Instructions to students

Your name and student number should be included in the footer of each page of the assignment document, and all pages should be numbered.

Start each question (if there are many) on a new page in the document and provide a heading for each question. Paginate your document so that it is neatly presented.

The assignment must be submitted on or before the due date. There are penalties for late submissions. Your subject coordinator will advise you what these penalties are and will also advise you if extensions of time are available for this subject.

Collusion and copying are not allowed. Each assignment must be done entirely by you. There are severe penalties for copying and collusion including loss of marks in the assignment, failing the entire subject or dismissal from the course.

Outside materials may be used in assignments but all such material must be quoted and referenced using the Harvard referencing format. In general you should present your ideas and understanding in your own words.

All written or essay type questions in this assignment are to be answered in writing using a word processor. Font Times Roman, 12 point, bold for headings only and double line spacing.

The database design is to be created using Microsoft Access.


Quality information is vital for an organisation to plan, organise, monitor and make decisions. A good implementation of database systems will ensure that the data stored is secured and can be easily retrieved by authorised users.

You are a database designer. You have been assigned to design the database for a library system. The library system MUST perform its basic functions such as registering members, loaning and returning books and reservation.

Prepare a detailed description of a library system indicating all the features. Your description should also include the type of reports that the library system should generate in order to ensure a smooth operation within the library and keep track of transactions in the library.

Design the tables required to meet the requirements of the library system described in (a). Your tables must be in 3NF (Third Normal Form)

Draw the Entity Relationship Diagram for the library system in (a). Indicate all assumptions made.

Design the forms and reports that will be generated by the library system. You are required to design forms that will be used to add information into the tables and handle transactions. A minimum of FIVE (5) reports should be included in this database system. The purpose of generating these reports should be indicated.


Students should use Microsoft Access to do the assignment.

Students must answer ALL questions.

Students should design a database and the design should be original. Students may make any assumption regarding the system. All assumptions should be indicated in the description of the library system (Question a). All references made should be cited accordingly. Plagiarism will not be accepted.

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