Positive e-experience in cyberspace

For most companies, developing a satisfying customer experience has a direct impact on their future revenue streams. With the advent of the Internet, they now have to consider creating such "experiences" online, as well as offline. The purpose of this thesis is to provide a better understanding on how to build a positive e-experience in cyberspace. In order to reach this purpose, research questions related to website design and customer service were focused on. Via a review of literature related to these research questions, a conceptual framework was developed and tested. Using a qualitative approach and case study strategy, websites within the fast food industry were used to collect data. The findings indicate that if companies try to concentrate on both website design and online customer service, they can successfully build a positive e-experience in cyberspace for their customers.

A new revolution had begun at the end of 20th century and with the start of 21st century, which was so called Information revolution. This revolution was a result of the convergence between information and communication technologies, thus with the help of this convergence, it is now possible to access and process business activities even from remote locations (Jimba, 1998). The Internet now affects every part of the human life, ranging from business to education. By the end of the year 2010 the data on the Internet is estimated to be 1 zeta byte, which is equal to 10*21 gigabytes. This means people will be spending more time on the Internet. (Mutula, 2002)

According to ZD.net research there will be 713 Million users worldwide by the year 2006. By taking this into account the companies have to adapt to the culture of the Internet and it should also provide the feature to interact with one another. The Internet also provides opportunities for companies to build strong and profitable relationships with their customers (Kotha, 1998). Rao.Srinidhi (2000) observed growth of the Internet is a result of a "virtual circle" whereby the Internet users spend increasing amounts of time on the Internet, which makes them more receptive to superior content, which attracts more companies to create Websites. The Internet, which began as a messaging and recreational tool has now emerged as a powerful information medium and has evolved into the basic carrier of this new phenomenon of e-commerce. (ibid)

According to Mclvor et al., (2000) e-Commerce involves automation of the various business to-business and business-to-consumer transactions, as well as a process of doing business electronically. It further involves reducing clerical procedures and eliminating paper handling. Burress (2000) further explains that pure e-commerce companies are also seeking to implement the latest website technologies so that customers have an option for communicating with them that fulfils the customer's expectations and using it to learn if the customer chooses to communicate via a particular medium; the customer expects the response to be with the same medium.

With the help of the Internet, firms also have the scope of transferring goods and services not only through the traditional retail outlets, but also through an online virtual store. At the same time, the Internet also allows the consumer to effectively search for lower prices on the net, using its tools and to decide on alternatives, compare the prices and decide on the best alternative (Hauble & Trifts, 2000). Retailing has changed its trend and now people have been shifting from traditional shopping channels to e-commerce. It is also projected that online sales will rise to 63 million US house holds by 2008. In the developing countries like India the B2C e-commerce is projected to increase to $400 million by 2005, compared to $10.6 million in 2001. (Khakimdjanova, 2004)

According to Forester Research, Inc. and shop.org retail, online sales will grow 27 % by 2006. Which would be approximately $144 billion in sales compared to $114 billion last year? Research also confirms that 79 % of all online retailers were profitable. (Lugo & Denise, 2004). Further Choi et al., (2006) believe that with the arrival of the Internet customers have become more powerful. It helps the end user's customized information at a relatively very lower cost, and if they don't like the product or information they are just one click away from leaving. Buying on the web is altogether different from physical shopping because the customer cannot touch or see the product physically. Furthermore, the quality of the product is difficult to judge online. It is up to the online retailers to use IT for handling out the information in a very effective way for their customers. (ibid)

Websites are becoming increasingly import to customers, and the company CDnow.com has stated their vision as: "Make every visit to the site, whether for browsing or buying, a valuable and rewarding experience" (Jones, 2002). A website plays a vital role in building online experience between the producers and consumers. It can also help companies to replace 800 numbers (help lines), paper based documents and investment made easy for hosting in the websites to save time and pleases the customers at as well. (Chaudhury, 2001)

Choi et al., (2006) confirm that a website should be developed in a way so that it creates a match between the available information and its design. It is also important to note that perspectives of the online buyers should be taken into consideration when developing online strategies to attract online consumers. A study by Kim & Eom (2002) suggests that companies should provide the webpage that is easy to access, making the customers happy. This in turn leads to business success. For online shoppers, shopping should be convenient as much as possible; it should also provide some convenient features such as E-wallet. Also the website should be designed from the customer's perspective and should see that there are no dead or broken links. (ibid)

Ellinger et al., (2003) believes that Internet presence provides firms with opportunities to enhance business offerings in a cost effective and practical manner. It can help companies increase profitability, reach new markets, improve customer experience, distribute products faster and communicate more effectively with supply chain partners.

"There are three things which are vital to business success: the customer experience, great employees and cash flow - Howard Shultz, Founder, Starbucks". Further he argued that the first preference has to be given to customer experience. (http://www.mbadepot.com)

According to Rohm et al., (2004) most of the customer's shop at an electronic market place, from a predominantly physical market place it also enables a platform for many buyers and suppliers to come together by expanding the choices. Buyers, suppliers and producers gain benefit in different ways. (ibid) This new medium not only attracts new customer but also provides an opportunity for the companies to build the customer experience. (Zeithaml et al., 2002)

Problem discussion

According to Schmitt (2003) most companies treat their customers as the greatest source of assets and the secret behind the companies' growth and profitability should be tried out by a simple formula: Analyze the customer experience, and the company strategies should be build in such way which should focus mainly on customer experience. It has also been shown that a higher customer experience has a direct impact on future revenue streams (ibid). Although companies have realized the importance of applying IT technology in the process of business-to-customer relationships, there is still a lack of research on effective ways to attract customer attention to websites and then using online customer service to reduce costs and improve the value of product. (Villeneuve et al., 2003)

Alomaim et al., (2003) state that a strong basis for an organisation's success can depend on the customer's requirements. Giving something more than what the customer needs is an indication of the fast and growing quality by these organisations and it is their responsibility to identify the customer's needs in order to give the best customer experience. Yang et al., (2003) explain that the primary task of a website is to attract a steady stream of interested users to visit the firm's online presence. An established brand of a well known company, the URL or web address, is itself a competitive advantage, a tool to attract users to the firm's online presence. It has a significant impact on the number of hits a website gets and may even translate into actual purchases via the website. Regardless of how customer acquisition is accomplished, it is imperative that the first rule of business in e-commerce is to bring current and potential customers to the website and make them feel the gratification of online shopping.

According to Simeon (1999), the most essential feature of a website is the presentation of information about products, services, people, events or ideas. Websites with strategic orientation accentuate both the gathering and diffusion of information. Limehouse (1999) believes that technology helps companies with the way they work, approach quality of the service they provide towards the customer, pushing such companies to constantly update the technology in order to meet needs of its customers. If we miss out to improve the customer experience then our competitors will. Positive experience on the website builds a strong confidence in the customer about the website. (Yang et al., 2003)

The special features offered by the Internet for a user is that is free to browse most sites and pick the desired information and services that are being sought. It becomes essential for companies to design websites in such a manner that the user wants to spend long hours or return to the websites at a later time. Websites should be dynamic in order to capture e shopper's attention (Khakimdjanova, 2004). According to (Kim & Stoel, 2004) many firms websites serves not only as a medium to share the vital information to its shareholders and public, but also to offer transaction capabilities, thereby providing additional feature to serve its customers. As websites plays a vital role through which companies can have a constant contact with their customers, so it is important for the companies to gauge the quality of the websites. It is also important to constantly check weather the websites offer quality of information to give a better customer experience to its users. (ibid)

It is also an interactive process. Through an online customer experience, companies can get more information on customer feedback and consumer feelings before and after sale. This is one reason why companies should continue to improve their customer value (Freedman, 2002). Furthermore, Alomaim et al., (2003) suggest that though companies think that customer experience is of importance, some of online companies are paying less attention towards it. After the dot-com crisis, which led many companies to shut down their businesses, there has been a lot of change in the companies' attitude towards the customer experience.

This project is developed to have a better understanding of how websites can provide efficient and better customer experience. In later chapters, this project will discuss more effective ways to make website "dynamic" and provide high value of customer online transaction.

Overall Research purpose & Research Questions

RQ1: How can the website are described?

RQ2: How is customer service used to affect the online customer experience?

The whole thesis is divided into six chapters. In the first chapter, a brief introduction to the area of research was presented, followed by problem discussion, and then overall purpose and the research questions investigated are discussed. Second chapter constitutes more of theories or literature reviewed by the previous research, and it is carried out within the area of research thereby covering overall purpose of the study, which could serve as the basis for further research. Conceptual framework further brings down the theory on to the topics on

which the research could be relied on. Under chapter third a brief idea of methodology is presented. Data collected thorough various sources such as interviews and observations are presented under chapter four. Chapter five which is called as data analysis provided a brief idea on how the collected data was examined and analyzed. In the last chapter i.e. chapter no six findings and conclusions based on the research are drawn. Thus at the end of the chapter six a brief implications for further research and recommendations to the management were given.


The Web presents new opportunities and challenges to establish, build, and manage customer relationships (Geissler, 2001). A good website presents new opportunities and challenges to establish, build, and manage customer relationships. To establish relationships with online customers, it is imperative that a firm understands the user experience and how people interact with the Web. (ibid)

It is always believed that the first impressions are the best impression. It also applies while designing the website. The company's front page should be as simple as possible and the company should also see that they don't use heavy graphics and replace them with the services they provide and it also should be noted that the websites should have the feature of contacting the owner for the estimate or for the additional information. Next page of the web should feature the portfolio, suggestions or complaints received from the customers, and also a link where the customer can mail the company. (Taylor, 2006)

Customer Attention

McCrea (2005) believes that the companies should focus mainly on designing user friendly website and but Germans believes that's the company are still not following this basic principle. The more simple the website is the more would be the pleasant visiting experience for the customers. He also suggests that companies should use the clear language, and also have the proper navigation bars to direct the customers to necessary information. The companies should design the websites in such a way that it should attract the new customers. And at the same time it should also make sure that the customers who have browsed the site should return back. Attracting customer is important but at the same time making them to return to the websites is more important. (ibid)

McCrea (2005) also hints companies should conduct surveys and self assessment tests which should be actually related to the product and service line, which would in turn make the customers more educated about the companies offerings, and this could be done just by starting a blog or chat for the customers. Basics should be clear it is almost important that the companies should see to that there customers should not get turnoff by the poor navigation or the broken links on the website and it a must for the company that they clearly mention what exactly they are offering and how they are different from the competitors. (ibid)

It is also believes that's companies should always make sure that's they give royal tour to the customers on their website. Before designing the website companies should try to know what exactly the customer wants from their website, and the suitable format to present the information which is like by them. (McCrea, 2005)

Website design

Gehrke & Turban (1999) recommends the following to make the website attractive and splashy.

Page Loading Speed

Most customers complain about the slow speed of the website and it was believed to be 77%. It is also believed that most of the potential customers who feels that it is taking lot of their valuable time for the webpage to load they have clicked the stop button and taken the business elsewhere. It is highly recommended that companies should minimise use of heavy graphics and lot of animation.


It is suggested that's companies in order to not to have backslash from the customers, should minimise the use of graphics and text to 60 KB in a particular page. And this 60 KB should be allocated in between the most important elements of the website such as for HTML page text 5KB, Background image 5KB, Logo 16KB, navigation bar 8 KB, Navigation buttons 16KB and for the award logos around 10 KB. And if the company's follows this basic rule then it will be easy for the companies to load the page, which would in turn make the customers happy

Animation or multimedia plug-in requirements The main reason for the slow loading of a page is because of the animation. And he strongly recommends companies should try to lessen the use of the animation and at the same time advices that the content should cover almost 80% of the website.

Thumbnails Companies should try to provide a thumbnail wherever they feel that's downloading is must. And customer would be happy when he enjoys freedom by having a choice to access particular information.

Text Giving an option to the customer to download the text will not only increase the speed but also there is chance there can be more number of users might access the page and bring in business

Content & Graphics

Content of a company is the most important for the customers. So the companies should make sure that the content is downloaded first then the graphics follows because by the time the customer reads the content the graphics will get downloaded.

Business Content

The content of the website plays a major role when it comes to attracting the prospective customer. Because the eminence and the usefulness of the content conclude how many customers it can attract. At the same time it is also seen that if the content of the website is not so good then within a fraction of second customers will switch to a different site. Remedies are as follows.

Text & Grammar

Many of the websites are hazy and the customer who often visits the website has no sign what the company deals with. He suggests that's if the firms are using icons then should assign for the most important subject first. It is believed that majority of the users i.e. around 79% just go through the WebPages without actually reading what exactly the content is. And this is because either the contents are too long and it is too tiring or the users are too busy.

He also focuses on the areas where the companies need to concentrate and they are as follows bulleted lists, brief sentences, short pages, keywords, colourful, one idea per paragraph and headings of the paragraphs are compulsory. And at the same time the firms should not ignore the spelling and grammar.

Contact information Providing contact information on each and every page will benefit the company and if the company doest do that then there is fear of loosing the business. Firms should make sure that they interact with the customers as many times as possible this would instinct security among the customers and there are more chances of the customers who are interested in doing business. Posting online discussion, message boards or online chat can do interactions.

Colour & Texture It is like better to use colours for example if the background is in black colour green is most suited for the text.

Updating the site It is highly recommended that the site should be updated frequently which would in turn develops interests among the customers to browse the site more and also and it is suggested that's by updating the website with the current offe

Under Construction Signs rings means more business to the company.

This is one of the most deadly sins of the website which the companies should avoid. And if the company is keeping the under construction signs then the company should give the actual date of reopening of the site for the users. He also suggests that's the company should make sure that's if there are no major changes to the website then he recommends to update it without going offline

Guidelines to build a quality website

Cox & Dale (2002) suggest the following guidelines for a quality website.

Clarity of purpose Website should be clear in its purpose it should disclose clearly what exactly they are dealing with. It is also important the information on the website should be sensibly organised. On the other hand if the customer finds it difficult to find the desired information then there are major chances of customer switching to a different site. It is also recommended to offer instructions which will help the customer to navigate on the website easily.

Design When designing the website usability is the key factor to determine the quality of a successful website. "Web performance and the design are currently largest obstacles to online purchase". The website is almost the backbone of any of the companies so it should take utmost care when designing it because it reveals the real image of the firm. It is only through the company's website the consumers would able to decide what the firms wants to convey them.

Links Without the valid links the navigation on the website is unimaginable. Its always better that's colour changes whenever the customer clicks on the link so that's customer would know whether he is heading towards the right direction or not. It is also recommended that the websites features graphics in such way that's when the mouse or the cursor is moved on them it changes to text.

It is also important that the customer should find the navigation links easily instead of spending time to find them. It is better to give the main navigation links on the homepage under the menu bar or at the bottom of the home page which will make the customers easy to trace them in turn would make the users navigating a pleasant experience.

Lay out and the pages of the website mainly depend on what the companies are into. But the companies should try to maintain consistency within the pages of the website. The designers should step into the customer shoes so that they would feel how exactly the customer feel when he browses any particular site. Also suggest that it would be a wonderful experience for the customers if the designers give "home" on each and every page, which would allow the users to directly go to the home page instead of clicking back button, which would be a irritating for the customer.

Sites, which uses site map or which gives clear direction about the site is often successful. It is also a great help for the customer because they can directly go to desired page without wasting a lot of time.

Pages, Text and Clicks The pages on the website should be short because it is really irritating to scroll the cursor down to read the content and in exceptional cases it is recommended to have scrolling page if the information is laid out well and is not that long. The author has appreciated Amazon.com for one click order process, which will allow the customers to purchase with just one click. It is also recommended that's if the customers are allowed to register or open an account then it should be done in one page itself. They further hints at designing the website the companies should also make sure that they don't commit any mistakes because it will lead to frustration.

Communication and feedback Communication and feedback principle between the company and customer are really important while designing. The main aim is to keep the user updated about what exactly happening in the company for examples if the user has placed an order there should be a feature where in he can track the order delivery status and notify the customer if there are any errors while entering date. And this feature is mostly used by all the websites for example if the customer enters any wrong information the field automatically changes to red. He further confirms that websites, which uses lot of white pages or empty spaces, are less successful when compared to others.

Graphics and Animations Excessive use of the graphics and animation will slow down the access of the pages and this will lead to irritation. He recommends minimising the use of the graphics. Colour also plays important role in designing the website which should not be ignored. Website should not look dull which will have a negative impact on the company.

Company should minimise the use of the animation because that's would distract the attention of the user. And it is believed that most of the consumers use low modem connections which doest supports the animations. It is highly recommended that companies should actually give options for the user whether they want to access the site with or without animation. This will make the customer more happy because for a customer who just wants to have information can do it fast and more quickly.

Search Use of search engine within the website will make a pleasant experience for the customers and he further states that's customer would look for this option when they want something specific from the website instead of going through the navigation links. Once the customer hits the search button the desired results should be programmed in an order and the search results should be relevant at the same time preferably in one page.

It is also important to note that's once the user hits the search button he should not be welcomed with the popup advertisement and other stuff which will irritate the customer and there are chances of he not returning to the website or just end the further process.

Fill-in forms Whenever the registration from the consumers is required for example when is making a purchase or when is trying to create a login website should guide the customer while when the customer is undergoing this process. The areas where the customer is filling his personal details should be self explanatory .It should also be noted that's websites should not burden the consumers with unnecessary information. The website input field should be designed in such way that's for examples address input field should have more space to enter the required address at the same time the post code field doesn't require much space when compared to the address field.

Accessibility and Speed Accessibility and speed is one of the most important factors to be determined while designed the website. Accessibility is nothing but the rate at which the page downloads. The faster it is the more the customer would be happy. They also believed that's the firm would loose 10% of its customers if the desired page takes 8 seconds to download. The only purpose of using this technology is for speed and convenience and if this were not achieved then customer would no longer be interested in using it.

Firms should give 24/7 services to its customers because it is believed that half of the ecommerce activities will be done after the normal working hours by 2003. It is also important that's companies should try to find out at what times the customers normally do visit there sites.

Content Content of the website plays a vital role while designing the website. Lot of care has to be taken, firms should see to that's they don't provide any misleading or irrelevant information which is not required by the user. And if this happens there are more chances of customer switching on to the competitors site. Companies should give clear information about its offering such as there wide range of products and also it should discuss the policies about the dealing with it.


Offerings of the company should be related to its business and easy way to access them is also important Often seen that customer has to go through surveys or the questionnaires before actually selecting wide range of products and that would irritate the customer many of the times. So it is highly important that's company should take care of this issues seriously. It is preferable to either display the range of the products on the home page it self or give the direct links to view them.

Product/ Service information and availability Whenever the company displays the range of products on its website it should give the clear total information about it such as which brand does it belong to, price, features, discount if any it weight, size and colour etc. Information provided should be genuine should not by any chance mislead the customers. And it is also important to note that's the information relating to the product should be displayed just by its side and it will be really helpful for the customer otherwise customer has to spend lot of time to know more about it. If a firm is advertising about a product on a particular page it should make sure that it gives enough information about the offering, conditions of purchasing what ever required for purchasing should be made available to customer which will allow him to make a convenient online shopping experience.

They further states that the company when displaying the range of products also should make sure they have enough stock if by chance if the a particular product is out of stock it should be immediately updated on website. So the companies should stress on giving the real time information to customers in order to make them happy.

Delivery Information It is also important that the information about the shipping such as delivery time, shipping costs should be clearly stated on the home page which will not confuse the customer while making the purchase and it is highly important because if the customer likes what is offered by the company then he will move further with the order process. At the same time timely delivery plays a vital role if the company promises a time for the delivery it should try to make it at any cost to keep up its reputation.

Policies, Charges, terms and conditions

It is important for the companies to clear state its policies, Terms and condition make sure that's the customer know about them before going entering into any sort of dealing with it. And also if the sale it international then the company should clearly indicate if they are going to charge extra taxes if any. Terms & Conditions play a major role when the customer wants to cancel order or return back or while settlement of the disputes.

Security and Reliability One of the main concerns of the online business is security and reliability of the transaction. They further suggest that security policy should be made available to the customer on all the pages of the website. Mostly it is seen that's the customer are worried when disclosing the credit card details online. And also it is noted that customer don't like to give out their personal information which is the main hindrance for smooth online shopping. Most of the customers do not want the company to store in the database.

It is compulsory for the companies to state their physical and address and contact details. And at the same time it is good to disclose the title and registration details to get the customers in to confidence and to show them that the company is really in existence.

Customer Service Customer service is one of the main areas where the companies need to devote its major time. And steps should be taken to deliver the quality service to the customer. As most of the business is conducted via the Internet in this e-commerce world and where face to face interaction is non existence companies must take steps to give the phone lines where in customer can call and resolve there issues and the customer which don't operate 24/7 should provide email assistance to the customers. So the contact details of the company must be made available on each and every page of the website. It is seen that's some of the company's give the contact information at the bottom but it is recommended to give it in the top of the page with the clear view. And also the companies should timely get the feedback from the customer in order to update the site.

Customer Service

Constantinides (2004) not only for the dot.com type companies but also for the multi-channel vendor's web experience is crucial to influence the customer. Delivering online customer experience requires special attention for the firms, which are expanding with the Internet presence. Half adult the Internet users have abandoned online orders because of negative online experience and around 60% of them have switched brands.

Constantinides (2004) believes that sites which clearly addresses the client needs and meet the customer's expectations are considered to be one of the most successful website delivering good customer experience. Website should be considered as an important marketing tool, which helps to build customer relationship. Several academics and practitioners have common opinion about the "online shopping experience" or "virtual experience" as a crucial e-commerce marketing issue.

Constantinides (2004) define the online shopping experience as a process of four stages describing the successive steps of an online transaction. Considering that an online customer is not simply a shopper but also an information technology user one can argue that the online experience is a more complicated issue than the physical shopping experience: The Web experience can be defined as the consumer's total impression about the online company

Constantinides (2004) results from customer's exposure to a combination of virtual marketing tools "under the marketer's direct control, likely to influence the buying behaviour of the online consumer". The Web experience embraces elements like searching, browsing, finding, selecting, comparing and evaluating information as well as interacting and transacting with the online firm. The virtual customer's total impression and actions are influenced by design, events, emotions, atmosphere and other elements experienced during interaction with a given Web site, elements meant to induce customer goodwill and affect the final outcome of the online interaction (ibid).

Customer's attention to the website is not only important for the marketing site but it also for the informative site for those customers who are more interested in informational content such as for ex news, weather, sports etc. These are online intermediaries who are competing for the attention of the public. (Constantinides, 2004)

Considerations and ways to build the customer experience online

From Geissler (2001) theory, he highlights seven aspects that can promote online service in terms of customer experience.

Creating awareness

Research suggest that's firms should make sure that's customer know about their website. And it is also important duty of the companies as well to create consciousness among the customers of its website. Marketers should try to advertise the websites and should assist the customers in locating the website. And the best way to help them is through search engines, key words to help searches and domain names, which are descriptive and easily recognized.

Steady message

Companies while designing its site should try to concentrate on the segmentation, targeting, and positioning because these play a major role. While designing the site the companies should see to that's it has taken target audience into consideration. The main focus should be to attract the attention of the customers. The essential components of the website should mainly focus on who we are, what we can offer, what is inside and how the customer can get in touch with us.

User's needs Companies should make sure that's they design the website that's would suit the computer systems of the customer. The site should be easy to navigate and download, to give a pleasant browsing experience the designers should also make use of the controlled navigation, which will enable the customers to know about its site. It is proven fact the most the pleasant experience there are more chances of the customer making the purchase online.

Update the Website It is the prime duty of the companies to keep the customers updated about their offerings in order to do so the companies should frequently update the website which plays a vital role to keep the customer updated. At the same time if the companies are offering any discounts of specials should try to convey to the customers at any cost via website.

Customer information

It is one of the most important steps, which the companies should need to pursue in order to keep up the good relations with the customers online. Feedback from the customer is also important for the better performance of the companies the company

should forgo some of the costs in order to build strong relationship with the customers for example offering free shipping for the customers who fill in there personal information will enhance relationship and it is also noted by the one of the designer saying that's Free is the magic word on the web.

Involve the designers Designers have a better understanding of the online marketing approaches when compared to their customers. Companies should always show the importance of the relationship marketing, segmenting, targeting and positioning. The company and client both should play an important and active role in structuring online marketing strategies


Web is considered to be one of the best tools in attaining companies marketing goals. It helps the companies to build strong relationships with the customers, interact with them, and carry out business with them. (ibid)

Key quality factors

Cox & Dale (2002) come up with the key quality factors, which facilitate the companies in achieving great customer experience online, and they are as follows.

Easy of use

Customer confidence

Online resources

Relation ship services

Above factors helps the companies to achieve a great level of satisfaction which make them to return to the website again


The main aim of the usability of the website is to reduce the customer's frustration while navigating the website. Companies must try to see that there is no break of communication with the customer while conducting the business online and that steps should taken so the customer is guided while browsing by providing navigation and search links

Customer Confidence

For any business gaining trust from the customer it is more important in online business. In other terms its nothing but how the customer feel when he browses the website he should have a pleasant experience in terms of accessibility, speed, and customer service, the companies to make sure that customers find the site safe not only for browsing but also conducting transactions online

Online resources

The ability of the website is to give abundant information about the products to the customer to make the right choice which is more suited to him and be able to make the purchase online. If the customers are making the purchase online there is a need that the company should display the products. The companies should also make sure that that once the customer makes the purchase he should be assisted from the time he makes the payment and till he gets the delivery of the product. Also to make the customer happy order tracking or shipment tracking feature should be installed in website.

Customer relationship

Strong customer relationship is really important in any kind of business so the firms should build strong relationship by offering extra or valuable services. And by customizing the website or by offering discounts and by giving some extra services that would really add value. And it is proved that happy customers make the business grow.

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