The solutions experience monitoring

The Solutions Experience Monitoring

Many solutions are available in the market to analyze end-user response time data by different procedure. The solutions are known by the names as Real User Monitoring (RUM), Customer Experience monitoring, Real Experience Monitor, Quality of Experience (QoE) and End User Experience Monitoring. All of these solutions achieve the aim of measuring the end-user experience and total round triptime for a single transaction. The solutions only tell about the problem, they don't inform where the problem exists.

Real User Monitoring solutions are fundamentally a "smart stopwatch"; they can report the response times that every user is experiencing when executing actions within network application. This information is useful however incomplete as to diagnosing distinctively what the reason of poor response times is. As a consequence, IT professionals from different areas are gathered into a war room for troubleshooting the issue.

IT professionals depend on the correctness of their monitoring and management tools to make sure applications and networks are operating optimally. Unluckily, by design, WAN tuning devices apply optimization techniques on the packets that influence Network reporting tools, resulting in noteworthy problems that include:

  • failure of visibilityinto server response time, data transfer and protocol sharing
  • incapability to precisely enumerate thebenefits of WAN optimization
  • Problems in troubleshooting and diagnosing the operational bottlenecks in enterprise network
  • failure to leverage the existing investment in network and application performance monitoring systems

NetQoS and Cisco worked together to craft the industry's first complete end-to-end response time measurement software forWAN optimization. Clients of Cisco Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) machines can useNetQoS productsto resolve the performance monitoring limitations created by WAN Optimization solutions, and compute precise TCP response time of WAAS . Now, IT companies can:

  • preciselyquantify end-to-end response time
  • quicklyseparate network and server bottlenecksin a WAN-optimized environment
  • make sure secure investment decision-making with precise end-to-end visibility
  • Protect and leverage existing investments made in network and application performance monitoring tools while deployingCisco WAAS

NetFlow Monitor (NF) can process and evaluate NetFlow Exports of CISCO routers.

NetFlow make possible almost real-time traffic monitoring, smart flow filtration, aggregation and statistic evaluation, multicriterial data flow range.

WildPackets: all in one tool which can analyze fault and optimize network services which result the increase uptime of the enterprise network.

VSS Monitoring can centrally monitor the networks, which result in network analysis reach and efficiency.

NetworkActive PIAFCTM

NetworkActive PIAFCTM has the following functions as (HTTP file rebuilder, network traffic analyzer, Packet Intercepting, File Constructing, Traffic Monitor, packet/protocol analyzer, , graphical traffic mode (graphical overview of current network communications), and traffic statistics mode. Tool is also available as a free version for personal and commercial use which can perform the tasks as network traffic analysis, packet/protocol analysis and HTTP file rebuilder.

Monitoring can monitor services like pop ,ftp ,telnet, https, ssh, dns, imap, smtp from remote location. Whenever a problem occurs it informs admin by email or SMS. It can also show accurate view of the server access and load times at different times.


In English language delay means Lateness. In the field of telecommunication and electronics delay is defined according to the performance of the particular system. In simple words it can defined as time interval between two events. Time interval depends on the switching from origin to the destination of the data. Delay is also expressed as latency. A digital system fed back the delayed signals to the origin, the procedure is known as echoes. Light can travel by the speed of aprox 300000000 meters/second. Speed of light also applies on the electromagnetic waves. A radio signal of a geostationary satellite is travel to earth the distance of 36000km. In between radio signal will not pass through any other medium but the earth atmosphere. The free space delay of the radio signal can be 72,000 km at 300,000km/sec approximately the quarter of a second.

Comparing to the ideal speed of light the extra delays over the cable systems has several physical factors from point A to point B such the performance of the cable transmission systems, whether the signals are analogue or digital. In case of analogue system the filters will introduce delays in the transmission link. Moreover the pair type cable has more delay than sir spaced co-axial cable. In case of optical fiber cable the delays will be higher than co-axial.

Any type of Metallic cable has the propagation delay, which depends upon the dielectric layer the insulator between the conductors. Propagation delay is factor to reduce the speed of light of the signal. Further delays occur due to the processing performance of the transmission machines.

In case of the analogue system the transmission delay are dependent on the frequency. As a result all components of a frequency don't arrive at the receiving end simultaneously. It is called group delay which is due to the phase distortion. The problem can be solved by delay equalization.

Digital signals have the same delay issues as the analogue signals. Moreover digital signals have the delay of Intersymbol interference (ISI), which is due to the distortion of frequency pulse.

Delays of the digital signals are dependent on the type of data transmitted for example length of packet and storage also packet inspection delays in router. There are also application delays as server and hard disk access time.

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