The tiger website designers

1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose

Tiger website designers are developing an online jewelry website as a part of software engineering course in Towson University for the spring 2010. The website designed by the tiger website designers is intended to increase the sales of the store and also provide better interface for the customers to understand more clearly about the products available in the store.

1.2 Document Conventions


TWD - Tiger website designers

GUI - Graphical user interface

SRS - Software requirement specifications.

UI - User interface.

1.3 Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions

This document is intended for all the stakeholders of the jewelry store. This document provides detailed requirement specifications for the developers to understand the customer requirement. This document is used by the testers to validate the system requirements and also used as baseline to integrate the requirements and also check if it meets all the desired customer needs.

        The SRS describes the scope, functional, and UI details of the product. The various sections discussed below indicate the detail description of the project.

1.4 Product Scope

The product developed by the TWD has a friendly admin panel to upload the various images and information of the items. The website developed will also add publicity to the sore and also intended to increase the sales by online marketing. This website stores all the customer information for future marketing through e-mails and also sending the exclusive offers for the various valued customers and thus by enhancing more sales and this website also provides the tracking information of the products purchased and also stores the history of customer for earlier product support

1.5 References

2. Overall Description

2.1 Product Perspective

The product developed will be updated accordingly to the items of the store and also the product keeps track of all the orders and customer information in the database. The product developed can be used to store the jewelry information and also keep track of the customer transactions and accounts. So that it will be helpful for returning customers to purchase the products next time without entering all the details again.

2.2 Product Functions

The various functions of the product include the UI for admin and customer. The major functions are creating shopping cart, validate user accounts, and updating items to admin panel. Keep track of the customer accounts, orders placed, maintaining the history of returning customers and follow up with them with the greeting e-mails and special offers. The other various functions also include about the secure transactions for the customer's credit card processing details using secure HTTPS and also minimizing the spam email verified password enabled system for user accounts authentication to provide more enhanced security to the customers.

2.3 User Classes and Characteristics

The primary users for the Tiger website are customers and admin. The customers shall browse the website and buy the products. A wide range of products are available on the website. The database is integrated with database to retrieve the products through a search engine.

The admin is responsible to validate the customer accounts user id and password. They ensure to authenticate the credit card processing, updating customer accounts and generating expenditure reports. Admin shall also give privileges for maintenance and updating the website. The admin staff is highly trained in software and database packages. The board members of the company are highly skilled in Information and Networking technologies. A highly qualified management team is assigned to generate expenditure, half yearly and annual reports

2.4 Operating Environment

2.4.1 The system shall need a server.

2.4.2 The system shall have a oracle 11g as database.

2.5 Design and Implementation Constraints

The design and implementation constraints for the Tiger website are:

Unauthorized users are prevented using the system. The system is provided a user id and password for using the system before login. The password shall be changed for every 120 days. For security reasons the system is provided security questions to change the password.

2.6 User Documentation

The product is in the developing stage and the user manuals are provided at the time of delivery of the project and all the detailed description of the product and the features including the screenshots and all training manuals are provided for the user and the administrator.

2.7 Assumptions and Dependencies

  1. Roles and tasks are predefined.
  2. Administrator is created in the system already.
  3. External Interface Requirements

3.1 User Interfaces

3.1.1: Web Accessibility - All UIs shall be web accessible.

3.1.2: All the error messages are displayed very clearly.

3.1.3: User Identification - The interface shall indicate what type of user is logged in.

3.2 Hardware Interfaces

3.2.1: All hardware interfaces that support the web are compatible to use.

3.3 Software Interfaces

3.3.1: The website communicates with the database to retrieve the products and displays them.

3.3.2: It also interacts with the database once the user places the order.

3.3.3: A HTTPS is used to process with the payment gateway to complete the checkout transaction.

3.4 Communications Interfaces

3.4.1: The communication standard used at the time of credit card processing is HTTPS.

4. System Features

The main features of the online jewelry website are as follows:

4.1 Feature - UI

4.1.1 Description and Priority

This e - commerce website is used to buy the jewelry and related products. The costumers shall browse the products and orders them online. The website is created to be more user - friendly manner. The look and feel of the website is managed by admin.

High priority is given to the customer personal information and credit card details. Customer is asked security questions before he/she login into account for authentication. The user id and password is provided by the admin

4.1.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

The main users of this feature are the people who are looking to buy the products. The detailed UI helps them to browse the products and know more about them. Web usability has been mainly focused on to ease the use of

4.1.3 Functional Requirements The user shall be able to browse for the products by categories like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, clothes, etc. The user shall be able to browse for the sale items. The user shall be able to browse the newly added items every time there are new things that are added. The user shall be able to select one of the current products on our website and tell us if you'd like it in a different gem stone, color, length or size. The user shall be able to order gift items. The user shall be able view all the products at once. The user shall see the detailed description about each item.

4.2 Feature - Authentication

4.2.1 Description and Priority

This feature allows the user to store his details for the further purchases. This information is also useful for the vendors for their analysis like what kind of customers prefers what kind of products. The user can also login again to check the status of the delivery of the product.

4.2.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

The main users of this feature are the people who are looking to buy the products. The user can also avoid this feature by guest login option. Web usability has been again focused in this issue also. The vendors selling products are also benefitted for their surveys about the product.

4.2.3 Functional Requirements The user can store his details for the further purchases. The user can know the status of the delivery of the product. The vendors can know the product information and customer information for their surveys.

4.3 Feature - Card Processing

4.3.1 Description and Priority

This is a very important feature of the website as this is an online trading website. The main functionality of the website is to buy a product. This is achieved by this feature. The website accepts all major credit cards like VISA, Master, American Express, and Discover. It uses a payment gateway to verify and charge card.

4.3.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

The main users of this feature are the people who are looking to buy the products.

This is also a highly prioritized feature for the vendor as this achieves the major functionality of the website which is to buy a product. Confidentiality is one thing that needs to be achieved as these card details should not be misused.

4.3.3 Functional Requirements The user shall be able to enter credit card details to buy an item. The vendor can process the purchase through a payment gateway.

4.4 Feature - Purchase order processing

4.4.1 Description and Priority

Purchase Order Processing is used by the vendors to deliver the product in time. is This is a high priority feature component need not be so. This is used for creating and tracking purchase orders. The risk for this feature is very low as it does not depend on any external features.

4.4.2 Stimulus/Response Sequences

The main users of this feature are the vendors.

4.4.3 Functional Requirements The vendor shall be able to see the purchase orders. The vendor can process the purchase orders. The vendor should be able to see the time limits for the delivery for the purchases. The vendor can produce the receipt of the order for the customer. The vendor can produce reports of the pending orders. The vendor can use the purchase order details for further surveys.

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

5.1 Performance Requirements

  • The system shall be web based and shall run from the web server.
  • The purchase order processing time shall be less than 10 sec in any circumstances.
  • The performance shall depend upon hardware components of the customer.

5.2 Safety Requirements

  • The user shall never hit a refresh or close button in the middle of a credit card transaction.
  • The user shall double check the items in the shopping cart before ordering in order to avoid confusion between the user and vendor.

5.3 Security Requirements

  • The credit card transactions shall be consistent and atomic.
  • The details shall be securely stored and any misuse shall be avoided.
  • The system shall be designed to use HTTPS protocol (SSL protocol) in order to ensure this.
  • The system shall log out the customers automatically after the period of inactivity.
  • The user's web browser shall never display users password.
  • The system's back-end database shall be encrypted.
  • The system's servers shall be accessible to authenticated administrators.

5.4 Business Rules

Customer satisfaction is the utmost important thing for the vendor. The reason why web usability is concentrated in this website is to avoid any kind of ambiguity and confusion. The in time delivery of the products is also concentrated by the vendor for the good reputation.

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