Cross-Cultural Communication

Cross-Cultural Communication

A good quality report or research work mostly depends on authors'/ writers' the source of information. In terms of writing poetry or a story the source of information is not really a vital object because poetry or story is imaginative art, but writing a report or doing a research is different because they are based on the truth/ fact. In different sense report is piece of work which has been produced for the accreditation of an idea or thought by supporting some other logical or officially recognized information. So in absence of the logical or official recognized information the idea or thought has no value in the market.

Before writing a report writer has vast sources to collect the information from but it is really important for the writer to choose the right source. In terms of choosing the source of information if the writer makes a little mistake even his good piece of work can be turned into a valueless effort. So it is very important to judge few things like reliability of the source, relevance of the information with writer's idea, information value and updated information, purpose and authority of the source. None of those is negligible. Suppose a writer has a very good idea or logic to prove by his report but due to his lack of judgment he choose a wrong source and he picked up a false information by mistake for his report, when the reader will find this false information in the report the whole report will become a dubious piece of work to him and the reader will lose his all concentration and he will be failed to find the fact. So it is very crucial to judge the source very carefully.

I have been asked to write a report on ‘Managing Cross-Cultural Staff' where I have to find the way for the manager to manage his team of staff from different cultural backgrounds. I have also found six sources and I have to pick the best two.

To choose two sources out of six the only and best way is- I need to compare and describe all six sources------

Source 1-

Cross-Cultural Communication

This article is actually written on American perspective and mainly based on the importance of knowing the cross cultural communication. In this article the author mainly described since cultural matters turned into a big issue and it made people to think about it and find the way to resolve the conflicts arose by cultural differences. Writer also mentioned about FSI which has been established in 1946 -Foreign Service Institute was one of the 1st steps into overseas training world. In this article writer also described about different sectors of the society, which becoming more and more important to get trained for cross cultural issues.

Opinion: This article has been published in Wikipedia which is a free encyclopedia for general public. Anyone has access for this article even anyone can edit this article. One of the crucial condition to choose a source is reliability, but it is a really doubtful that how reliable the information would be from this article.

The last update for this article has been found on 26/10/2009. In this article it is really hard to find the author. This article is mostly filled with opinions from different Wikipedia registered users no one tried to give any supportive logic. The information here are mainly history based two incidents have mentioned from 1974 and 1946 though in general view it does not looks like it has been made for any other purpose but for general public information. So definitely it would not be very wise to select this article for an essay.

Source -2 Quality Management -;jsessionid=4E6779B84E7B9FB1689E81123174751F?contentType=Article&contentId=1786448

This academic research is a done by Alessandra Vecchi who is an Ex lecturer and now postdoctoral researcher & Louis Brennan- Associate Prof. Of Trinity College. This research paper has been produced on the base of main three hypotheses in cultural studies - Convergence hypothesis, Divergence hypothesis & Culture Specific hypothesis by Hofstede. The main purpose of this research is to show a result of the survey which has been conducted in 23 countries. International Manufacturing Strategy Survey (IMSS) has been used in this survey. This survey mainly focused on quality priorities, practices and performance the questionnaire has been made according to Hofstede's four dimensions. This survey has been carried out 4 times by the researchers, last time it occurred in 2006 with 711 firms in 23 countries.

According to the Researchers in many researchers gained success by implementing Hofstede's dimension model in different countries but researchers argued that no one actually tried to use this model for their own experiment at once in more than 2/3 countries but they have carried out their survey in 23 countries at a time using IMSS so they believe by using the result of this survey people can be benefited a lot, by using the survey result if the organization take necessary step researchers claimed that it is possible to gain success in different stages of the organization. Such as they claimed high power distance countries are better in Quality Performance category so they tend to produce better quality product comparing to the low power distance countries.

Opinion :

There is no doubt that this research seems very complicated comparing to others. This has been published by world's famous management publisher Emerald Group in 2009 in their one of the 200 journals which is called ‘Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal'. Both researchers are well known in their field which is cross cultural management.

The focus area of my report was to find out the way for the manager to manage a team of staff from different cultural backgrounds. With the help of the result of their survey it should not be hard to find the right training plan according to the managers need but it is also a fact that the finding right training plan and implementation will not be a very easy. In multicultural country the staff may need to take different trainings for better result.

Source 3- Cross cultural Training-

The special report about cross cultural training was published in Financial Times 11/05/2005. This report was reported by famous reporter Sarah Murray. This full report was about the growing importance of cross cultural training in the business world. She also mentioned about the effective training plans to cope up with this problematic situations. Such as Lehman brothers interactive theatre training and Accenture developed a cultural training tool. Some experts still believe real life exercise and learning has no other substitute.

Opinion : Though this special report of Sarah Murray is little but it contains very helpful information about business world training programs. The report was published in May 2005 which is around more than 5 yrs ago. The training programs in the business world changing everyday depending on need. So it is a matter that the training programs she mentioned in her report how effective they would be against the cultural conflicts in business world today.

Source 4- Managing Cross Cultural Differences-

This website has been designed very beautifully with lots of charts and diagrams, interesting information about cultural differences. The design of this website drives the readers mind to read more, this will force human mind to know more about this site but after a while anyone would notice that this website is actually trying to convince the reader to pay for the full version. Rather than following a single track the owner/developer picked different interesting theme of cultural differences and organized them one by one like four dimensions, cultural communication challenges, eye contacts, 25 tips for women and humorous tips for men etc.

Opinion : This site is very similar with the typical astrology sites at first it creates interest in human mind and when reader wants to know more information, reader needs to pay for the full version. Anastasia Bibikova & Vadim Kotelnikov the founders of the site designed it very professionally it looks like the only purpose of this site is to sell its products. The founder also claimed it Google's top ranked site in many categories. Another interesting part is, they claimed that Adidas, 3m, ABB, American Express and hundreds of top companies as their existing customers. Still their purpose of site makes this site unreliable to myself.

Source 5 - Anthropologists in Cross Cultural Management

Generally the writer tried to show the links between Anthropology & Cross Cultural Management in his article. He also suggested that there are lots of ways how a anthropologist can be helpful in cross cultural communication. By supporting his point with some real life problem solving examples Alfons-Van-Marrewijk tried to explain that in some situation even cross cultural experts are not good enough to manage cross cultural conflicts but a anthropologist can be helpful that time.

Opinion: Alfons-Van-Marrewijk is a anthropologist and also a professor of culture and Organizational Management. So it is a matter of fact that he can point out a cross cultural conflicts as a cross culture communication expert as well as an anthropologist. This article he mainly discussed about his opinion but this article does not contain sufficient information to help a manager to manage the team of staff from different backgrounds.

Source 6 - Handbook of Cross-cultural Psychology: Social behaviour and applications

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This book has been published in 1997 by Allyn & Bacon, mostly they publish books for higher education. Main book is divided into 3 parts the social behavior and application is the 3rd part of the book. 12 contents of this part have been written by 25 famous writers most of them are from professors of famous universities of different country. This handbook covers almost every part of cross cultural communication this is well balanced book. It contains with opinions from experts and researches to find the proper solution of different cultural problematic situations.

Opinion : The book has been published in 1997 so it is a matter of fact that the information in this book is not very up to dated, to solve a cross cultural problems managers need to know about the culture and models like Hofstede's four dimension. So in this matter it is not very important to have up to date information but the training programs must be organized according to their need of the company and depending on the benefits available.

Selection & Conclusion: From the six available options it is really hard to determine two because every single source has its own value. I believe among them number 2 & 6 is the strongest information source for my essay. Number 2 introduced a new technique based on famous Hofstede's four dimensions and using the survey result it will not be very hard to find the right way to manage the staff from different backgrounds and I choose number 6 because I believe this handbook is essential for any cross cultural issues. In my essay mainly I have to discuss about the different way to manage the team of staff to manage them I need to set their training plan as well. Content number 1,4,5,9 of the handbook would be really very helpful for my work. Number 1 and 4 has reliability issues so I'm definitely not interested about 1 and 4. But number 3 and 5 contains useful information but both of them are too short to get sufficient information.

In introduction I have already mentioned how important is the information source to write a report/essay, in conclusion I would also like to add that just like information source another essential part of the writing is Reference. If the writer does not write the reference properly his paper is also valueless.

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