The computer virus

The computer virus

A computer virus may be small or large depending how big the attack is. It can damage or even delete all of your files that are found on the hard drive. There are many virus's that can be on your computer and you do not even realize that you have a virus on your system until you actually sit down and start seeing pop ups on your computer and start seeing programs on your computer that you have never even downloaded. There are many type of Virus's out there these days that can do anything from deleting your software, to stealing all of your personal data. Computer viruses have been around for many ages since the first creeper virus in 1971.

What is a virus? Well a virus is an infectious bug that someone sends to you in an email or you open in an untrusted website. Virus's can be sent through email or an employee can enter in the computer or when you download a program and restart your computer and the virus starts multiplying. Millions of dollars are spent each year on personal and business computers to ensure their safety. Many people feel they don't need virus protection for their home or business computers until they lose all of their data due to a virus. Once that has happened it is virtually impossible to retrieve lost data. Many companies may use multiple virus protection systems to reduce risk of virus infection. This is not a sure fire protection but it substantially reduces the risk.

How can a Virus affect your computer? They can affect your computer in many ways that you didn't know existed. Virus's can affect your computer in as fast as one click downloading a program you do not know about and once you open it, it locks into your computer and starts infecting all your programs. It can even lock you from using your Anti Virus program and makes it so you cannot check to see if you have a virus. Make sure you backup your information you have on computer each day to make sure you keep the information you need even if you have an anti-virus protection. There may be times you will have to seek technical support to cure the virus. There have been times that the hard drive crashes and the entire system will have to be rebuilt from the start. You need a good anti-virus program that you know you can trust and can update it daily to see if any new viruses have been found that you do not know about yet.

What type of viruses is there out there today? There are many that are preventable and many that nothing can be done about. The first one is just a virus that effects your computer and infects the programs in your computer. The second is a Email Virus in which when you get a Email from a friend and open it up it's from a fake email address. It generally contains an attachment that when opened it begins infecting your computer system. The third one is a Trojan horse virus it shows you are about to download a game to play but once you download the game you think you are going to play it does damage when you play and can wipe out all the info on your computer. The forth one is called Worms. A worm is a small piece of software that used computer networks to affect your security system. A virus is nothing to sneeze at, a pill won't cure it and it can be very deadly. Your computer system can and will be destroyed. Save all your data as you go along. Any personal or business computers can be at risk. So think carefully next time before entering websites, opening email or welcoming people you do not know into your personal space. In reference to protecting your computer and its contents remember the old verb age that " an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

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