leading to take out and from revenue generated by upgrading their company software as an encouragement. In Ictbuild Company, there are also construction industry specialists who form a buffer between the sales staff, who has got great ideas for new products and features and the programmers and developers who transform and turn those ideas into a reality.

For the use of quantity surveyors and estimators in this company, large proprietary of databases which contains building component descriptions and costs has been using in Ictbuild. The company's clients have been using the payments for a license from the copyright owners (not Ictbuild) to make use of them.

As geography, Ictbuild Company was situated in a science part, next to a university. It needs to expand into an established company and it had to relocate. For the expanding and relocation, suitable premises were secured nearby the company building. The company is housed in part of a relatively new two-storey building which is quite long and it occupies half of the building floors of the half.

Problem Definition

Ictbuild Company has been facing some issues and according to development and research, the company needs to reconsider and rearrange some of the way of procedures and works in case. In this company, the increasing of sales staff are a waste of great deal of time stuck in traffic. Most of R & D staffs are trying to approach the management and requesting permission to work from home where appropriate. Since the leaner years, usually the software staffs are a bit more than programmers who very challenged and competent, talented ones. Moreover, some of the rules and regulations of good software engineering practice such as requirements analysis and specification, testing and documentation are rather abused or ignored. Due to the resignation of the software manager, who is about to work in a rival company's senior position, the problems has been manifested themselves recently. Unfortunately, he was the person with much key information.

Senior management wishes to develop the company website to handle e-commerce. The website is required for the existing of large amount of small construction companies who wants to purchase individual computers, Ictbuild packages, and additional software and these companies wants to buy on impulse.

There are more possible problems due to the development and research. The sale staffs in Ictbuild company travels to clients to demonstrate and give information to its clients and customers. In case, they carry the portable instruments and communication devices with them and also digitizers. The traveling cost could be reduced with the help of the company website since most of the products and services that the company provides could be uploaded and demonstrated in the website. The clients can enquire information from anywhere that has an internet connection. And also, the company might reduce the allocation of portable devices such as mobile phones and laptops. With the website, the clients could look up any kinds of PC devices that they want to buy at Ictbuild in no time.

Security is the most important fact to consider in preventing the company's hardware and software and company's data as well. Any unexpected cases could happen if there's no security or less security in one organization. In the website or company intranet, the one need to log in and give username and password to change setting and make other tasks. Only the person who has an account with a correct user name and password could log in to the intranet or admin management page of website. There are more security options if we develop safety website for Ictbuild. As soon as Ictbuild has implement highly secure staff interface, the staffs will be able to log in to the intranet and carry out e-meetings via videos conferencing links with remote clients.

To carry out requirement specification from the clients, e-meetings might become a big help for the employees to get information without taking too long. In software engineering environment, gathering information from the company's client is the first priority but the staffs needs to travel around to meet with customers to discuss about projects or products. If appropriate, the staff could meet up with the client any time via video conferencing or some other ways with the help of e-commerce website such as questions & answers program in website.

For the internal management of the company, the administrators and mangers could even check the updated works and offers from the website where appropriate. Even if they have a program to get reports from employees, at least the program need to be installed on the PC they were using. But with the help of the website, they could check up anywhere through globe that has a network or internet connection. And the website could advertise easily and users can buy products and offer projects mostly by just clicking on the links and make registration where appropriate. Above reasons and facts are some of the identification of problems and evidences of the company.

Screen Design

Home Page

This is a home page for Ictbuild Ltd., website. There are 4 main menus in this page such as Home, Products, Support, Enquiry, Staff Login, and FAQs pages. Member login from this page to buy products and non-members also can view the detail of the products description by clicking "Learn More>>" hyper link that is below the products picture. New members can registration in this page by clicking "Sign up" hyper link. If user was forget their password, they can reset password by answering security question that is filled when user registration. In this page also express the price of the products so user can easily to determine what they want to buy and what amount they can effort. In this page user can also subscribe to know update news of the company.

Sign up Page

This page is a sign up for new customer to buy products from online. After fill all information, customer must click on "Submit" button to complete registration process. They must enter the field show by red star, if they don't fill the registration process won't complete. They can click on "Reset" button to clear all field from this page. The customer information is save "Member" table in database.

Product Detail Page

This is a products detail page anyone can view this page. In this page describe the detail of products. When customers want to get product from one of them they can download product from online. But until they download the product, they must purchase first. If the page viewer were already member, when the customer click on "download full version>>" hyper link, the system will request bank information to purchase the product. If the page viewer were not a member of Ictbuild, when the customer click on "download full version>>" hyper link, the system will request to registration.

Payment Page

This page is request bank information of customer to purchase the product what the customer want to buy. Customer must fill requesting information; after all they must click on "Submit" button. Then the successfully purchased page will display and then click on "download to click here" hyper link.

Support Page

In this page describe about Ictbuild Ltd., is what support for customer. E.g. what they provide services after the sale their product. And also express support center email and hotlines. Customer can ask their problems through email or hotlines.

Enquiry Page

Only members can access this page. This page is for to enquiry about products and also can enquiry for new products. In this page the member name and email will fill automatically fill by system. The email will be same as login email account. So customer need to type what they want to know in Message text box then "send" hyper link to complete enquiry process.

Staff Login

This page is only for staff for back control the system. The staff needs to login by using staff card through card reader. After reading staff card the staff ID and name will fill automatically. But they need to fill password and then click on "Submit" button to enter the e-meeting and system control page. Consist of this in Ictbuild Ltd., website the staff can update their products from anywhere and also chatting and video conferencing with their partners.

Video Conferencing Page

This page is for control the system and also contain e-meeting for company's staffs. Through this page the staffs can upload new products and also edit products information. If they have some problem, they can discuss about their problem immediately using by video conferencing anywhere can surfing internet. Because they can prevent from waste of time and solve the problem straightaway.

Upload New Product Page

This page is uploading for new product information. That is company's staff only can make this process. After login in, the staff can remote access this site from anywhere. After uploading the new product, the successfully upload message will appear and then the product will be viewed in products page.

Product Update Page

This page is for update products. The staff can only make this feature. Clicking by "Update Product Information" page, the update information request page will appear. And the staff fill the information what they want to update of products. E.g. price of product, product's description, features, etc.

FAQs Page

In this page describing frequently asked question. And also learn about software requirements and hardware recommendation for each product.

Budget Report for Website Development

Registration Fees for Domain Name

Registration Fees per year= $25

Renew Fees for Domain Name=$20

Hosting Fees

Per year hosting fees= $ 18.45 per month

Total per year hosting cost= $230

Features including in hosting are Database, Bandwidth, FTP account, Disk Space.

Database is 15, FTP is 15, Bandwidth is 400MB, and Disk Space is 35 MB for this Website.

Development Fees for Web Application

Dynamic website - $73,750

Providing the services such as

  • 10 Web pages
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Shopping Cart Setup
  • Database Integration
  • Flash Elements, Product Photography
  • Corporate Graphics
  • 2 Logos

Fees of Staff for Website Development

Assume that they work 8 hours per day

Maintenance Cost for Website

If the ecommerce Ictbuild website needs 2-4 hours of monthly support and includes updating of text, graphics and code, the monthly cost is $ 85 per hour. Therefore, 1 month will cost $ 170 to update website's contents.

If Search Engine Optimization will also need to update with graphic, text and code, the monthly cost is $400.

Database Design


The developing computerized information, one of the most important things to design is the file (database) design. The correct database design will give the most effective way of storage and retrieve of information. When designing an information system, it is important to determine what information is needed by user and in what format. The database used for Ictbuild website development will contain information about Enquiry, Record member and staff information process, record products information and sales information, purchasing process and so on. The database design will depend on what data to collect, to update and to store.

Purpose and Function of Database

  • To solve problems of file-based system, the following measures are required:
  • To eliminate duplication of data items in the related files.
  • To maintain strict consistency of file contents.
  • To make programs independent of files.

More specifically, the following functions and controls are required:

Data Sharing

By centrally managing files used in an organization data maintenance workload is reduce and data consistency can be maintained.

Data Independent of programs

By making programs independent of centrally managed database, program maintenance and modification are become easier.

Data Integrity and Failure recovery

Data integrity must guarantee even in the case of supporting a large number user access, and fast recovery must be made in case of failures.

Data confidentiality

Depending on the data contents, access right control is required to allow access only by authorized users.

Data Modeling

To build a database, the following procedures are carried out to decide its contents:

  • Investigate and analyze the complicated information structures, various application and requirement of the real world.
  • Select information to be arranged into a database.
  • Appropriately structure selected data.

These procedures are called "Database Design" and also called "Data Modeling". There are three types of data model such as Hierarchical data model, Network data model, and relational data model. My System is concerned with relational data model.

Relational Data Model

A data set structured based on the relational data model is called the relational database. Records are connected by branches and tables are used in the relational data model. A table consists of rows and columns. A "row" corresponds to a record and a "column" corresponds to a field in a file. In the relational data model, a table is called a "relation", a row a "tuple" and a column an "attribute".

As the structure of the relational data model is simple data can be freely combined and the operation method is simple enough for end users. The relational data model, therefore, is widely used in various systems ranging from mainframes to personal computer.

Relationships Design

Member Table

Products Table

Staff Table

Sales Table

Payment Table

Sales Detail Table

Enquiry Table


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