Maybach usability evaluation

Maybach usability evaluation


This report shows the result of usability evaluation of Maybach website to assess its current usability and has been conducted by me.

The aim of this report is to present the results of a heuristic evaluation conducted by the Usability Team to assess the current usability of ...

Maybach represents a significant venture into the Web and electronic commerce arenas. The use of evolving Web technologies, such as the FLASH, has significant usability implications. The involvement of the usability team in the design and development process is vital to ensure that sound usability principles are embedded in this application.


This report is not a formal standards compliance audit, but outlines the issues identified during a heuristic usability review of Maybach. This will assist the Maybach development team to refine the application subsequent to the next stage.


The review was conducted by one usability consultant during the month of December, 2005, using ??? Design Guidelines.

The review process for the Maybach Site consisted of an interactive investigation to assess the conformance with the general requirement of the Usability GUI Standards look and feel.

It must be stressed that it is not possible to effectively evaluate the usability of this interface in isolation from a more realistic business context and with the help of representative users.


The audiences of this preliminary report are the Maybach development team, the ... .

Summary of Key Findings

The issues discussed in this heuristic evaluation were ranked according to their impact on the user's ability to interact with the system. Based on this ranking, the findings can be summarised in the following two points:

  • Firstly, the report lists a number of heuristic issues that do not require considerable effort to fix, and recommends addressing them before conducting any formal usability evaluation or user acceptance testing.
  • Secondly, the report refers to a number of critical usability issues, and recommends addressing them by conducting a formal test with representative users. Usability testing will ensure that the users can perform the tasks associated with these usability issues efficiently and effectively.


In this section the usability issues are presented and ranked (high, medium or low) according to their impact on the usability of the system. An explanation of why or how an issue impacts the usability of the systems is discussed, and followed by what the usability team recommends as a solution to alleviate, or reduce, the impact of the problem.

Cognitive Walkthrough Analysis

In this section we conduct Cognitive Walkthrough analysis to illustrate the validity of some design decisions....

Task 1: .....

  • Q1
  • Q2
  • Q3.... (Problem 1)

Task 2: ...

Task 3: ...

General Usability of Maybach

Usability Area----------------------------------------------------------Comments

Performance---------------The performance of the current pilot version of the system is slow. The response time of the system will affect user performance. It is recommended that the system performance be optimised before any testing with users.

Appropriate functionality


Visual clarity

Flexibility and control


Informative feedback

Summary of the recommendations

The issues discussed in this heuristic evaluation were ranked according to their severity impact. Based on this ranking, it is recommended that:

  • problems that do not require major effort be fixed before conducting any formal usability evaluation or user acceptance testing.
  • the following components be tested with representative users:
  • The "Add Product" tab
  • The "Change Filter" window
  • The "Check Order Result" window
  • The icons, which were tested on their own, but not within the context of Maybach.

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