The building of a system

The Building of a System


The introduction of this assignment is that it let me to demonstrate how I would perform as a project manager faced with some typical client concerns about successful project outcomes.

In this assignment, I have been sub-contracted to design the database system supporting the Research Department of a large Research and Development Company. A project has come in for the building of a system that will function as, one the both displays and sells the work of features artists.

This project has been assigned by my management.


I have to thanks all persons who help me from the first study stage to implement stage of DDD Assignment. I got it from my teachers and my classmates of helps and advices.

I would like to say, I very thank all my teachers and my parents. My parents supports me to attend IADCS, so I am lucky to meet such good teachers and can study such full of knowledge of IADCS subjects. Without my teachers' help and suggestion, my assignment will not complete successfully. Moreover, I really thank to U Thaung Tin (Principle and Managing Director of KMD Company Limited) and Daw Tyn Tyn Aye (Director of KMD Computer Center). In addition, I want to thank to U Myo Tun (Training Manager), Daw Moe Sandar Aung, Daw KHIN THU AUNG and Daw Phyo Zar Chi Aung. In addition, I truly thanks to teachers who help me in the Computer Lab Room. I really thank above all people.

Primary Key & Foreign Key

  1. Project
  2. Project Code
  3. Full Project Name
  4. Duration
  5. StartDate
  6. EndDate
  7. Employee involved
  8. Roles in Project
  9. ExternalEmployeeNo*
  10. InternalEmployeeNo*
  11. Employee(s) time (in hours)
  12. Details of any received from funding agencies
  13. Outcome (Success or Not)

External Employee

External Employee No (Primary Key)

  • Full Name
  • Address
  • Company they work for
  • Worked Hour(s)
  • Cost of employment
  • Role < Restrict : Only Principal Researcher or Developer>

Internal Employee Personal Information

Internal Employee No (Primary Key)

  • Full Name
  • DOB
  • Address
  • Nationality
  • Qualifications
  • Research Team
  • End of Contract Date

Internal Employee Project Related Information

Project Code (Primary Key)

  • Project involved in
  • Post
  • Grade
  • Employment starting date
  • Internal Employee No (Foreign Key)
  • Current Salary

Funding Agency

Agency No (Primary Key)

  • Full Agency Name
  • Address
  • Contact person
  • contact telephone
  • Project Name
  • Funded Amount
  • Full Funding provNoed to Date

Project Related Info

Project Code (Primary Key)

  1. Project Involved Info
  2. Role
  3. Worked hour(s) < They have worked on the project>
  4. Current Salary

Analysis and Assumption for all Tasks

I analysis this assignment and according to my assumption, in the Research Department has many information and in this Research Department Project.

In this project, there are six entities which are related to each others.Research Department has many projects.A project has many roles, a role also has many projects, so demy appeared and it named projectdeatils.

A project contains many Internal Employees and an Internal Employee also contains many projects. A Project contains many Funding Agencies and a Funding Agency also contains many projects. So the demy appeared and named ProjectDetail.Thus, the table of External Employee, Internal Employees, and Funding Agnecy are relation with a demy table ProjectDetail.

In the Project table, ProjectCode is the primary key. In the InternalEmployee table, InternalEmployeeNo is the Primary key.

In the Internal Employee Form, gather data includes the attributes such as EmployeeNo, FullName, Age, Address, Nationality, Qualifications, EndContractDate. The primary key is EmployeeNo.

In the Internal Employee Form, gather data includes the attributes such as ExtEmployeeNo, EmployeeName, Address, Company, Hours per project, and Cost. The primary key is EmployeeNo.

In the Funding Agency Form, gather data includes the attributes such as FundingAgencyNo, FullName, Address, Contact person, Contact telephone, ProjectName and Amount. The primary key is FundingAgencyNo.

In the Project Form, gather data includes the attributes such as ProjectCode, ProjectName, StartDate, EndDate, EmlpoyeeName, EmployeeType, RoleName, FundingAgencyName, DutyTime, GrantAmount, Outcome, Description, and TotalAmount . In this attributes, EmlpoyeeName, EmployeeType, RoleName, FundingAgencyName, DutyTime, GrantAmount are the repeating group of this Project form. The primary key is ProjectCode.

According to the first normal form, I divNoed single group and repeating group. In the single group, primary key ProjectCode is the key. So, I underlined the primary key ProjectCode. And in repeating group, I added the ProjectCode as a key and I also underlined.

According to the second normal form, I copy the single group and I divNoed the repeating group. In this case, I divNoed External Employee and Internal Employee as EmployeeNo and ExtEmployeeNo. I can Internal EmployeeName if I knew EmployeeNo, and I can External EmployeeName if I knew ExtEmployeeNo.

According to the third normal form, I divNoed both single and repeating group again if can. So, I copy primary key ProjectCode and wrote the attributes that concerns only ProjectCode. But in this form the attributes in the single group are only concerns with the ProjectCode. So, I copied the single group. And then I divNoed the groups. One group is including ProjectCode, EmplyeeNO, ExtEmplyeeNO. And in this group, Role NO and AgnecyNo is included as the foreign key. Other groups are EmployeeNo, ExtEmployeeNo, AgnecyNo, Role.

These groups have the full meaning. For example, I can know ProjectName, StartDate, EndDate, and TotalAmount if I knew ProjectCode. I can know RoleNO, FundingAgencyNo, DutyTime, GrantAmount, Outcome, and Description if I knew ProjectCode, EmployeeNo and ExtEmployeeNo. I can know EmployeeName if I knew EmployeeNo. And I can know internal EmployeeName if I knew ExtEmployeeNo.

According to the optimization, I defined the table name for each groups. They are PROJECT, PROJECTDETAIL, INTERNAL EMPLOYEE, INTERNAL EMPLOYEE, EXTERNAL EMPLOYEE, FUNDINGAGENCY and ROLE.

Finally, I created Data Model. This Data Model is created the tables with relations by the optimization.

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