Implementation of the e-Government program


Despite being one of the smallest countries of the European Union, Malta has always achieved remarkable results in e-Government services thanks to the continuous commitment towards the implementation of the e-Government program.

The 2009 EU e-Government Benchmarking has shown Malta making an outstanding leap in the delivery of e-Government services. In fact Malta has topped the country ranking in both Online Sophistication and Fully Online Availability by achieving the maximum possible score (100%), making it the best performing country along with Portugal in the EU.

The report also includes results of new measurement indicators in the area of User Experience. Malta has reached maximum possible score (100%) in the 'One stop Shop' and 'User focused portal design', whilst attaining second and third place respectively in 'User Satisfaction Monitoring' and 'Usability'. The report added that, "Certain countries, like Malta and Estonia, but also The United Kingdom and Finland, provide highly mature and user friendly services." The report also remarked highly on the user-satisfaction monitoring in Malta which is provided through the User Satisfaction Surveys and the Customer-Care System.

The fifth sophistication level which measures the pro-active personalization of services such as pro-active public service delivery and automated service delivery also sees Malta top the rankings with maximum score of 100% compared to the 67% achieved in 2007. In this respect Malta surpasses all Member States by over 10% in the rankings.

The European Commission's Benchmarking report on e-Government captures the results of the 8th measurement of eServices across Europe. The benchmark was established in 2001 and since then has become a cornerstone in the e-Government measurement landscape and a prolific policy-informing tool at both a European and Member State level.

The Problem

Despite Malta is being ranked as the best together with Portugal for e-Government services I think that most of the Maltese citizens never heard about the existence of e-Government and what is its main role. In my opinion I think that Malta's next step is to get the citizens aware with the services being offered to them. By doing so, more people will get used to these services and therefore the Government will reduce a lot of costs in paperwork.

In this dissertation I will focus my studies to find if the people are aware with the e-Government services and why are not being used. At the end of my dissertation I will list a report with what are the problems being faced when using these systems and the main is to improve the quality of the services offered. This dissertation will be handed to the Malta Information Technology Agency, the Government Agency that manages the e-Government services in Malta.

Why the chosen topic?

During the past months I had the opportunity to be involved in talks related to eGovernment services and I got enthusiastic with the way it work and felt the need that something needs to be done to promote these services so that everyone can interact with the Government easily from home or from their office.

Foreign investment is crucial for the Maltese economy and I suppose that by having a state of the art e-Government services Malta can attract foreign investment more easily. e-Government will help the companies to interact with the Government with the way they want to whenever they want to and thus saving time and most importantly money.

I also believe that the Maltese employees have a lot to offer in each and every sector. It is important to mention that Maltese employees are reputed for their high levels of productivity and excellent work ethics. In fact it is to no surprise that Malta's professional workforce is rated the most productive in the EU25 (Eurostat 2006).



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