Introduction to e-commerce


This is about the story of Ictbuild Ltd., is a minimum-sized company, which builds the software and systems that can use in the construction industry. It was established about 15 years ago as a foundling company. The Ictbuild Ltd. had been struggled in the period of national economic downturn. After the struggled period, the company began to do well and increased the number of employees from five to thirty immediately and then keep on the expansion ever since. The founder or chairperson of the company is proficiency in the construction industry knowledge but naive to the computer experiences. The dominant part of the company is placed on the sales staff according to the character and the past practices of the chairman. The task of the sales staffs is to go to the clients offices and give the demonstrations, and they all having the portable PCs and mobile phones. The sales staffs have to gather the most of the construction information in different geographical areas in nature and also have to carry the portable digitisers.

The predominant is the research and development staffs who are involved in the developing and the maintaining of software that is particularly to the construction industry applications. The several technicians have been employed by the company. The technicians have to install the software on the existing client hardware or on PCs and networks, are delivered as a complete system to the client. The Ictbuild Ltd.'s the most percentage of the income is from the maintenance contracts. It means that they encourage the clients to make use of their upgraded software which is from the revenue. This company also have the few number of construction industry specialists who are act like the middle men between the sales staff and they need to research the new products and features. The generated ideas are become into the reality by the programmers.

Ictbuild Ltd. was originally located next to the science part of the university. As the expansion of the company is increased, it had to relocate and also in the secured premises. The building is two-storey building, new and quite long. It occupies the half of the length in both floors.

This company has some difficulties. The first one is that the sales staffs have to give their time in traffic problem. Secondly, the R&D staffs, have the home computers, are requesting the permission to work as the home workers. Then the other problem is the software team is competent to each other and the principles of good Software Engineering practice are ignored. The most critical issue is about the resignation of the Software Manager who knows the much key information of the company. He had been persuaded for the senior position in a rival company. Following to the above issues, the senior management of the company wishes to develop the e-commerce website. And they imagine that they can make the business from great number of small construction companies, wishing to acquire individual PCs, digitisers, Ictbuild packages and proprietary software.


Ictbuild Ltd. has been passed many years over and the company has been had great succeeds after the national economic downturn. But the company has facing the some problems and the Senior Management wish to develop the e-commerce website to over the problems and want to get the wide range of earnings from the several small construction companies in different locations.

Firstly, the sales staffs of Ictbuild Ltd. are meeting that the time of stuck in traffic are wasting their time of work. This problem can hit the company's production section as the sales staffs cannot get the users' requirements and can't report back to the company in time. This problem will be more critical in the future as it is increasing. So the Ictbuild Ltd. need to consider the transportation of the sales staffs by using the motor cycles, or public transportation such as train, subway, sky train in appropriate locations. As this way, the company can overcome about the traffic problem.

The second problem is about the research and development staffs are requesting the permissions to work as the home worker since they have home computers and the team is thinking about approaching management. This problem can get the modernize techniques of working method. The Ictbuild Ltd. company should give the readable cards for their employers and the cards should have the higher and secure quality. And then the company should also estimate the working schedule and plans. The company should also charge the employers who do not attend the work online. The staff are needed to use the card reader for the security.

The final one is that the software team has the number of programmers, very competent ones, are less than the software staff. And the Software Manager, the source of the much key information of Ictbuild Ltd., wants to resign as the rival company has persuaded for the senior position. As the Ictbuild Ltd. is vending the construction software, the less number of programmers will be the serious problem of the company. The principles of good Software Engineering practices have been neglected are the most risky one. The analyzing of the requirements of the proposed systems, the well testing programs and the complete documentation of each project is the life-stream in the software development, but this mainly importance has been ignored in this company is so serious. If the company has not complete requirement specification, the outcome program will not be appropriate one. And then the program has not been well tested, the end-users may have difficulties in using program and the company will be facing the failure in the future. After developing the program, the complete final documentation have not recorded can be the problem. As the program has some errors, the documentation can use as reference whether the developers of the program are available or not. So the much key information of the Ictbuild Ltd. do not needed to be held by the only person.

Website Description

Nowadays, the e-commerce websites are very useful for trading over the Internet. But some people are afraid of using the e-commerce websites because of the attackers and threats. However, if the website has the higher quality of security and keep the regular attention on the site can overcome the above problems. Using the e-commerce website can get not only the wide range of business but also overcome the some problems. Easier to access the website can promote the site's quality. Because of the above facts, Ictbuild Ltd., website is designed according to the security issues, easiness of access and solves the problems that have been faced by the company. In the Ictbuild Ltd., website, there are Home, Sign Up, Products, FAQ, Contact Us, Support and Shopping Cart links are included whether the users can easily access to view their desired information.

Fig 1.1 is the home page for Ictbuild Ltd. There are Home, Sign Up, Products, FAQ, Contact Us, Support and Shopping Cart links. In home page, the company profile is described as it can get the confidence for the customers and improves the company image. There are also having the Sign In box for staff and customer/client and Remote Demo Login box for staff to do e-meeting. If the users do not have the account, they can click on the Sign Up link or Not a member link to make the account. But the staffs will be signed up by the company. The staffs are also need to enquire the Meeting ID from the company to make e-meeting.

Fig 1.2 is Sign Up page for the users who do not have the account by clicking the Sign Up link or Not a member link to register. The user must enter all the required fields, are described by the red star. In this page, the Sign Up button to register the account, Reset button to re-enter the data and Cancel button to deny the registering process. The data that the user had been committed will appear as (Fig 2.1). The copyright sign has been described so the user will commit their data trustfully. This page also has the links like other page.

When the staffs are entering the Meeting ID of the Remote Demo Login at the Home Page, this page will be appear. This page is set up for the security login for the e-meeting. Before get to the Remote Meeting page, the staffs have to enter their appropriate Staff ID, Name and Password and also need to have the card reader to examine their appropriate card or not. This method is more secure for the e-meeting login for the staffs and can also sort out the problems of the sales staff from the waste of time of the traffic. The data of the remote demo login will be recorded as (Fig 2.2).

This page is the Remote Meeting page and appears by entering the appropriate data from the previous page (Fig 1.3). In Remote Meeting page, there is the video conferencing box and the people who need to attend the meeting are described by the box. In video conferencing box, the volume level and the microphone (mic) level can be set up according to the user and the video setting can be set up according to the hardware that are assembled in the PC. The green boxes are the people who are now attending the meeting and the red boxes are may be not attending the meeting nor late for the meeting.

Fig 1.5 is the Products page. In this page, the products that are manufactured by the Ictbuild Ltd., are included. The name of the products, the image of the products, the information, features and prices are described to the appropriate products. The data of the products are stored in the database as Fig (2.3). The user can click the Add to Shopping Cart button to buy the appropriate products.

In this Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), the questions that are asked by the users and the answers that are answered by Ictbuild Ltd., is described. There is also having the Questions box that the users can ask the questions that they want to know. The record for storing in the database is Fig(2.4).

The Contact Us page is to get the users' feedbacks or the problems that they can report to the Ictbuild Ltd. The users need to fill all the data. In Subject dropdown list, the user should choose form Suggestion, Product Related, Delivery Related, Security Related and Other. Then the user should fill the appropriate message in the Message box. In Fig (2.5), the data of the Contact Us is recorded in the database.

In the Support page, all the available support that are given by the Ictbuild Ltd., are described. The service after the sale and the technical support that can available are mentioned. The contact phone number, the contact e-mail are also presented and the available time of phone calling is perceptibly described.

The Shopping Cart page can reach by clicking the Shopping Cart link. The Qty of the products, Description, Price, Remove, Amount and Total are described.The Reference Code should enter by the user for the secure payment. This page contains Continue Shopping button for go back to the site and Checkout button to purchase the products that are entered by the user. After clicking the Checkout button, the user will get to the page that needed to proceed to make payment such as payment method. All the data of the Shopping Cart will record in the database as Fig (2.6).

Database Description

The data that are entered in the website will be stored in the database. The followings are the sample data that will be viewed in the database.

Budget Proposal

Set up and Development Costs

Designing Cost US$ 375

Uploading Cost

  • Up to 1MB US$ 4.50
  • Up to 3MB US$ 6.50
  • Up to 5MB US$ 9.50

Hosting Cost

  • 1 Year US$ 112
  • 2 Years US$ 215
  • 3 Years US$ 310

Domain Name Register Cost

  • 1 Year US$ 27
  • 2 Years US$ 44
  • 3 Years US$ 73

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